Dual Sword God - Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Within the town of Machen, inside of the central square, the members of the Feng Clan calmly observed the scene before them as they looked at the figure who remained seated in a crossed-legged posture waiting for the battle of chosen to begin . Feng Yunlong, Feng Junling, and Feng Xingyu were currently discussing matters amongst themselves .

"Are you certain Eldest Brother?" Feng Xingyu asked as she looked at Feng Junling with a severe expression .

Feng Yunlong also looked at Feng Junling with a pensive expression as the mood between the three of them became a solemn one .

"That's right! While I'm not certain for sure regarding the methods used by this divine prophet, I have a hunch regarding the energies used when summoning the Ascending Dragon Platform," Feng Junling replied with certainty .

He looked towards the beautiful white-robed woman that stood between the strange men and women on the platform and recalled the scene of her snapping her fingers causing the Ascending Dragon Platform to rise from its slumber .

"Hmm, Junling, if what you speculate is true . Wouldn't this mean that she is related to them?" Feng Yunlong stated as he looked at Feng Junling .

"It's best not to draw our conclusions too early . Maybe, it's nothing more than a coincidence . . . " Feng Junling then replied with a pondering expression but soon he cleared his thoughts and spoke once again but this time through voice transmission .

"Also, I am feeling a rather strange presence within the central square, I don't know what or who it is, so we should exercise a bit of caution . . . " Feng Junling said .

Hearing his elder brother's words Feng Yunlong was surprised, he promptly spread his spiritual sense about the square but found nothing unusual . Still, he did not show any confused expression on his face as he calmly replied, "I do not sense anything out of the ordinary, but I will have them keep on alert!"

Upon saying this, he looked towards his attendant with the crimson mask who stood silently by his side and nodded .

Sou! The crimson-masked man vanished as he went towards the Feng Mansion at full speed .

The woman in the white robes seated on the platform observing the scene smiled as she looked on the platform with a slight amount of reminiscence visible in her eyes .

However, the melancholic atmosphere soon faded as she looked towards her attendant and spoke, "The Chosen Wars will soon begin, are the preparations complete?" She asked in a soft voice .

"Reporting to the Young Lady! All preparations have been completed," One of the individuals dressed in white said .

"Good!" She said as he focused her gaze back on the scene with a slightly excited light shining deep within her eyes .

The Sky Splitting Sword School elders seeing this sighed slightly as they looked on in reverence .

Xuan Lie frowned as he saw this scene, he looked around the central square at the various influences and saw that a few of them had individuals that were missing . Feeling something was off he whispered something to Fei Tan who then left the platform with a strange glint in his eyes, his eyes flickering for a moment before fading .

"Dear, is there a problem?" Madam Xuan who was standing beside Xuan Lie asked .

"Un . It appears that this 'Chosen War' may be the prelude to what we seek," Xuan Lie replied as a determined look appeared on his face .

The man from the Midnight Temple smiled with a strange light in his eyes, he then swept his gaze towards the Southern Wasteland Group, the Golden Dragon Empire's Group and the group at the side of the female Prophet .

As the major influences started to make their moves, the spectating practitioners observed the scene in glee .

"Did you see that? How those guys treated the pressure as if it was nothing but air? These youngsters certainly are the top amongst their generation," An individual said in excitement .

"Not necessarily, this was a trial that tests willpower, not strength . It won't be guaranteed that these kids could perform the same in actual combat," A different individual said .

"Hmm, so that's the reason . No wonder that youngster from the Feng Clan could keep up with those top characters . It seems that while he's a troublemaker, his strength of will is quite good . " Another said .

Xiang Tian who was looking at the scene at his son Xiang Shu frowned when he overheard the groups' conversation, "Could he truly be just a simple troublemaker? Or has he ascended to a new level of strength hiding his true power as Xiang Shu did?" He thought to himself .

The Townlord and his Wife were also discussing amongst themselves regarding the unusualness of the Feng Clan and Xiang Clan's son .

"Dear, don't you think it strange of the performances shown by both kids from these two clans? When did the Xiang Clan have another Xiang Fang? And why is the Feng Clan child said to be a troublemaker displaying such incredible ability?" His wife asked .

" . . . " The Townlord looked at the two figures on the screen and frowned slightly not bothering to reply to his wife's questions .


As the talents stood within the space they were sent by the ancient voice, they quickly recovered from their injuries and observed the environment .

Feng Yu feeling the energies from the environment couldn't help but feel surprised as he said, "The energies gathered are about three times that of Tydol Mountain Range, while it is not at a level comparable to these sects or sacred grounds, it is still an ideal place for cultivation . "

As he said this, he couldn't help but sit himself down and sensed the fire elements gathered with the energies .

Within a moment, a stream of red essence-energies from the surroundings flowed towards Feng Yu's form as if he was a bottomless pit, the red energies poured into his body strengthening his inner veins and organs causing it to become purer a few tens of times quicker than in the outside world .

