Dual Sword God - Chapter 13

Published at 21st of July 2019 07:39:11 PM

Chapter 13

A soft trail of wind was blowing through the cavern, trying to make its way through the massive cluster of rocks guarding the entrance . A loud snoring noise could be heard coming from outside its cover .


Within what was once a beautiful field of grass and trees laid a massive golden furred creature . Its snore was so loud it reached an area of half a mile around it . Suddenly, it scratched its belly and glanced towards the entrance of the cavern, a violent and cunning gleam flickered brightly at the core of its eyes .

"GASP!" Swallowing a breath of fresh air, Feng Yu felt surprised at the Golden Furred Ape King's stubbornness . He sighed at the bottom of his heart while thinking .

"It seems that this damn ape won't be giving up that easily . Sigh . . . look at it acting as if it is the protector of the fallen cave . I have no choice . I have to find another way out of here . "

He looked at the broken sword 'Black Lightning ' on the ground beside him and picked it up . After cleaning it for a while, he then placed it in his storage ring .

Feng Yu looked around for a bit before focusing his gaze towards the depths of the cavern . A warm light was gleaming about 200 meters downwards; it was coming from what appeared to be a bottomless cavern . After walking for a short while, the temperature began to rise for every step further downwards .

This cavern was quite different from normal ones .

While traveling further underground, Feng Yu noticed some interesting things, as there were ancient markings on the walls arranged uniquely . Faintly, both the walls and floor looked as if sharp weapons had sliced into it while specific areas were made into small craters by heavy blunt objects . These signs continued to trail all the way down to the very bottom of this cave .

"It seems as if there was a battle here, but it happened quite a long time ago," Feng Yu said while noticing how moss and dirt had gathered in most of the gorges, along with the faded sword markings on the rocky walls . He clenched his fist tightly and punched the wall with seventy percent of his strength .


The wall remained unharmed due to its incredible durability . It seems as though this cavern wall was imbued with some foreign source of strength that originated from the odd markings arranged on its surface .

Feng Yu was shocked by the power of the cavern walls, "What type of augmented rune is this? I've never seen anything like this before . To think that even this amount of strength cannot break it . Could it be that those who fought here before are people of far greater power than I currently wield? I wonder who could have been the one to have made such a rune . "

Thinking for a bit, he decided to no longer pay attention to the strange runes as he had not been in this world for too long . It was natural that he wouldn't know many of the strange things . After traveling a depth of 1000 meters, he arrived at the source of the warm light he had seen from previously .

A blast of heat quickly surged across his face, casting his red hair backward and his clothing which began to make 'Flap' 'Flap' noises due to the sudden heat wave .

"Hmm, the temperature here isn't too bad . " Feng Yu said while feeling slightly comfortable .

If it were anyone else who came to this distance in the face of such a heat wave, they would have either burnt to a crisp or suffered severe burn injuries . After all, the temperature here was no less than 900 Degrees .

In front of Feng Yu was a massive space of about 2 kilometers, with an endless amount of lava at boiling high temperatures . There was a solid platform about 500 meters wide at the center of the lava . Attached to it was a rocky pathway that was connected to the area where Feng Yu was currently standing .

As Feng Yu observed the region, he noticed an assortment of pillars that arrayed around the entire platform . Standing proudly at the central position was an ancient tombstone that seemed to have been standing there from antiquity times .

Across its surface was the very same rune markings seen on the walls previously that led all the way from the beginning of the path traveling down to the depths of the cavern . The only difference being that these markings were far more complex and profound .

"Wow! I wonder who constructed such a thing . Could this entire cavern be a tomb . . . ?" Feng Yu was curious about the new structures .

After observing the surroundings for a while and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Feng Yu started making his way towards the ancient looking tombstone at the center of the pillars .

Quickly, he arrived within its vicinity . Looking towards the ground, he saw a bunch of skeletons, each with their chest armors and bones destroyed in the same violent method . A few weapons were also on the floor beside the skeletons .

Feng Yu reached his hand out and picked up one of the weapons, but before he could even give it a good swing, it decayed into dust .

"It seems that these guys have been dead for many, many… years . . . . " Feng Yu said softly while looking at the dust flowing down from his hands .

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"I wonder what or who killed them?" Feng Yu began to ponder . He then moved his sight from the skeletons and stared at the ancient tombstone . There a corpse of a man sat in lotus position on top of an old throne created below the tombstone . It wore an old torn up robe that was made out of a rare, ancient creature .

The corpse held two scabbards in its hands, each giving off an exceptional aura . They also had ancient carvings, making both of them feel as if they came from ancient times .

"Eh? A corpse, but how could its body be preserved to such a state? If my assumption is correct, this body was here for an even longer period than both these two dead skeletons . Hmmm, what interesting looking scabbards . Could they be Heavenly Artefacts?" Seeing the items before him, Feng Yu felt excited . After scanning them carefully with his soul strength, he did not sense any signs of danger . Thus, he reached his hand out to try and take the two scabbards, but soon, he was hindered by an unknown force .


Pheww! Suddenly, the platform began to shake in an unsettling manner as pillars that were surrounding the tomb began to shine with a bright golden light .

"That's not good! What's going on? Did I trigger some sort of trap?" before Feng Yu could react, all the lights connected, forming a circular formation that beamed down a pillar which instantly surrounded Feng Yu . The corpse that had the two scabbards suddenly seemed to have been granted a breath of life .


A stream of energy condensed around its form, and instantly it transformed the ancient corpse into a figure of an ordinary looking man . He was wearing a grand robe and had an imperial crown on his head . His hair was silver, and if one looked into his eyes, they would see a scene of profoundness filled with the ancient vicissitudes of time .

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"Who . . . ?" The corpse said, pausing for a moment before continuing, "Who is it . . . that has awakened me!"

A voice that was filled with weariness and dignity shook the cavern and reached to depths of Feng Yu's soul .

Shocked by too many things happening all at once, Feng Yu could only stare blankly at the man that appeared in front of him . Soon, the figure also took notice and stared at Feng Yu carefully observing him .

Being stared at by the ancient being, Feng Yu, who was in a daze, suddenly regained his wits . He felt as if all the secrets hidden within him were exposed . He decided to greet the senior .

"Young . . . Younger Generation Feng Yu greets the Ancient One!" Feng Yu's voice echoed throughout the silent space .

"Ancient One . . . HAHAHAHA! Ancient One indeed . . . " Suddenly a look of melancholy appeared on the face of the figure . However, it was soon replaced by a severe and solemn expression .

"Little One, I am called by one name and one name only throughout this endless heaven and earth . . . "

Seeing that the figure had stopped inspecting him, Feng Yu felt better . He curiously listened to the words that he was saying .

"They called me Tydol, Tydol of the Phantasmal Swords!"