Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 115

Published at 28th of October 2019 01:25:07 PM

Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

Like every good gamer, James focused on the most important aspect of his new class first and foremost. Which was totally why he had chosen to stay on task and wasn't looking at the cosmetic upgrades instead. Totally…not…what…he…was…doing…right…now…wings!

"Ohhh, I like those ones." Rue was standing approvingly over his orb, still in her Avatar form, as he flipped through the options for his avatar creation. The new secret class had been a success, of course, and with the achievement, he now had two skill points to spend on it, instead of just one. He had already decided he would likely use one of the skill points to upgrade enhanced summon. His other skill point was up in the air though.

"Really? Because I like these better." James flipped a tentacle across the screen, changing what they were viewing. He wasn't about to spend any real money on DCO, especially considering the fact that this may be his last day in immersion, and the fact that each upgrade cost at least 1 V token. Which, he really didn't feel like spending.

That being said, he was all for using his new cosmetic upgrade point, to purchase a free one. Because if he was going to fight in a war for his very existence, and it was going to be broadcast to all the other players in DCO, well then, he was going to look amazing.

"Eh, do you really think those fit the theme here? After all, you're a healer." Rue had a point, and James let out a sigh. They had both agreed that his cosmetic upgrade should be in the form of something flashy. Something that would draw attention and scream out defiance. Also, something that would make him look really cool.

The final decision, amongst all of the options, had been to choose wings. Mainly because, well, wings were one of the cosmetic items everyone always loved. And also, because while there were some really cool cosmetic armor sets, they were sets. Meaning he would have to pay to finish them, and he wasn't about that lifestyle….at least not yet.

Rue had been pushing him towards these golden, almost divine looking wings. James had been eying the fiery dragon wings, because, well, fire dragons were awesome.

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"Hmmm, well technically, my title is Spiritualist." Speaking of which, he still needed to look over what his new class could do. Which meant they needed to finish this decision quickly, no matter how tempting it was to continue scrolling through the options.

"I know what your title is." She narrowed her blue, feline eyes. "But still, fiery dragon wings on an elf that is healing people doesn't seem fitting."

She had a point. If he was a straight summoner, or had gone a war mage path, fiery dragon wings would have been awesome. Actually, there weren't many things fiery dragon wings didn't go with…other than healer classes. Ugh.

"I suppose we can-" James was flipping back to the celestial wings, when his tentacle paused. He had just caught sight of one last set of wings. One that he couldn't believe he had missed.

"-how about these Rue?" The wings were skeletal, bone like wings. But when he selected the preview of them, they became so much more. From the back of his elf avatar the skeletal wings stretched out, and around them, white, ghostlike energy formed the outline of tattered, broken wings.

"Alright. Those scream spiritualist." Rue shot him an approving grin, which coupled with her fangs, just didn't give him the easy, happy feeling her normal grins did. Regardless, he was really glad they had found a cosmetic set that they could agree on. Especially because the clock was still ticking, and he had to get back to work.

"Done, one set of skeletal wings coming right up." He grinned as he selected the option, noting his free token disappearing even as the cosmetic lit up, showing he now owned it.

Attach to Avatar? Y/N?

James didn't even hesitate in hitting the yes option, smiling as the wings appeared once again on his avatar. He was certain he was going to have fun looking those over once he took on his avatar form. The preview window was one thing, but actually having them, and feeling them, was going to be a completely different experience. He was also curious if they offered any sort of perk. Sometimes, though rare, cosmetics would offer unique features, although always negligible. Otherwise, people would complain over unfair advantages that needed to be unlocked via money. Even in the 2050s, when people could essentially earn their entire living expense online, people cried out over unfair advantages in video games.

"Now, how about we-" Before James could finish, an achievement window popped up. Honestly, James was starting to wonder just how many achievements he was going to unlock that day? He wasn't complaining, but he really did need to get to work.

Achievement Unlocked – Fashion Forward- Attach a cosmetic upgrade to your Avatar

Reward- 1 cosmetic upgrade

"That's just cruel." James really needed to get to work. But the game had just given him another free cosmetic upgrade. Like, if there wasn't the sake of his entire dungeon and existence in DCO on the line, he would be loving this feature, and the string of upgrades. Not to say he still wasn't, but he really did have other things to do. So, if the game could just chill out with trying to tempt him to spend money, while making his Avatar look amazing, that would be great.

"Can I use it?" Rue pulled him from his lamenting even as he pulled the decoration option up. He looked her avatar over, in all of its glory, and shrugged. Honestly, while having his avatar alone look amazing, especially with two cosmetics, would be great, having him and Rue both look awesome on the Fields of Battle, would probably win him some more style points. Besides, if she used the token, he could at least go over his Avatar's new skills, figure out what to upgrade, and test it out.

After which, he still needed to check out his Core Room, and read over his notes for the dungeon wars. His construction had completed for his Cannon and Shield, but he needed to see what else was going on with those probes. All he knew so far; was he had unlocked more probes with his research. However, it didn't seem like he had gained any more BP since before he logged out, meaning he had spent all 1000 of his Offense and Defense BPs, respectively, on his cannon and shield. If that was all he had, well, his side of the fields of battle were going to be extremely empty. And he didn't like that idea.

"Sure, thing Rue." James signaled for the pixie to have her fun, while he turned back to his avatar. With a grin, both at her excited smile as she pulled up her own upgrade window, and at the fact of stepping into his avatar body once again, James selected the option to enter it. The moment he did, a light swirled around his floating orb, and a strange sensation flooded over his body. James remembered, at the last second, to 'close' his eye as the feeling rushed over him. A split second later, an uncomfortable feeling rushed through him, as if hundreds of thousands of insects were swarming all over him. After a few more seconds, the feeling faded, and only then, did James open his eyes.

Gone were his tentacles, and his floating body. In their place, he had a real body, complete with all of the sensations and feelings that came along with it. This was one of his favorite aspects of having an Avatar form. The fact that with it, he could have a real body within the virtual world again. Something that he had realized he had sorely been missing.

"Right, time to get to work." He said aloud, grinning as he did. He waved his right hand before him, pulling up his skill tree, and began reading. So much to do, so little time.