Dual Sword God - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Clumps of thick fog saturated the air, as an atmosphere of mystery lingered about an endless and narrow pathway . It stretched throughout the void as if trying to reach infinity . Across both sides of the path, there were swords erected uniquely as if representing soldiers welcoming the long-lost heir of royalty .

Within the path, there was a string of impressions shown on the coarse ground . Looking closely, one could see that these dents were footprints and if one were to zoom out a little bit further, they would notice that this trail continued from an even distant point of origin .

Following these footprints, the figure of a man appeared to be struggling to traverse the long pathway . It was as if the world was pressuring him to submit to a more significant force beyond his limit, but, because of his firm will-power, he remained focused on his course .

If one looked at his face, they would see something unusual . His pupils, that should have been focused and filled with determination, seemed to be dilated as if they had lost all forms of focus . His body was swinging itself on its own accord further traversing the harsh pathway .

Suddenly, a transparent form appeared out of the blue . It looked at the figure and shook its head slightly while observing the youth .

"An act of instinct, such incredible willpower!" The figure sighed in amazement at Feng Yu's unconscious form strutting about the pathway . It waved its hand towards Feng Yu, following which a stream of energy washed over his body instantly recovering his wounds and exhausted state .

"Consider this as me being a bit more generous kid . The path of swords is now over! Phase Two has been failed!" after a loud shout, the narrow path soon disappeared replacing the entire misty space with a field of gravestones, each with different swords placed within them . The area was vast and had no apparent boundaries .

Feng Yu quickly woke up after having his body healed by the mysterious figure floating in the air . Feeling a bit confused about what was happening, he looked towards his hands, after a short moment he soon regained his chain of thoughts . Feeling a bit disappointed, he gripped his fists tightly while clenching his teeth .

"Sigh, so I didn't manage to pass the second phase in the end . A pity, I wanted to try and at least gain candidate position," He complained about his failure while looking around . Noticing the floating form looking at him, he quickly made a polite and thankful gesture .

"Senior, Junior Feng Yu gives his thanks for the allowance in the participation of this Trial . However, I have failed in completing the second phase . Thus, I hope this junior hasn't disappointed the expectations of the senior . " Feng Yu said while cupping his hands .

Observing Feng Yu's gesture and hearing his words, the floating form smirked, "Oho! What are you complaining about? Have you already forgotten the rules? You have two more chances remaining . Seeing as how you have successfully managed to pass the first phase of the Trial while also making it to a distance of 95 kilometers in the second phase meant for aura disciple level candidates, you have earned this Spirit's respect . As such, instead of waiting for you to pass the second phase I will give you an extra privilege . "

It pointed once more towards Feng Yu causing a small token with the carving of a sword to appear before him, giving off a sharp aura that permeated its entirety .

"Quickly take that sword token . You can consider it as a sign of acceptance as you have proven yourself worthy to be one of the candidates . "

Feeling excited at the Spirits words, Feng Yu quickly took the sword token in his hands politely cupping his hands towards the spirit once more .

"Junior thanks senior for his graciousness once more," Feng Yu said .

"Enough! You do not need to thank me and stop calling me senior as I am the remnant will of the Dual Sword Pagoda . You may refer to me as Uncle Sword . " the spirit said smugly .

Feeling a bit more curious about the token and pagoda Feng Yu asked: "Uncle Sword! What do I use this token for? What is the Dual Sword Pagoda?"

The Sword Spirit looked towards Feng Yu with a pleased expression on its face it seemed to like the title 'Uncle Sword . ' Quickly replacing its appearance with a more solemn look, it responded .

