Dual Sword God - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The air was sharp, filling the area around the small lake within the forest with a dense and murderous pressure . Inside the lagoon stood multiple figures, eight women surrounded the forms of a man and a woman at the center . Each of these women was barely covered with any clothing, and if one looked carefully, they would see droplets of water scattered on top of their disarranged clothing that wrapped around their slender figures . It was a scene that would make any man boil with a raging fire from the depths of his soul .

It was a pity, however, as the man located at the center had no time to enjoy this beautiful scenery brought about by chance . These women were currently staring violently at the man situated at the center, ready to charge at a moment's notice .

Seeing the situation wasn't looking too good, Feng Yu complained to himself, "That Damn Spirit! No wonder he looked so smug while he was transporting me out of that space . Sigh, how do I solve this problem now?"

Feng Yu wasn't used to dealing with women, especially in this type of situation . Even with all the experiences from his current life along with the previous one, he was puzzled in deciding what approach to take .

Suddenly, the golden-haired girl that was on the floor stood up glared harshly at Feng Yu . While covering her exposed body parts, she quickly made her way over to Aunty Shuan after a golden flash .

Sou! Sou!

Seeing this Feng Yu was surprised, "So fast! She is no slower than me using my <Lightning Flash Steps> . "

Quickly donning some new clothing, the girl then turned around and stood beside her aunt . Strangely, there wasn't any look of anger seen on her face anymore, as it was replaced with a more complex but determined appearance .

After having rearranged her niece's clothing, Aunty Shuan then refocused her gaze towards Feng Yu . She did not rush to attack but carefully observed him for a short moment before talking .

"Who are you? And how did you get in this lake?" It seemed that she was still wary regarding Feng Yu's sudden appearance due to the strange scenario that previously occurred .

Realizing that they weren't going to attack randomly and were calmly inquiring, Feng Yu managed to put down his pent-up worries . Quickly reorganizing his thoughts, he then responded naturally .

"Junior Feng Yu greets Madam! This Junior stumbled upon an ancient array at a faraway location during his travels . It seemed that it was a random teleportation point . As soon as I stepped onto it, I was instantly transported to this location . I realize that I may have currently caused a slight misunderstanding, and as such, this junior would like to offer his sincerest apologies to the young misses and the madam for this occurrence," Feng Yu cupped his hands and bowed with an apologetic gesture as soon as he explained his unique reason .

Hearing his explanation, a look of surprise came over the faces of each of the women, Aunty Shuan was also surprised by his peculiar situation, but soon, her face instantly changed back to previous indifference . She walked out a few steps with her hands behind her back with her head held up high; it was almost as if she was looking down on the world .

"Well! It seems that you've come across quite a few fortuitous encounters and while your situation appears to have indeed been a common accident, I'm afraid that I will not be able to let this go, as you have tainted my young mistresses' body . As such, you now have two choices out of your current situation," Aunty Shuan explained as she solemnly looked towards Feng Yu .

Feng Yu was currently confused, he frowned while pondering, "I explained my reasons, so why does this woman seem as if she isn't going to let this pass?"

"Madam, I have given you a clear explanation as to what has occurred . Why do you appear to be aiming to make this situation more difficult than it needs to be?"

"Difficult?" Aunty Shuan frowned with a displeased expression appearing on her face . A towering aura instantly separated from her body, covering the entire region . The aura was in no way inferior to that of Feng Yu's Uncle, Feng Junling . It was the power of an expert in the True Foundation realm, or so it seemed .

"Youngster Feng!!! It does not matter what you say or whatever your circumstances may have been . The issue at hand here is that you have 'tainted' the body of my family's Young Mistress!! Seeing as you have a decent amount of talent to have successfully cultivated to such a level after your coming of age ceremony, which should not have been too long ago, I have not killed you directly . I am giving you a chance stated directly in the rules of my family clan . You have two choices, accept or don't accept!" With a series of indifferent expressions, Aunty Shuan responded loudly at Feng Yu with no option for compromise .

Seeing that the situation was more severe than he had imagined, Feng Yu decided to listen to her demands, as he was in no way a match for an expert in the True Foundation realm, "It seems that this Fu Family is quite the force to be reckoned with if her aunt is at such a level . " While pondering inwardly, he looked over at the golden-haired girl, who was staring at him with an innocent but firm appearance and felt a bit wrong as he had indeed taken a minor advantage accidentally .

"Sigh, Madam Shuan, seeing as the fault was indeed on my momentary lack of awareness . I will try to solve this issue through your demands . What are my choices?" Feng Yu said with a straightforward appearance, no longer avoiding the situation .

As she saw the seriousness of the young man in front of her, a respectful gleam shone in Aunty Shuan's eyes as she looked at Feng Yu with a bit of acknowledgment over her expressionless face .

"Very Good! Willing to face up to your mistakes, as expected of a talented individual . Now then, first let me introduce you to my family's young mistress . Ling'er, please step forward . " As she said this, she gestured towards the golden-haired girl standing beside her .

Hearing her Aunts words, the golden-haired girl soon stepped forward while staring into Feng Yu's eyes . She bowed politely and greeted Feng Yu with the common etiquettes of practitioners .

"Fu Ling greets fellow Daoist Feng!" With her hands placed together, she greeted Feng Yu .

