Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 176

Published at 16th of March 2020 02:05:05 PM

Chapter 176: 176

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Chapter 176

The Candied Queen's shield expertly intercepted Rue's axe. However, Rue's weapon glowed an angry red as it smashed into the Jawbreaker shield, and James saw the massive piece of armor crack. The Berserker Class in DCO had the ability to greatly affect the durability of any armor or protective pieces of equipment they attacked. Rue's stats, combined with her double cooldown use, had amplified that ability. As The Candied Queen absorbed the impact of the attack, her poor shield began to crumble. James figured she would only be able to absorb one more attack from Rue, before that shield completely shattered.

BLANK's second avatar likely didn't seem to worry about the state of their shield as much though, considering the spear they held glowed with a golden light of its own, and James watched the weapon get thrust with deadly precision into Rue's chest. The spear pierced through her chest, ripping through the armor and jutting out of her back. James wasn't sure what skill had been used, but he had no doubt that attack had not only increased armor penetration, but also served as an instant critical. After all, hitting most things in vital spots, such as the heart or neck, resulted in a critical.

James was only partially watching the momentary exchange, as his true focus was on the Giant Plaython's health bar. The moment The Candied Queen's attack had hit Rue, the Giant Plaython's life had shot down, dangerously low. Rue's decreased defense stat, combined with the critical strike, and the likely extremely high attack stat of the level 30 Avatar, had done a massive amount of damage. James, luckily, had predicted that, and had begun casting his strongest healing spell for the Giant Plaython. It was actually a cooldown of his Spiritualist Class, a mass, full heal of all the summoned mobs he had out, in exchange for 75% of his mana. A skill he wouldn't be able to use for another 20 minutes, but that didn't matter. He couldn't afford to lose Rue to BLANK.

Silvery light flowed around him, as beams of silver light encircled the Giant Plaython, his Dicken, and Z's Dicken. All the mobs instantly healed back to their max health, and James couldn't help but smirk at BLANKs Avatars. Sure, Rue had failed to one shot The Candied King, which James was positive was what she had been intending to do. However, they had also failed to One Shot Rue. So now, it was a battle between Avatars, a battle between Giants, on the Fields of Battle.

"It seems you come with your own little surprises." The Candied King chuckled darkly from behind The Candied Queen. His scepter was full of glowing colors now, and he pointed it past Rue, towards where Grandma Jenkins' massive thread fortress was. "However, allow me to once again level the playing field." The orb of glowing light shot forward with impossible speed, and impacted against the massive dome.

James watched the rainbowed energy erupt, sending colorful beams of death all over, killing his players at an impossible rate. What was even more impressive though, was the attack actually seemed to have blasted a hole in the thread dome.
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"One more blast, and your boss mobs will fall." The Candied King raised his scepter high as he stepped further away from Rue. The Candied Queen immediately took up position in front of him, blocking Rue from advancing. All around them, BLANKs forces readied themselves. "Your players, your forces, will fall before my glorious might." The scepter began glowing again, channeling the energies and preparing the attack. From what James could tell, The Candied King specialized in long range magical attacks, but was able to also wear and utilize heavy armor. He also used Paladin skills, and James had to wonder what the cross was.

Meanwhile, considering the Candied Queen had not only completely absorbed an attack from an enraged beastkin berserker, but also had done enough damage to normally one shot a foe like Rue, James was guessing that class specialized on close range offense and defense. James couldn't help but feel a wash of frustration flow through him. BLANK had done what he had originally been planning.

Cries of fear, accompanied by a loud roar from far behind him, pulled his thoughts away from his momentary cursing of Rue and her impulsive nature. Looking back, he could see something dark red bulging against the side of the threaded dome, as the dome itself seemed to be unravelling. James had seen that red color before, and recognized it as the same color as the Red Thread of Fate. Which meant…Grandma Jenkins' secret ability had been triggered.

"Are your sugar levels a bit too high? I think you're going mad." James called back. He wasn't the best at trash talking in games, but he felt that one had to be good. He may have been trying to rehearse witty comebacks and lines to use against BLANKs Avatars with Rue earlier…

"After all, it seems your players have triggered my bosses' unique skill." He glanced back once more, narrowing his eyes as he tried to focus on the creature breaking free of the thread dome. It appeared to be a massive dragon made completely of the tightly woven red threads, with smaller red threads trailing down below, linked, James figured, to the poor souls that had been bound by the Red Thread of Fate. It was impressive, but what he really wanted to know, was the name of the creature.

As the dragon spread its wings wide, and completely freed itself of the dome arena, James was finally able to read the creatures name.

"Behold, Candied King. Exodia, the Red Dragon of Fate." As James silently cheered his dragon, he noticed, for a brief second The Candied King's normal poker face break. However, in that split second, he couldn't tell what look crossed BLANK's Avatar's face. Was it humor, was it fear, was it surprise? It happened so quick, and there was so much going on around him as his forces and BLANK's still went toe to toe, that he honestly couldn't tell.

"Kings and Queens decide their own fate." The Candied King replied, his scepter still glowing. He looked towards The Candied Queen, who was exchanging blows with Rue. Somehow, The Candied Queen still had her shield, and James watched as Rue swung another massive strike toward the Candied Queen, BLANKs avatar deftly moved aside, thrusting back towards the beastkin and landing a glancing blow against her fur clad side. The Candied Queen seemed to be using her combat skills to keep from having to actually block Rue's large, ferocious attacks. If James had to guess, she was going to hold onto that shattered, damaged shield, just in case it was needed. Until then, James could tell The Candied Queen was likely the better fighter for one on one fighting.

"And before my Candied Queen, with the skills of the legendary Spartans, your feral, mad beast is nothing." The Candied Queen made to thrust at Rue, forcing Rue to leap backwards. However, the thrust was a feint, and even as Rue's form leapt away, the Candied Queen shifted her grasp on her spear. In the same instant, she pivoted, throwing her spear with deadly accuracy at a new target. It was all James could do to watch the spear fly swiftly towards him, faster than his mind could even react. Oh shit.