"As you have proven yourself worthy as a candidate for mastering Sword Legacy, I have bestowed unto to you the 'Sword Token . ' This token is a unique creation crafted by master in the past for his disciples . It will allow you to enter the 'Sword Pagoda' anywhere you are in the world . However, that is only upon meeting certain conditions . As you are not a real disciple of the master, it will only allow you to enter the Trail fields . There are three levels, each corresponding to the three phases . As you have already cleared the first phase, that option is voided . The remaining conditions will be activated upon reaching the 5th tier of True Foundation level as well as the 3rd Cycle of True Soul realm," The Sword Spirit explained as it pointed towards the sword token Feng .

"As for the Dual Sword Pagoda, once you have reached the required level and have successfully cleared the requirements for true initiation, I will explain to you about its true origin . Have you grasped everything?"

After carefully digesting all the information given to him by the sword spirit, Feng Yu then looked towards the sword spirit once again "Thanks, Uncle Sword, I now have a clearer understanding . If I wish to earn this master's inheritance, I will have to completely clear the trials once I have reached the required cultivation standards . "

"Good! Now that we have cleared all of the information, I will be sending you on your way . Young Phoenix, where would you like to go?"

Thinking for a bit, Feng Yu responded, "Uncle Sword, I would like to be sent outside of the cavern away from the region around the cavern if possible . "

Upon hearing Feng Yu's request, the Sword Spirit quickly sent its spiritual sense outwards scanning the entire mountain range, soon noticing the Golden Furred Ape King stubbornly overlooking the cave entrance "Away from the cavern, Eh? Such a nasty little fellow . Haha, you'd have certainly been in big trouble if I let you out here . Hmmm, Hehe, ok I know the right place . " A strange and mischievous expression appeared on the sword spirits' face .

Seeing the expression on the face of the spirit, Feng Yu felt uneasy . Just as he was about to voice his concern, lights quickly began to form around him .

"Haha! Small Phoenix! Have a great trip! Also, remember to thank Uncle Sword next time . Again, hurry and train so that you can clear the remaining Trials . " With his farewell speech said abruptly as if trying to prevent Feng Yu from voicing his suspicions, he quickly snapped his finger causing a beam of light to shoot towards Feng Yu from the void .

Phew! Swoosh!

"Uncle Swor-------" Before finishing his sentence, Feng Yu's form was enclosed by a ray of light which then beamed towards the void, passing through space itself . As he observed the location, the glow vanished . The sword spirit looked on with an expectant gaze .

"Good little seedling; with such firm willpower and talent, maybe, one day, you will be able to achieve master's wish . . . "

His voice trailed off as his form vanished into the misty air becoming one with his surroundings .


The weather was good today in the Tydol Mountain Range, as the sun shone brightly beaming its rays through the tall shrubs and towering ancient trees covering the land . Various essence beasts were also patrolling about areas ranging from gigantic pythons to smaller monsters assuming a size no different from ordinary creatures, such as rabbits .

A fragrant scent lingered in the area, and it was to such a degree that any species which could be regarded as masculine by nature would be instantly attracted into finding its source . A small essence creature couldn't withstand the flavor of scent and quickly rushed off through the hedge as if 'traveling on the sea, seeking land . '


Soon, the sound of water rang in the vicinity as playful giggles sounded about the area . The small creature soon found its destination . As if stunned by the scene before its eyes, the creature stumbled in a foolish manner falling towards the ground .

Boung! Boung!

The creature that was expecting a harsh fall suddenly became confused, but soon it lost itself into a feeling of eternal bliss, as it was softy entrapped into a soft and bouncy object .

"Eh! Sisters look what I found! It's a baby Nether Cat!" A petite looking girl said in a gentle tone, it was as if a goddess had descended from heaven and assumed a mortal form .

She had long golden hair that trailed all the way down to her knees, a large bust line that seemed to shoulder the world's most precious mountains and a sleek, slender waist . With her slender and pure golden eyes that seemed to radiate an aura of purity, and a smile that could light up any field covered into darkness, she looked towards her companions that were also playing within a small lake .

"WAAA! How adorable Such a cute Nether Cat! I must have it!" One of the other younger females said .

