Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 32

Published at 29th of August 2019 03:02:31 PM

Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

The rest of the day passed in a blur, partially due to the time James spent browsing the online forums and managing his DCO app, and partially because the Monty Python movies were hilarious. He actually nearly burst out laughing in class multiple times, drawing the attention of his teacher. James had a new appreciation for the comedy Z and his group had been throwing about.

By the time he finished the movies, class was done for the day, and so James made his way home. He was taking a break from reading peoples comments about his dungeon, as well as checking on other instances forums, and was instead brainstorming ideas for his second floor. He was definitely leaning towards a post-apocalyptic city- feel with his steampunk dinosaurs. He had made this decision after running a quick search on steampunk movies and video games, noticing a dark gritty feel to the environments, and loving the ancient yet modern components that seemed prevalent in the genre.

Given the range of his dinosaur mobs, he decided if he created a run-down city for his dinosaurs to roam about, with open expanses for the larger dinosaurs to prey on, he could have a lot of fun with it. He silently felt he needed to thank the God Eater and Zoids franchises as he began imagining his battles. Now he just needed to run his idea by Rue when he logged in. Just as he thought of the pixie, a message notification appeared on his AR glasses. Speak of the devil.

From: Rue

Subject: Day One Patch

Just wanted to give you the heads up to check out the DCO site for patch notes. Developers are implementing a patch, so a few things will have changed when you log back in. Also, what the hell are you doing with all of these storage units?



James had to grin as he finished reading his pixie's message, her final line making him chuckle. While he had been methodical with his research, resulting in rank 5 enhanced research, loot, traps, and was currently working on level 5 boss mob and mob research, he had been a little less attentive to his resource expenditures. Because he planned to use a few dungeon tokens for his dungeon upgrades, he had been purchasing resource storage. Since the morning, he had bought a total of 4 storage units, bringing his maximum resource count to 2500.


Seriously, a day one patch? Why am I not surprised. Alright, I will go check out the notes, I look forward to diving back in. And don't worry about my storage, I have plans that I'm sure you will like.



He sent his reply to the pixie, and promptly pulled up his browser, heading to the forums. Sure enough, at the very top of the forums, was a big alert about the patch notes. Checking the time, James couldn't believe they were just now announcing the notes. There was only an hour till his immersion would begin. As he thought about it, James wondered if the developers had noticed issues with instances that had already started their second night of immersion, and decided to implement a hot fix. It was actually a pretty common practice in the gaming world.

DCO Patch Notes 1.1

Greetings brave adventurers! First, we would like to humbly thank the millions upon millions of players who chose to dive into the game on the first night of its release. We understand many of you have made the choice to give DCO a go, pulling you away from already established characters and relationships in other games. For that, we thank you.

We have noticed that some dungeons have been scaling much faster than others, which may discourage players from diving into the dungeon, simply due to a difference in levels. We have noticed this, and are adding a new feature for the moment, to give players a way to grow, without having to dive into the dungeon. This way, players can gain experience and level up until they are comfortable facing the monsters in the dungeon, and embarking on greater challenges with greater risks.

This Hot Patch will be implementing level 1-10 mobs outside of the dungeon, which will roam around the dungeon continent. They will be comprised of basic beasts, both on land and sea, and can be slain for experience and basic crafting materials. We have further plans for this feature, which will be introduced at the end of the first month of DCO, with our 2.0 upgrade.

We are also lifting the restriction on in game browser usage, which will enable players to utilize their UI in order to browse the internet, and contact each other. Use of the in game party finder tools, as well as world chat, are still encouraged, but we understand some players would prefer to have access to the outside world while playing DCO. We wish to listen to you, our players, and make this experience the best possible.

Minor bug fixes have also been made, and we hope players continue to enjoy DCO. Now, happy hunting, and good luck adventurers!

James read through the developer notes one last time, and couldn't help but feel a little guilty. He was sure his dungeon was one of the ones growing rapidly, and he realized his enhanced mobs were probably scaring some adventurers away. He could understand why the developers would implement mobs outside of the dungeon, at least low level mobs. Not only could players now level in a safer environment, away from roaming flocks of dickens, they could also farm to their hearts content without having to wait for an instance to free up.

As for the use of interfaces within the game, James had to grin. While the notes mentioned that was a quality of life improvement for adventurers, he was certain it was aimed more at the dungeon cores. Now, he would be able to read, watch videos, and keep track of forum posts, all while upgrading his dungeon. He definitely felt this improvement would be a much welcomed surprise for himself and the other dungeon cores.

Grinning to himself, James prepared himself for immersion. He had less than an hour before he could begin his immersion, and so he took his time, enjoying his time in the shower, before choosing to grab a small nighttime snack. By the time he made his way to his pod, time seemed to have slowed, and he still had five minutes before immersion could begin. He laid down and closed his eyes, but time seemed to just creak by. Frustrated, James started counting sacrificial lambs' in his mind, willing himself to relax, while he eagerly waited for immersion. By the time he got to 143 explosions, James felt the warm gel creeping over his body, and the next thing he knew, he was back in his home screen. A second later, James transported himself to DCO.