Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 148

Published at 20th of January 2020 09:10:08 PM

Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

Attention: Unauthorized Craft Detected on a collision course. Skynet protocol 4765 activated. Deploying manned defensive turrets. All able citizens, please began defensive procedures. I repeat, Unauthorized Craft Detected on a collision course. Skynet protocol 4765 activated.

The sudden blaring of alarms sounded throughout James's entire floor as a female voice echoed over the battlefield. The alarm took everyone, including James, completely by surprise. So much so, that everyone paused for a brief moment of their dino abuse, to glance around. James had deployed the M.I.N.E. Craft the moment the Terminus had stepped into the trap, hoping to buy his boss some time. Especially as he had no idea how long his Terminus would be stuck in the trap. On the plus side, the Terminus did eat the Scapegoat pet, meaning Crikey wouldn't be able to summon it again for 5 minutes.
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"What the hell is that?" Crikey looked up as he tossed an electrical trap near the thrashing Terminus. While SoulDemon had begun physically attacking the trapped Terminus, and BurningJazzHands was launching purple infernos on him, Crikey had just started placing traps around the poor boss. Meaning even when he broke free of the one, he was going to step on more. Trapper really was a dick class.

What the trapper was referencing, of course, was the massive, oddly square shape that suddenly appeared high above them. It was descending slowly towards the ground, glowing slightly as flames began to shoot out around it. The object, of course, was James's M.I.N.E. Craft. His second-floor world boss.

"Just another thing for us to kill." SoulDemon seemed unconcerned as he continued attack the Terminus. James's boss was now under half life and was losing life quickly. The fight was sadly going to be over soon, and he doubted the Terminus was going to be able to do much more damage to the party. Darn it.

"You're sacrifice will not be in vain." James muttered to his poor boss mob. He really hated to see the Terminus, his proper, gentlemanly boss, get brought down like some rabid beast. Of course, James also felt a little guilty as that thought crossed his mind. That was exactly how he and other brought down giant dinosaur type monsters when he played the Monster Hunter games. In hindsight, maybe the players were the monsters in those games? Oh well.

"You sure we can bring it down?" SpinToWin was eying the approaching world boss mob apprehensively as it neared. He was likely looking over its stats, and James knew those stats were intimidating, to say the least.

"Might as well try." SoulDemon grunted as he cut deeply into the Terminus's skull. He had managed to blast away a part of the Terminus's protective plate armor, and was hacking through the leather insulation, revealing some of the spinning gears that constituted as vulnerable spots on the boss.

"Worst case scenario, we port back with all our essence before it impacts." SoulDemon really seemed unconcerned with James's world boss, which was exactly how he wanted it to be.

"I suppose." SpinToWin looked down at the Terminus, whose eyes had turned up towards the sky, going wide at the approaching object.

"Flee you fools." The Terminus whispered. "Else you will meet the same end as my breather." The Terminus let out a dark chuckle, and the light in his eyes faded away. James knew what was coming next. The party, it seemed, did not. He supposed people had talked about where the Terminus was, but no one had actually mentioned what happened when it died. After all, none of the invaders had actually killed the Terminus before SoulDemon's party.

Oh yes. "Alright, well let's loot this thing, and start trying to bring that thing down." The party gathered around the corpse of the Terminus, which was still partially buried in Crikey's pit. As they gathered the loot, they took their time to scroll through their menus, likely not only inspecting what they had received, but also the achievement they got for killing the boss. After all, James had heard the players from his dungeon who had brought down the SourPus from BLANKs dungeon, that they received the achievement for killing the boss. It seemed the Dungeon Cores weren't the only one's raking in achievements during dungeon wars.

Three, two, one. James grinned as the Terminus's body glowed brightly, before Terminal Fire detonated. The party was too close, there was no way they would be able to escape the blast. James watched gleefully as fire erupted from the Terminus's body, blasting apart rock and dirt that had covered his buried body. Bits of Terminus went flying, as well as destroyed pieces of Crikey's trap, in all directions.

"HA." James cheered loudly. He had been expecting the M.I.N.E. Craft to be the downfall of BLANKs invading team. But he had completely forgotten about just how destructive the Terminus's final ability was. There was no way-

"The hell was that?" Crikey was coughing up a storm as the dust settled around the party. They were all still standing, covered in dirt, ash, and bits of various traps. How? James narrowed his attention on them. While he couldn't pull up all their information, he could at least see their health bars. He gasped in disbelief as he eyed all of their health bars, they were all in the red, with a single sliver of HP left. Somehow, they had all survived with 1hp.

"Probably the reason the boss was telling us to run." SoulDemon looked from the hole that had held the Terminus, back to CheapHealz. "Give us a mass heal, and let's look for those defensive turrets the announcement mentioned." SoulDemon made a motion as he pulled up his menu screen once more, his face going dark for a moment.

"Figures they're a single use item." He groaned. The Phantom Blade held out his hand, looking at one of his fingers. "Ah well, at least I don't have to wear that stupid ring pop anymore."

SpinToWin looked at his own hand, a grin on his face. "I don't know man, candy rings kind of fit our armor theme." He glanced at the others, all of whom had now glanced at their hands, which were ring free. The hell were they talking about?

James hopped over to his other screen, scanning the five individuals that were brutal ganking any party that stepped through the portal. There, on all five of their hands, were rings that seemed to be a large chunk of glowing candy atop a silver band.

"Oh well. It's not like they were hard to get. They only cost 100 core essence. Easy enough to farm. And the fact they prevent reset you to 1 hp when you take mass damage makes it worth it. I just wish we could carry more than one at a time."

So that was it. James was going to have to spend a little more time with his dungeon war loot rewards. The system was rather unique, in that he had to combine various items from his dungeon, in order to craft the special gear. He had of course decided his players would likely prefer special PvP armor, or nifty exclusives, in order to incentive his players to participate. James hadn't thought to try and create items like those rings. Of course, he had seen many like it through the games he had played, and the berserker class actually had a similar skill already. But it seemed BLANK had not only created that type of item, they had made them cheap enough that all of their players were likely running around with them. Sure, it wouldn't be too helpful against players during the battles on the FoB, but it would protect their players, at least momentarily, against any surprise insta-wipe attacks that James threw at them…such as the Terminus's Terminal Fire, and his M.I.N.E. Craft.

As much as James hated to admit it, BLANK was definitely good. Though he wasn't sure how much of this was their own gamer intuition, and secrets they had gleaned from their father's notes on the game. Either way, James knew what he was going to be doing after he watched the conclusion of this battle. After all, he wasn't about to give up. Plus, there was a downside to rings like what BLANK had given their players. They instilled a since of false confidence in players. And James was hoping he could use that to his advantage.