Feng Yu feeling this change was stunned as he stopped for a moment before pondering, "Such a terrifying cultivation speed! Is this the true extent of my aura pulse? It seems that due to cultivating in an environment with a severe lack of elemental essence-energies, I was not able to fully utilize its potential . "

Feng Yu couldn't help but feel slightly excited as he found that his body was more incredible than he had previously thought, a few of the talents who were near Feng Yu looked around in shock as they had no idea what just occurred .

However, there were a few special ones that noticed the source of the cause .

The mysterious spear youth, the southern wasteland youth, Hui Ying and a few others looked towards Feng Yu with a thoughtful expression .

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"His latent talent should be at the very least comparable to my own . I wonder, what kind of aura pulse does he have?" Thought the mysterious spear youth .

"Interesting, a little meaning . . . " The southern wasteland youth spoke with a tone of increased interest .

A youth with a bamboo hat who stood in a corner further away from the group glanced at Feng Yu for a short while before removing his vision . Soon, his gaze focused on Hui Ying's form for a moment before closing his eyes .

Hui Ying frowned as he sensed someone watching him, he looked around to see the bamboo hat youth in the corner with his hat held down .

Ji Weng and Xuan Bei and the prominent geniuses of the kingdoms looked towards Feng Yu with surprise as they pondered to themselves .

"I do not believe that this Feng Clan's offspring could have inspired such a scene! How could he do what I could not even with my upper-tier aura pulse?" Xuan Bei said in disbelief while he looked at Feng Yu with hatred and jealousy .

"No master will be inferior to his servant if not comparable they will only be on a different scale," Tang Wu said while he observed Dai Lin, Miren Fei, and Lang Kuang then finally resting his gaze at the cross-legged Feng Yu's body .

Xin Qing gripped her fists tightly as she looked at Feng Yu, "I will unearth your true strength!" She said with a steady light shining in her eyes .

"I cannot fall behind the Young Master!" Dai Lin said to himself as he calmly sat down and started to revolve his 'Heavenly Electrical Circuit Scripture' striving to push his cultivation base a step further .

As they saw this Lang Kuang and Miren Fei also didn't bother to waste any more time and strove to improve themselves with every opportunity they could get within this space .

Time soon quickly passed as night came and fell giving rise to dawn once more .

Swoosh! A chilly wind blew on the summit of the stairway's platform, as the talents now stood at a central area as their clothing made flapping noises with the gust of the wind .

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Buzz! Soon, a noise was heard once more as the ancient voice returned .

"The Chosen Wars will now begin, you will each be given a numbered token and sent to an arena where you will commence to battle . The winner of each battle will have the right to claim the losing parties' token, as the more tokens you have, the higher your chances of earning the title of chosen . Only those who have earned at least five or more tokens will have the right to be deemed as chosen . "

As the voice finished speaking, it went silent for a while .

The talents hearing this couldn't help but get nervous as they thought of the chaotic battle that will soon commence . Soon, the voice continued to speak once more .

"There are three types of chosen's, Pseudo-Chosen, True Chosen and a Chosen One . Those who earn five or more tokens will be given the title of Pseudo-Chosen, while those who earn ten or more tokens will be given the title of True Chosen, and the one who can defeat all True Chosen's will be able to earn the title of Chosen One," The voice said .

"These titles come with various rewards, Pseudo-Chosen's will earn the right to enter the outer sections of the Ancient Dragon Battlefield, while True Chosen's will earn the right to enter the inner section of the Ancient Dragon Battlefield . Lastly, the Chosen One will earn the privilege to enter the Ancient Dragon Palace located in the central section . Are you ready?" The voice asked .

The talents hearing the rewards couldn't help but grow excited even the powers below couldn't help but feel their mouths turn dry .

The Golden Dragon Imperial Clan, Southern Wasteland, Midnight Temple, Bright Fame Kingdom, Western Shengyin Kingdom, Tang Clan, Xin Clan, Feng Clan, and other powers felt their blood boil as the tension within the environment increased to a different level .

Feng Yunlong smiled as he looked at Feng Yu who currently had a confident expression on his face as he stood beside Hui Ying, Dai Lin, Lang Kuang, and Miren Fei . Looking as if they were brave heroes ready to challenge the ultimate being in a final battle .

The voice feeling the will of the talent in the crowd did not bother to give another long-winded speech it spoke and began the wars .

"With my command, I now proclaim the beginning of the 10000th Chosen Wars!" The voice declared loudly as his voice echoed throughout the space followed by a massive aura that poured forth from the two dragons .

Phew! A blinding light erupted forth covering all things including the sky above Machen Town, as all of the geniuses that were on the Ascending Dragon Platform vanished into thin air .

Leaving behind only an empty platform and the chilly wind that came with rising of dawn . . .