Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 96

Published at 29th of August 2019 10:00:05 PM

Chapter 96: 96

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Chapter 96

"Talk to me Rue. What am I seeing right here?" His mind was trying to process it, but every time it started to, it blanked. There was the normal Boss tab, there was the mini boss tab, and then, there was a third, brand new boss tab. Staged Boss

"I mean, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?" The pixie was being herself. Go figure.


"At tier three, you are able to choose between three different options for bosses. You can either create two boss mobs, one boss mob with two mini bosses, or build a boss that has stages." She eyed the three options hungrily. "Obviously, you should choose to build the boss mob and two mini bosses… that leads to the largest selection." The way she licked her lips as she spoke, confirmed her gambling addiction. Maybe James really should stop fueling that? Or at least cut it down a bit? Was there a gambler's anonymous for AI? Now that he thought about it…


"I get to pull the lever? Yes! Best dungeon core-" Her hand was nearly to the option before he stopped her.

"No. Not that. Have you been betting with Sir Rexus in your games?" Rue's hand faltered, and her eye twitched.

"Ummmm," Oh yeah, she was guilty.
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"How much have you lost?" From what James overheard of their games as he worked, Sir Rexus was a lot better at the games than Rue was. The AI that ran the Steampunk T-Rex was astonishingly intelligent after all, probably a direct a result of the upgrade James had given him. The pixie, therefore, more often than not was losing. Which James was fine with…since he often lost against her.

"It's not important." She grumbled, turning back to the boss mob options. "Now, can we get back to-"

"Rue." This was both amusing to James, and also sad. The pixie definitely had a problem. Maybe he needed to cut back on how much he allowed her to gamble on. That decision helped solidify his mindset for his third-floor boss option, even though he had already mostly decided. He was all for new and exciting things, after all.

"I don't want to talk about it." The pixie crossed her arms and began pouting. Okay, she definitely needed a gambling time out. Too bad he couldn't censor that like the developers had censored her drinking. Oh well.

"Alright, well then. We are definitely going to choose the third boss option." Rue looked sadly away from the single boss option and looked at the stages. "So, can you be a dear and fill me in on what to expect?"

"Fine." Rue waved her hand at the third option, and a single slot machine appeared before the two of them.

"Staged bosses are bosses that have multiple stages to their fight." Thank you, captain, obvious.

"Go on."

"When you select that option, you will be given choices between various staged type bosses. Some have multiple phases and will change their abilities and stats when certain triggers are met, usually based on the percentage of life the boss has left. Others, can be made up of multiple bosses that will interact with each other in unique ways."

"Like the Perfect Cognivore?" If something like that happened on his third floor, as just the boss, well, adventurers wouldn't be finding the fourth floor any time soon. Especially considering they still had a long way to go to beat that secret boss, who interestingly enough, stayed at level 50 when combined, even though the Terminus and B.L.U. were level 35 and 30 respectively. Regardless, a level 50 boss was far outside of anyone's capabilities right now, and likely would be until at least the fourth floor was unlocked.

"Not quite." Rue was relaxing, James knew she enjoyed explaining things to him. She just also enjoyed teasing him, which was where their normal issues came from. "The Perfect Cognivore is a secret boss and combines two bosses in order to create a brand new mob that has a much higher level and stats, dependent on the floor the boss originates on, and the base level of the boss for that floor." Well, that explained his level. The Terminus started at level 25, so the secret boss must just double the level of that. Or, at least that was as much as James could figure at this moment.

"Alright, so how does the multi-boss staged boss option work?"

"Depends on the type of boss." Rue said matter of factly. "Some start as a single boss, and as it is damaged will break apart into smaller, different bosses. Some will support each other and interact with each other in special ways. And others will buff the other greatly upon death." Rue looked down at him, grinning. "Aren't you a big bad gamer Glyax. Haven't you fought such bosses before?"

He had, of course, fought countless bosses that had abilities like what she described. They were great, and they were also terrible, to fight. Mainly because they broke the norm of the cut and paste boss battles and made things interesting. However, they almost always guaranteed multiple wipes before a successful victory, because of their various stages and triggers. In essence, a staged boss was going to be perfect for ensuring James continued to gain experience at a fast rate, to help him continue to grow. BLANK might be okay resorting to mass wipes often for experience bursts, but James knew he couldn't continue to use that tactic. If there was one thing, he feared more than his confrontation with BLANK, it was pissing off his players and having them leave his game. It didn't matter if he was high rank, if everyone stopped playing, after all.

"Any expectations for what the staged boss options for stuffed animals are going to be?" James eyed the lever nervously, while Rue licked her lips in anticipation, her finger twitching.

"Nope, maybe you should spend some tokens to er, see all the options?" Her hand twitched again, and James gently reached for it with a tentacle. He sighed, he hated what he was about to say.

"How about I pull the lever once, and we just choose one of the three options?" He could feel the pixie fight his grip for a moment, before she gave in.

"Fine, go ahead and pull it." The amount of longing and sorrow in her voice nearly made him lose his resolve. However, this was for her own good.

"Alright, here goes nothing." He pulled the lever, and silently prayed to the Goddess of Luck that he wouldn't regret this life choice.