Dual Sword God - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

The sea of purple flames danced about this hollow world uniquely as they continued to burn for all time, attempting to devour the world's remnants . The strange purple-haired man sat in this sea of odd flames calmly as he casually glanced towards the red-haired young man who appeared before him .

A look of surprise could be seen on his face as he murmured in a soft voice, "A traveler of fate, one who is guided by a higher destiny? How strange? Why have you come to this ruined realm?"

As he said this, the sea of flames surrounding him began to churn as they danced around his form like they were trying to eat him alive, Feng Yu who saw this man felt shocked .

"The Exalted Purple Rose Swordsman! How could he be here? Is this strange Ancient Sword Tablet his legacy?" As Feng Yu thought up to here, he couldn't help but recall the name of this figure .

The Purple Rose Sword Exault, a figure of legend… said to have been one of the most mysterious characters of the sword in the Tianlan Sword World's history . Legend has it that this powerful figure had vanished after taking part in a battle that shocked their world in the distant past, he disappeared for so long that the very world itself believed him to have died from a serious injury caused during that battle . However, only a few individuals knew the truth, one of those individuals being Feng Yu's master .


It was an unusual place, filled with immense spiritual energies of the heaven and the earth . Far within the distance, a mountain could be seen standing firmly as if it had shouldered the changes of time itself . It emitted an archaic prestige silently as it upheld a place in this world .

At the top of this mountain, there were two figures, an old man wearing Ancient Daoist Robes and a young man who seemed to be no older than 30 years of age; he had short black hair and a forgettable appearance .

The old man stood with his back facing the young man as he looked deeply in the sky with a profound gaze and spoke, "Disciple, there are three individuals in this world that can be considered to have reached the apex of their respected area of skills . "

" . . . . " As he said this the young man who knelt behind him remained silent as he listened to his master's words .

"These individuals are, the Void Bladesman, also called the Warscar Blade Exault, the Light Sage, also called the Truth Seeker Exault and the expert at the pinnacle of the sword, the Purple Rose Sword Exault . " said the old man as he withdrew his gaze from the world below glancing towards the young man solemnly .

"Remember my words, never take the Sword Exalt lightly, for the moment you do…" as he said this, he paused again for a while before speaking .

"You will certainly suffer, a tragic end!" As he said this, he turned his head again and looked towards the distant horizon once more, but this time if one were to look closely at the side of his face, they would see a strange scar that ran all the way to his neck .


Back inside the sea of purple flames, Feng Yu who recalled the words of his old master couldn't help but run cold sweat . He looked towards the Purple Rose Sword Exault and responded, "I came seeking a sword from a broken legacy, may I ask why senior is here?"

"A broken legacy, ah… so that's what this is about? It's no wonder you could appear here . The mark on your Destiny, or more to your world's terms, 'Natal Star' also seems to be familiar, could it also be what has guided you here? Hmm, no matter, the faded shall remain as remnants while the things of the past will be forgotten through time . Take what lingers of my past and go!" The Purple Rose Sword Exault said as he waved his hand .

Soon, a rusty crimson sword separated itself from the center of a stone platform and appeared in front of Feng Yu . As he saw the sword appear before him, Feng Yu was now too preoccupied with the sword to pay any attention to the words of the Purple Rose Sword Exault .

He reached out his hand and grasped the hilt of the sword while channeling his flame essence-energies .

Phew! As if it found the source it needed the most the rusty crimson sword started to glow in a bright violet crimson light . Vaguely, some of the rust on the sword had begun to fade, but it remained mostly as a rusted sword .

Not long after, an ancient voice filled the mind of Feng Yu who was holding the sword .

"I leave my legacy for the destined one, separated by time, here rests the last inheritance of my clan the Chronicle Sword R-------H!"

As soon as the voice ended streams of information flowed from the sword and went into Feng Yu's mind, he then saw a vision of a scene that could only be described as 'the end . '

In front of him was a vast world a world filled with a myriad of life; many great beings walked amongst this earth and it seemed that it would remain that way for all eternity, but it was a pity, for soon there came war . . .

The supreme beings battled across the void, their once beautiful world breaking to pieces and eventually turning into fragments that drifted throughout the endless void . Soon, a purple-haired man appeared .

He stood at the peak of a broken mountain and looked at the war-torn remnant of a world before him, a hint of regret now shown in his eyes as he spoke softly with a voice that trailed further along with the wind .

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, return what is, to what once was . . . "

The figure drew a strange-looking crimson sword causing torrents of purple-colored flames to soar into the void, blanketing the endless void into a sea of fire, a place that later became an infinite sea of purple flames .

The man seated in the sea of purple flames looked towards Feng Yu with a smile on his face, he reached his arm out that grew bigger and bigger until it eclipsed the world itself . Soon, Feng Yu's form was shrouded in darkness, but it was only a moment before he saw a bright light in the distance .

