Dual Sword God - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The azure sky appeared more attractive than ever, and the aroma of the flowers and plants seemed to be cuter . Vaguely though, the color of the sky was beginning to transition into a warmer hue . The time of dusk approached once again, bringing with it a close to the bright daytime .

It was a scene of utter chaos and destruction in its purest form . The trees snapped as boulders broke to pieces, the disturbed lake water flowed into deep craters and crevices formed by the myriads of collisions . If one looked closely though, there were a few figures standing on top of distant trees observing an area of what used to belong to a beautiful lake .


As collisions echoed, a squad of gigantic water dragons surrounded the figure of a man each 'showering' highly concentrated shots of water pillars towards the tiny being daring to confront them head-on . Strangely though, the man seemed to have no fear as he charged straight through the water shots . With a flash of his body, a scarlet-golden remnant shade lingered at each place his form passed, followed by the collapse of any water dragon within his path leaving behind craters formed by their previous water shots .

Feng Yu and Fu Ling have been battling for well over half a stick of incense of time . Standing on top of her Three-Headed Water Dragon, Fu Ling frowned as she glanced towards the half-burnt incense stick in her aunt's hand .

"To think he would be capable of breaking my 8 Tier water dragons like they were nothing . Even with all of my essence energy, it will be bad if this situation keeps up . It seems that I will have to use that Technique to gain the edge once more," She complained as she bit her lips and motioned her fingers towards Feng Yu .

Noticing her sudden action, Feng Yu smiled, while maintaining a curious glance, "Hmm . . . finally giving up her current technique . I wonder what kind of charm she will use this time . "

Soon the characters (水土) were drawn, and instantly the energies of heaven and earth went into turmoil once again . Clusters of earthen and water essence gathered around the seals as both charm crystals superimposed replacing the written characters .

"Shuǐtǔ Charm: Mud Dragon Come Forth!" With a loud shout, Fu Ling pushed a large quantity of her essence energy into the charm-crystal which then instantly reacted, blanketing the area with an earthen light .

Swiiiiiiii! Rumble!

The sound of the earth trembling could be heard even in the vast distance, as clusters upon clusters of rocks folded together along with large quantities of water . Soon, the form of a dragon became visible, with a muddy texture and tough-looking scales that seemed to be made of uncrushed rocks . It looked towards Feng Yu instantly releasing an oppressive aura as it roared to demonstrate its prestige .


The energy from its roar sent the powers in the area into disorder, as if viewing the Mud Dragon's prestige with disdain, the bloodline within Feng Yu's body instantly acted, dispersing the oppressive aura with its own .

Following the loud cry of a phoenix, the power of sacred fire gathered within the surroundings instantly turning up the heat evaporating most of the water essences in the area . The Mud Dragon that was made up of half water half earth soon retracted its roar gazing onto Feng Yu with a more serious and fearful look .

While feeling a bit surprised, Feng Yu smiled and looked at Fu Ling who was getting short of breath . "Miss Fu! While your Mud Dragon is quite a powerful being at the peak of 8th Tier, it appears that it will not be enough to beat me due to your loss of essence energy . "

Not feeling wholly convinced, Fu Ling retorted, "We'll see about that! Mud Dragon Attack!" She motioned her finger as she sent the attack command using up more of her essence power .


The Mud Dragon roared as it charged towards Feng Yu in an indomitable fashion . Breaking through the earth as it agilely traversed the distance, Feng Yu saw the charging dragon . A stern look appeared on Feng Yu's formerly calm face .

"While she may be running out of essence energy, my bloodline prestige will not be lasting any longer than the remaining time… I need to end this fight quickly . " He pondered as he revolved the <Lightning Flash Steps> once more transforming into a streak of scarlet-golden lightning .


As the thunderous roar echoed, Feng Yu instantly appeared in front of the Mud Dragon with his right palm stretched out as blazing scarlet-golden flames dancing flowed around it .

"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts: Third Stance - Blazing Palm Wave!" With a loud shout, he pushed his essence energy to the max as he aimed to eliminate the dragon in one strike . A blast of sacred-fire essence shot from his palm instantly enclosing the Mud Dragon's form along with its surroundings .

Seeing the situation, Fu Ling smiled as she motioned her fingers once more, "It's not that easy, Mud Dragon Assault: Earthen Wave!"

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A bright light shone within the Mud Dragons eyes as it opened its jaws wide collecting all the power formed from its summoning and breathed out a massive wave of earth water essence energy . The two forces collided creating an enormous explosion that blanketed the entire lake region .



While coughing a mouthful of blood, Feng Yu's body was instantly tossed backward due to the force of the explosion . However, with a twirl of his body, he spun around to position himself as he launched his <Lightning Flash Steps>, flickering and appearing on top of a distant tree within the region . He crouched forward while tightly gripping the tree branch to keep his figure together as his body was currently covered with a few severe wounds .

After a few moments, the smoke within the region began to clear and the central lake, or rather, the place of their battle, soon became clear to view once more . Spanning more than 200 meters was a massive crater that had a depth of 20 feet . All previous surrounding trees and life forms were now non-existent, as a dark and oppressive atmosphere filled the area .

Carefully observing the aftereffects of the battle, Aunty Shuan felt surprised, "To think that this child could battle Ling'er to this extent . Such a powerful bloodline! How could power such as this be from that place? Could he possibly be fro--?" While lost in her thought, she was suddenly interrupted as her vision fell onto that of Fu Ling's form .


Instantly, she vanished from her position and appeared in front of Fu Ling who was collapsed on the floor exhausted from overuse of essence energy . As she reached out to pick her up, her hand was held by Fu Ling who slowly lifted herself back up as she stared at Feng Yu far away on the distant tree .

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A steady light gleamed in her tired eyes "Daoist Feng! Our battle is just beginning; let us consider this bought as a draw . Next time, we will . . . we will conclude, our . . . b…a . . . t . . . t . . . l . . . e . . . !" As she finished her statement, she fainted, finally losing all forms of consciousness .


Gently lifting Fu Ling and placing her on top of her shoulders, Aunty Shuan looked at Feng Yu with an interested expression .

"Very Good young man . You are the first to have battled my family's young mistress to this state . I hope you will live up to her expectations and not die an early death . Here! Keep this token with you it is the emblem of our clan . If someday, you happen to see someone from our clan, it will aid you . " She said as she turned around to leave with the females .

"Feng Yu thanks madam for her graciousness!" Feng Yu said as he cupped his hands politely while bearing his injuries . He then slowly made his way into the distance, away from the battlefield . However, as he was leaving, a voice soon reached his ears directly traveling to the depths of his mind .

"There will be a talent meet four years from now held at the center of the great Golden Dragon Empire . If you wish to conclude the battle between you and sister Ling'er, strive your best as she is guaranteed to be there with an entirely different league of strength . Hehe, later then Boy!"

Feng Yu looked behind him, there was no one in sight as everyone had long since vanished . Feng Yu looked towards the sky and pondered .

"I would have lost completely if she had a bit more essence energy . It seemed that she was only capable of using a small amount of those charms prestige due to the severe lack of energy . Today's battle was a valuable lesson against those who have mastered pure weapon arts . Now, I will dedicate my remaining time in Tydol Mountain Range to grasping the foundation of the sword and increasing my cultivation," Feng Yu gripped his fist firmly as he looked into the distance .

"We will meet again Miss Fu . . . " With his whisper trailing off with the wind; he flashed and vanished leaving a remnant shade that faded along with daytime transitioning to the afternoon .