Dual Sword God - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

It was quiet tonight in Machen Town, and the festive atmosphere wasn't in its usual full bloom . Most of the residents and travelers were busy preparing for the upcoming Sky Splitting School's talent selection .

However, there was still an average amount of public activity due to some shops being open . Inside a famous pub, quite a few individuals crowded around enjoying a wild atmosphere . Beautiful women dressed in revealing clothing were flaunting about entertaining the lonely guest bringing a sense of warmth on this chilly night .

In a quiet and remote corner, a stranger was seated around an empty table observing the crowd while drinking a small cup of wine . He was dressed in strange clothing that appeared to have been made from the hide of unknown creatures, Streams of light were flowing in a peculiar and unique style with unusual patterns arranged across his garments . Smiling, he looked out the window; with his gaze wandering off into the starry night sky .

"So, a small place like this can have such an atmosphere . Hmm, the stars seem a bit strange tonight . " Lost in thought, the stranger found that something was peculiar . He quickly vanished from his previous position appearing in the distant sky . He stood in the air as one would on flat ground, floating as if it was some kind of a fundamental instinct .

If there were anyone currently capable of seeing this far into the sky, they would have indeed been shocked . As this was an inherent ability, available to only those who have crossed the 'threshold,' shedding the mundane .

The night sky was getting brighter and brighter eventually becoming eclipsed with a bright golden scarlet hue .

"How can this be? Who in this world could inspire a 'Heavenly Recognition' at this standard!!! Could it be related to that?" The man was filled with shock; he waved his right hand in the air creating a sequence of elaborate runes . Following which, a stream of many intricate pieces of information flowed back and forth in his eyes as if trying to deduce the laws of the world .

Puff! He spat a mouthful of blood, and his countenance instantly became pale .

"Incredible! It is capable of even interfering with my deductions . My Lang Shang has never failed a deduction from the day I confirmed my 'Dao' through Laws Governing the Heavens and the Earth . Interesting, HAHAHA! The world will see a new era once again . " The strange man began to laugh as he stared at the heavens feeling shock and excitement in his heart .

Pheww! After a loud and piercing sound that resounded throughout the heaven itself, the sky quickly became filled with scorching flames that eclipsed the entirety of the night . In an instant, the night turned into what seemed like the day, as a blazing light shone brightly across the world covering a quarter of the entire True Yuan Outer Continent . Shocked by the sudden occurrence, all the citizens within their respected empires began to worry .

"What! What's going on?"

"How could it be daytime already?"

"No that's not daylight, look into the sky quickly!"

"Oh my god! The sky is burning!"

As the citizens of the empire were beginning to lose their wits, the more experienced cultivators were on the verge of losing their minds .

An old man seated on top of a mountain carefully investigated the sky . His eyes were filled with a glint of wisdom . After observing the phenomena for a while, he soon became filled with astonishment .

"Such a powerful Heavenly Recognition! What kind of bloodline is this? Who is awakening?" said the old man .

Various sect masters and supreme elders were all pondering on the same question . Emperors and Empresses were all curious and began to search for the source of the phenomena . However, all their efforts were pointless as the scale of the phenomena was too large, and it was challenging to find where it originated from .

Within a distant land far away from many of the empires on True Yuan Continent, a young man was sitting by a giant bonfire . In front of him was a creature or rather the corpse of that creature . It was 50 meters in height and 70 meters in length with a tail 10 meters long . This creature was covered in red scales . There were also 9 Stars on its forehead above the marking that said 'King' .

If anyone in the cultivation world were to see this sight, they would have been shaken into an untimely demise . The creature lying before the young man was of noble lineage being a Tier 5 Variant Supreme Beast of the 9th Star called Red Scaled Dragon King .

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The young man had a huge handle blade plunged into the ground, and he was currently engaged in a sumptuous meal of dragon meat . Soon, however, he looked up into the distant sky, across the horizon he could see a bright tone of gold and scarlet that occupied the entire horizon line .

"The Aura of the Phoenix? Interesting, not only that but the presence of the one connected to me by fate . No matter, the stars still control his destiny and destiny is as I see it . " Xiang Fang smiled while looking at the horizon, the stars glittering excitedly in his eyes .

Inside Feng Manor, Feng Yunlong and Feng Junling looked at the sky with excitement on their faces .

Feng Yunlong said, "Everyone quickly, try to gather the Aura from the Scorching Sky, use it to stimulate your awakening now!!"

Without wasting any time, everyone began to stimulate their bloodline seal . As if sensing something, the fire aura scattering among the heaven and earth began to surge towards the Feng manor in a wild fashion . Quickly, the cracking sounds were heard, and scorching golden-scarlet light drowned the entire main hall . Luckily all of this happened in such a chaotic scene . If anyone were paying close attention, they would have seen this spectacular event .

After about 30 Minutes, the flames in the sky began to die down and the night quickly returned to reign supreme once again .


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Feng Yu was currently lying on the ground . His injuries were now non-existent, and his body gave off an aura of an ancient and supreme prestige .

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked around the cavern space . Within the area of 10 meters, there was a scorched segment of the ground as well as the walls, almost forming a complete spheroid shape . He saw that he was currently sitting in the bottom half of this crater-like shape .

Feng Yu gripped his fists tightly and felt surprised, "Such Power! Is this what it feels like to truly awaken your bloodline? I feel like I can do anything, and I haven't even inspired my bloodlines prestige yet . "

Looking within his inner consciousness, he saw the vast space once again . Now it was almost 1 . 5 kilometers in size . Nearly two times the size of a cultivator at the 9th Tier of Body Training realm .

Looking at his body internals, he realized that his bones were now pure crystal with strikes of gold and his organs and veins felt sturdier . You can vaguely see that they were taking on a golden hue .

"Peak 6th Tier Body Training realm! It looks like my advantage is not small . My foundation seems even firmer than before . It won't be too long before I can break through once again . " Feng Yu was excited . It seemed that life and death experiences have their own advantages . If one can live to tell the tale, that is it .

Looking at his naked body, he quickly willed for some clothing within his storage ring and redressed himself .

"Now that I recovered, I can start finding a way out of this cave . " Feng Yu said, looking at the collapsed entrance in front of him .