Dual Sword God - Chapter 6

Published at 21st of July 2019 07:39:18 PM

Chapter 6

The weather was great today . As the winds blew, fresh leaves scattered throughout the training field among dozens of others clustered within the grass . A figure was dressed in red shaolin-style robes with a black sash tied around his waist . He sat silently within the vacant field, unmoved by the force of the wind flowing around him .

"Hmm, the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts>, the Martial Skill Uncle Junling found, is quite interesting due to its capability of using the fire essence deep within my body core to launch swift and profound palm offensive techniques . It seems to be based off an actual Demon Flame Mantis . In my past life, I focused on those types of lighting techniques that 'Old Master' taught me . Sigh, it is a pity that all of them are more based on martial techniques and have no real value to my overall offensive power . This body also leans more towards fire essence as the primary element with lightning as its sub-element . " Looking at the scroll in his hand, he spent a few minutes reviewing it; he then deposited it back into his storage ring .

Feng Yu quickly stood up from the floor and positioned himself in a combat stance with one foot forward, and one-foot to his side slightly bent . He held both of his hands in front of him at different heights, while his palms folded over making his entire posture assume the form of a mantis .

He then began to breathe in and out in a slow, repetitive manner, "Humm . . . haaaaa . . . hummmm . . . haaaaa . . . "

Shortly after, the essence of fire deep within the core of Feng Yu's body began to gather, flowing through his body making its way from his Dantian through his veins and finally to his hands concentrating on his palms . The wind of daytime began to blow wildly, kicking up even more petals in a disorderly manner . Some of them made their way over toward his position and were about to sweep beyond his figure .


Without warning, Feng Yu struck his palms out making tree swipes in the air . Like a pair of blades . His palms moved in a fluid and unrestrained style as if in slow motion . The leaves floating nearby began to drift sluggishly . Feng Yu who was still in mantis posture had three streaks of red lights appear momentarily around his form before vanishing as quickly as they came .

Time soon quickly began to speed up as if nothing happened . The packs of leaves swiftly swept past Feng Yu vanishing into the distant parts of the training field . If one looked carefully at the leaves, burn marks were lingering at their edges slowly burning the leaves, extinguishing after a short while .

"Hmm, the Blazing Mantis Palm Arts First Stance: Scorching Mantis Palm Strikes is not as easy to master as I thought it to be despite having a mutated soul . It seems like it will take a while to master all three stances, as expected of an Advance Mortal Tier Martial Skill . No matter, I've already gained initial insights into its true essence . A bit more, and I will be able to achieve small successes very quickly," Feng Yu said while feeling a bit disappointed about these results, he made up his mind to master all of them as quickly as possible .

Feng Yu then positioned himself back into the mantis stance, where he continued to practice the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts> throughout the windy field .

If one viewed from a distance, they would see a ghostly scene, as multiple flashes of red light would flicker about the area at each swing of his palms and sway of his body .


Quickly, four days of time passed .

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In the tranquil training field, Feng Yu could be seen moving his hands at alarming speeds . He quickly swiped his palms at a group of approaching leaves leaving nothing but countless blurs in motion . The group of leaves swiftly passed by him through the rush of the wind . Soon they began to split into two sections, burning from the center to their edges and leaving behind ashes .

"Whew! I'm finally done with all stages . " Feng Yu said while letting out a breath of fresh air and wiping his sweat off, taking himself out of fighting stance . After thoroughly mastering the second stance of the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts> - Blurry Mantis Palms . . . The next phase would be to understand its true form of completeness which is called true success .

"Trying to grasp the true success stage is impossible at the moment . I'm going to need actual combat experience to comprehend the technique's true essence . Uncle Junling suggested Tydol Mountain Range, and if I recall correctly, Tydol Mountain Range should be about 30 kilometers south of Machen Town," Feng Yu muttered .

"The essences there should be of a higher concentration than here as well . I should be able to make a few more cultivation breakthroughs if I set up another <Fire Gathering Formation> . It should also have quite a lot of essence beasts roaming the area . It looks like I need to practice a life-saving art before heading to the place . "

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He sat down on the ground and looked around . Noticing no one was present, even after two days of training, he smiled wearily, "It seems like everyone is quite eager to stimulate their bloodlines . Haha! I guess I shouldn't slack off either . "

Searching his sea of memories, he began to recall a technique his master taught him for the Body Training realm in the past . Soon he saw a bald old man smiling at him with a strange marking on his head . He was wearing old Daoist robes that seemed to have existed since ancient times . He had a unique aura, similar to that of a mortal but yet immortal-like . With a gentle expression on his face, he stroked his white beard and said, "Little Yu, right now you are weak but being weak isn't a sin . All creatures have their starting point . Be it that of a dragon or a snail . You're just a bit weaker than most . As such, you need to have ways to protect yourself . Look carefully now! I will show you a technique I created many years ago that will do more than simply save your life . "

Soon the old man began to perform a series of movements, abruptly vanishing with every step like a flickering bolt of lightning . Strangely though, after he finished performing this movement technique, he looked directly at Feng Yu who seemed to be in a daze . A look of approval gleamed in his eyes as he waved his hand towards Feng Yu and smiled . Instantly Feng Yu woke up from his state of sudden enlightenment .

Feeling strange Feng Yu touched his head and spoke in a confused manner, "Strange . . . It feels as if I was back in time just now . How could I experience enlightenment while in my memories?" No longer paying attention to this, he quickly recalled the technique he was looking called <Lightning Flash Technique> .

"A top-tier mortal grade movement skill! If I recall correctly, it is only one stance, spark flash . Based on the little insight I just gleaned from that enlightenment, I should be able to grasp it to success with a few more days of training . "

Positioning himself in a running stance, he began to train the spark steps within the courtyard .