"Let me play with it! I want to see it too!" Said another that shouted, soon filling the lake with more excitement, as the women crowded around the golden-haired girl .

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"No! It's now mine and I will make sure to take good care of it . " The golden-haired girl said with a stubborn look on her face .

"Come Now! Girls! Stop troubling little Ling'er! Our time here isn't long we need to hurry and head back to the meeting zone," A slightly more mature looking female said, as she walked over from the corner of the lake . She had a much fuller form compared to younger women and was only a little less beautiful compared to the golden-haired girl .

"Yes Elder!" They all responded in unison .

"Yes, Aunty Shuan!" The golden-haired girl said while looking at the cat . Looking at her niece lovingly, Aunty Shuan was about to prepare to leave, but suddenly she felt something strange . Quickly looking in the air, she began to observe with her powerful spiritual sense carefully .

"What's going on here? Where is this powerful aura coming from?" Aunty Shuan was confused .

"Elder Shuan! What's wrong?" said the girls as they looked up towards the direction she was staring towards .

Rip! Swiiiiiii!

Shortly after looking at the sky, a part of space was instantly ripped open momentarily and closed; happening so quickly that no one could have even perceived its opening . Only a beam of light could be seen crashing downwards at light speed .

"Everyone! Get out of the lake now!" Aunty Shuan said solemnly, while quickly jumping backward . Soon after followed by the girls .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Strangely, the golden-haired girl wasn't paying attention to her surroundings as she was still engrossed in playing with the Nether Cat .

"Ling'er! Get out of the Lake!" Aunty Shuan said in a panicked manner, as she noticed the golden-haired girl's situation .

Hearing her Aunt's voice, she quickly looked up in shock at the closing beam of light . Just as she was about to avoid its collision, the beam of light exploded in mid-air .

BANG! Phew!

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Lights scattered across the area, blinding the vision of everyone within the field for a few moments . Soon the lights vanished, and the area became visible once again .

"Meow!" The nether cat now free, swiftly made its way towards the distant shrubs .


Swiftly dashing towards her niece, Aunty Shuan was currently in a flurried state as she was wondering what to do if something happened to her . Soon, she came to a stop and an expression of shock appeared on her face .


Feng Yu frowned . He was currently not feeling well from the instant teleportation done by the sword spirit . He was confused as to why it sent him off in such a hurry . Soon, a bad feeling came over his heart . However, it was quickly replaced as he felt a very soft and pleasant feeling on his face .

A pleasant scent soon quickly filled his nose that soon led him to fall into an even more profound trance of tranquility . Not willing to give up the feeling he was currently experiencing, he reached his hand towards the source and grabbed .

"UN . . . . " A soft, subtle moan could be heard quickly flooding his mind . Understanding the unusually suggestive sound, Feng Yu felt shocked . He looked down quickly, only to see what he had never before seen in his previous life, below his form was the body of the beautiful female .

"A . . . a goddess from heaven itself, wait . . . this is no goddess . " As he recovered from his strange state of mind, Feng Yu looked towards the girl's necklace seeing an ancient talisman marking .

As if influenced by Feng Yu's action, the golden-haired girl soon woke up from her unconscious state . Quickly noticing Feng Yu above her body, she stared at Feng Yu's eyes in disbelief . Soon, her face turned crimson red, and she let out a loud scream unbecoming of a practitioner .


"Ling'er! What's wrong?" a tall female said .

"Sister Ling'er! Are you alright?" said another female .

The girls swiftly made their way over to the lake but abruptly stopped as they soon noticed the form that stood above her body . Their expression instantly changed from being in shock to extreme and violent anger .

Aunty Shuan, who was shocked, recovered as she stared at the man with thick coldness, instantly assuming the stance of 'a widow who does not want to remarry . '

Feng Yu, noticing the change in the atmosphere and feeling the dense killing intent coming from the surrounding females, soon felt something he had never felt before in his previous life . A feeling that he will remember for the rest of his life .