Suddenly, Feng Yu opened his eyes and felt a feeling of weariness overcoming his body . He moved his hand to his neck trying to catch his breath as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead .

"Haa . . . haa . . . " As he regulated his breathing, he looked around the room only to see Hui Ying and Dai Lin looking towards his hand holding the tablet with excitement .

"Brother Yu! It seems you have succeeded in cracking the language behind this strange sword tablet, look the sword is about the come out!" Hui Ying said as he observed the Ancient Stone Tablet break apart piece by piece .

Dai Lin looked towards Feng Yu and asked with concern, "Young Master, are you feeling alright?"

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Hearing Dai Lin's words Hui Ying moved his vision to Feng Yu only to see something strange, an odd purple marking appeared on the left side of his forehead for a moment, but quickly it disappeared after a flash of green light .

Feng Yu feeling a bit better now wiped the sweat off his forehead as he replied, "I'm . . . I'm fine now . . . let's check out this sword . "

Crumble! The moment the sword tablet broke to pieces the rusty crimson sword Feng Yu saw in his dream soon appeared within the room, it floated in the void for a fleeting period before making its way to Feng Yu who then grabbed its hilt .

Rumble! The Mystery Pavilion started to shake as an unknown aura filled the space, soon this aura spread across the entire town, which then expanded further covering the kingdom, the empire, and eventually, the outer continent .


In a distant land, a young man sat in the crossed-legged posture as he looked towards the sky . As if sensing something strange he furrowed his brows and spoke, "This Aura? How odd? Why is his presence here?" As he said this, he pondered for a moment before no longer paying any attention to the strange change .

"It doesn't matter even if you arrive here, destiny will not change . . . " Xiang Fang said as he closed his eyes and fell into a state of deep sleep . If one were to look closely at this scene, they would see that surrounding his body was a strange star-like formation diagram . It glowed with flashing lights occasionally which gathered star-like auras from the heavens themselves towards his form .


The sea became chaotic as ripples of waves spread across the endless ocean, and clouds that were as dark as night blanketed the sky . The rumbling thunders shaking the heavens, as many streaks of green-colored lightning dancing amongst the clouds crashed about indiscriminately . It was a dreadful storm which only could be found in this strange region beyond land .

Within this storm was a small boat, it was no more significant than the rafts used for fishing, but oddly enough, it remained firm and steady within this dangerous-deadly storm that could destroy the hopes of any man .

Inside of this boat was a man with braided hair who wore a straw-like bamboo hat as he laid on his back with both legs crossed over each other, dressed in a simple loose-fitting shirt and shorts along with sandals on his feet . If one looked carefully on his face, they would see a stubble of beard and eyes that gave off a sharp light, resting on his chest was a strange-looking blade with dark spatial runes on its edges .

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As this strange man relaxed on his journey into the unknown, he was soon disturbed by an unusual presence . He lifted his head and looked towards a specific distant part of the sky, as if piercing the sky to see through the dark clouds and arriving at the place that gave of the unique aura .

"Oh? Purple Rose Sword Exault, Interesting, I never thought I'd see the day this aura once more came into being . . . " The man said as an interested glimmer shone deeply within his eyes . Vaguely, the direction of the small boat slightly changed as it slowly made its way across the distant treacherous seas towards an unknown distant land .


Within the Mystery Pavilion only a few powerful individuals looked up towards the sky, but none of them could pinpoint the location of the strange aura . WhiteMask who was currently observing the bidding of an item looked towards the sky with a strange light in his eyes; soon a smirk became visible underneath his mask as he murmured, "Destiny has found its path…"

Inside of the VIP Booth, Hui Ying and Dai Lin looked towards Feng Yu in surprise, as they saw the strange sword hover in the air for a moment before resting in Feng Yu's hand . However, after that happened, there was no apparent change in the sword as it seemed like nothing more than a simple rusted sword .

Hui Ying frowned, he looked towards Feng Yu and asked, "Brother Feng! Is this sword any good? Why does it seem like it's nothing special?"

Dai Lin looked at the sword puzzledly .

Feng Yu hearing their responses smiled as he gently stroked the sword and he replied, "This sword is different, but not everyone will be able to see this, even its name was faded when I received its legacy . However, I'm sure the further I grow with this sword the more of its secrets I will be able to unearth . "

Dai Lin and Hui Ying looked at each other with a strange expression, but soon they decided to ignore his statement and asked another question .

"Then Brother Yu, since you do not know the name of this sword . What will you be calling it?" Asked Hui Ying .

"This sword? Hmm . . . " Feng Yu replied as he sunk into his thoughts, after a short while he lifted the sword towards the ceiling before Dai Lin's and Hui Ying's gazes . He looked at the rusty crimson sword that was giving off an invisible prestige that only he could sense and spoke in a soft voice that resounded within the room .

"I'll call you… Crimson Ember . . . "