Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 75

Published at 29th of August 2019 03:01:47 PM

Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

"Guys, I found a-" was all James, and the party, and the core chat, heard before a sudden gurgling splash and scream, followed by silence. Well, not exactly silence, there was running and cursing from the raid party, and a loud dinging notification on James's screen showing he had just received another achievement.

"What the hell?" James mumbled as he pulled up the achievement. He hadn't been watching the party as intently as he should have, as they were currently making their way through the abandoned city, killing off the groups of mobs they found. Currently, the honey badger was tracking down a Spy, which James had been looking over, that was hiding alongside an alleyway. He had also zoomed out a bit, in order to give the core chat a better view of the city, and the mobs roaming around within it. Ideally, everyone was looking forward to the B.L.U. versus raid party fight, and James had been curious how close the group was to stumbling across the boss.

Of course, that meant he hadn't been watching the whole party, and as a result, he must have missed something. That something, was easily explained when he opened the achievement.

Achievement Unlocked – Caught Em With Their Pants Down – Successfully kill an adventurer with a toilet mimic. Reward- 2,000 xp, 500 resources, 1 Dungeon Token

"You didn't." Rue was staring at James, mouth agape. She teetered on the verge of confusion and laughter, and James couldn't help but let out a dark laugh. Oh yes, he had. Originally, he had planned on putting X-Ray's 'shrine' on the third floor as a giant toilet, surrounded by toilet mimics, because screw him. However, after the developer's likely intervention that saved James an extra bit of pummeling, he had decided against it.

Of course, that didn't mean he changed his mind about using the toilet mimics. Oh no, those were still prime for the using, and his second floor was a great place to install some, choice plumbing. It was a post-apocalyptic city, of course it would make sense for there to be abandoned, decrepit toilets in some of the buildings. As such, James had spent some resources to place about a dozen or so toilets throughout the city in some of the buildings. Then, he had activated his special mob types, selected his glorious toilet mimics, and placed them in a single one. Thanks to their ability, Mischievous Mimic, the toilet mimic he spawned was randomly swapping places with other toilets.

Because of this, when Gno-more had gone searching the houses, away from the party, as rogues tend to do, the poor adventurer had stumbled upon his brand new toilet mimic in all of its porcelain glory. And, as it seemed the mimics on the floor were prone to do, it was much higher level than the ordinary mob, meaning it made a quick, tasty snack, of the poor assassin.

"I mean, did you really think I wouldn't?" James waved his tentacles in the air in a shrug and turned back to chat. Yup, once again, his dungeon's antics were causing quite the stir.

AllMightyHammer- Did that, did he just get an achievement involving a toilet mimic?

Lllllllaaaammmmmaaaa- That's just shitty, why'd it have to be the rogue?

Blaster2000- Dude, it's always the rogue. Freaking never trust one to stick with the party

ZyneKill3r- Forget that man, TOILET MIMIC, wtf????!!!!!

TyrHarder- Legit, we want the replay

NoobSlayer42- Yeah, why wasn't Glyax watching the freaking toilet? Screw the Raptor, I wanna see someone get eaten by a toilet

QQMOOORREE- Screw all of that, I want Glyax's dungeon. How's he get all this cool shit? My flame mobs seem boring now, fml.

Yup, James had originally started to gain some of his fame from his mimic shenanigans, and it seemed that trend was going to continue. Of course, he fully intended to replay this footage later on, so that he could capture the sweet moment Gno-More got flushed. Thanks to the rogue's death, and the achievement, James had just netted a nice 4700 xp. Not bad for a single death. It also meant the party would need to stick around for a few minutes, until the assassin was revived. At least it was the rogue that died, since the gnome probably had the best chance of making it all the way back to the town without being picked off by the raptor packs still roaming around in the grass. Some had entered the city, but a few, were still waiting patiently for more prey.

"What the hell is going-" Skar's cry brought James from his musings back to the house where Gno-more had been slain. Sure enough, a glowing orb was sitting just in front of an innocent looking, broken down toilet. Inside of the room, the other 9 party members, slightly cramped in the room, stared, dumbstruck. The honey badger at Z's side was growling something fierce at the toilet.

"Did Gno-More shit himself to death?" Troll'd chuckled for a moment at his joke, before being elbowed by Olivia. The rest of the group took in the room, all eyes returning to look at the toilet.

"I think." Z started to draw back his bow, before stopping, staring at the toilet, lost in thought. "I think that toilet might be a mimic." Hearing it out loud just made the whole situation even more ridiculous. Here they were, a raid party, heading to fight a giant steampunk T-rex, and yet they were staring, dumbfounded, at a toilet.

"Well, there is always the test." Oak was grinning again, as he opened his mouth once more. That grin, James had come to find, usually meant the warrior was about to do something the rest of the party would view as stupid. "TELL ME WHY!" There was silence from the entire room for a moment, before.

"Ain't nothin but a heartache." Med Ic's mumbled singsong came out, causing the rest of Z's party to start singing along to a song James had never heard. Neither had Skar's party it seemed, as they were staring at Z's group like they had lost their mind. After a few moments of terrible singing, Manly the dwarf cleared his throat, stepping closer to Gno-More's orb, axes raised.

"I'm sure your terrible singing is going to debuff it, but I figure my axes will do a better job killin' it" He started to take another step forward, readying himself, before Gno-More's voice piped up from the orb.

"Don't do it." The rogue-orb shouted. "Thing is freaking level 38. It one shot me." The rogue's statement caused everyone to stiffen, and Manly, in a very unmanly fashion, stumbled backwards, away from the porcelain predator. It was, of course, true. James had noticed mimics seemed to be double the level of the mobs on a floor. Since his current mobs were level 19, the mimic was, in fact, level 38. That also meant when he hit Tier 3, the mimic on his second floor would be level 50, while his boss would only be level 35. Mimics, it seemed, would continue to be extremely rare, deadly monsters, that players would have to come back for once they were higher leveled. It also meant James would continue to be gaining experience for a long time from the crafty shapeshifters.

"Er," Z cleared his throat, glancing around at the party. "How about we go back to hunting down B.L.U., while Gno-More respawns?" The rest of the raid party nodded and began heading out the door. As they exited, Z stayed behind for a moment, staring down at the poor rogue's orb.

"How about next time, you don't split the party." His voice was stern, his humor gone. "We are here with a purpose. After the Terminus is dead, you can explore all you want. Till then, stick with the group, and stick to the plan." Z turned to leave, pausing only once to glance over his shoulder. "Your party has the chance to become great, don't hold them back because of selfish desire."

With that, the elven ranger stepped out the building, rejoining the raid party, which would remain short for a few more minutes until Gno-More respawned. For a brief second, James had seen a different side of Z, the side that revealed just how Z and his group had gotten where they were in DCO. Sure, they made poor jokes, they laughed, they goofed off, but when it came down to it, they all relied on each other, which allowed them to work together to overcome any and all obstacle. There was no room in Z's party for selfish players. Making Z, and the Knight's, the exact opposite of X-Ray. James liked the ranger even more now.