"Feng Yu greets Miss Fu!" Feng Yu replied with the same courtesy .

Seeing the two greet each other, Aunty Shuan then responded, "Good! Greetings are now over . I will now state your only chances . The Fu family has been around for many years and is a family bounded by ancient custom . All of our female offspring are to be pure until their successful marriages if one was seen or defiled by another before the selection of a marriage partner, the one who committed the offense will face one of only two choices . One, you will marry immediately into the Fu Family and change your surname to that of Fu . "

With that, Aunty Shuan paused for a moment to see Feng Yu's reaction, and, as expected, Feng Yu was currently shocked .

Feng Yu looked towards Aunty Shuan and shouted while stammering, "Ma . . . Marriage?! I haven't even accomplished anything yet . Just what are you saying? Absolutely Not! I request to hear the second option!"

Aunty Shuan's face instantly hardened as she suddenly exposed a towering killing intent, "Humph! It seems that I was wrong about you in my previous judgment, the second choice is Death!"

Upon saying this, a terrifying aura scattered about the area, the lake they were standing in burst into the air creating a swirling water cyclone .


As if they were waiting for this moment, all of the female disciples that were surrounding Feng Yu released their hidden auras as well . All of their Auras combined, causing havoc to fall on the environment inside and outside the lake .


Seeing the aura of the disciples as well as Aunty Shuan that surrounded him, Feng was even more surprised inwardly . "Aura Disciples! They are not average Aura Disciples it seems . " Despite all of what was happening around him, he did not panic instead he took a quick glance at Fu Ling . Noticing the determined gleam in her eyes and firm appearance she had, he soon made up his mind .

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"I Feng Yu have never been afraid of death in all my life! I will not lower my head to any form of oppression or unreasonable demand!! If you wish to take my life for this silly encounter, then I will fight you all to death!" With his statement made, Feng Yu no longer pondered about right or wrong . He instantly stimulated his bloodline prestige and transformed into his bloodline state .

BANG! His essence energy instantly rose towards the peak, and a blinding golden scarlet energy shot towards the sky as his eyes turned golden and his hair turned golden scarlet with ancient markings covering his skin .

Seeing Feng Yu's sudden change, the women were shocked .

"Oh! A bloodline warrior, interesting . . . "

"Sisters! This little brat seems to be quite interesting . Instead of killing him immediately, let's play with him a bit first, then take him back to the Union . "

Fu Ling was surprised . She revealed an interested gleam in her firm eyes, and her determination seemed to have gotten stronger .

Aunty Shuan observed Feng Yu with a bit of surprise . She scanned his body with her powerful spiritual sense and exclaimed, "Such a powerful Bloodline Prestige! I've never seen or heard of a bloodline like yours in the True Yuan Continent . Boy! Where do you come from?"

Feng Yu only stared at her in silence . He was ready to fight a deadly battle with no regrets .

Seeing that Feng Yu was silent, Aunty Shuan shook her head silently, "Hmph! Fine! No matter . I can find out everything after we take you home . Disciples! Do not kill him! Break his legs and bind his spirit . We will be taking him to the empire capital!" She then turned around and walked towards an ancient tree outside of the lake .

Hearing their master's command, the girls became excited . They gathered their auras and readied themselves to beat Feng Yu into submission .

"Let's Go! Hehe! Don't blame us little handsome, blame your bad luck!" One of the more impatient ones instantly rushed out to claim credits .

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Whoosh! She instantly transformed into a beam of aura light that shot across the lake at blinding speeds . Soon, she appeared 1 meter in front of Feng Yu and began to reach her palms out to grab him . A power constriction spread out suppressing all forms of movement within the space around him .

Sensing the impending danger, Feng Yu pushed his concentration to the maximum as the opponent that charged towards him was at least at the 5th Tier of Aura Disciple realm . "No matter what, I have to use my all to get away from here!" He pondered inwardly while calculating his odds of escaping . With his powerful soul, he was no different than a supercomputer .


Suddenly, a voice interrupted both parties from their engagement . Even the other females that were a step later in charging towards Feng Yu came to a stop . They each looked towards the source of the voice .

Fu Ling walked out, soon approaching nearby Feng Yu . As soon as she reached Feng Yu's front, one of the girls said interrupting the battle .

"Sister Ling! Why are you telling us to wait? Didn't you hear Elder Shuan's command?"

Aunty Shuan, who was waiting at the nearby tree, suddenly acted "Ling'er! What's going on? Why are you stopping your senior sisters?"

Hearing her Aunt's questions Fu Ling responded, "Aunty, I would like to handle my affairs! Please let me decide on how to solve this problem . "

The female disciples after hearing her words, became quiet, they then looked towards their master to see what she would decide .

Aunty Shuan looked at Fu Ling with a bit of surprise . Looking towards Feng Yu for a bit, she then smiled at the Fu Ling and responded .

"Fine! Ling'er, since it is your problem, I will no longer interfere, but remember the clan custom cannot be changed! You know what the result would be for not abiding by it . " After saying this, she closed her eyes as if she lost interest in what was happening .

Seeing that she got the go-ahead, the girls that surrounded Feng Yu soon backed off leaving only Feng Yu and Fu Ling at the center of the lake . The two stared at each other silently with the wind blowing softly . Their clothing made 'flap' 'flap' noises as they danced through its breath .