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Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army

Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army
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Welcome to the world of Burkan, a place shapped by mana and magic for endless years, its main attraction is Tartarus the dungeon where all those who seek fame, power and wealth delve into its depths, in this world a lucky boy, a goofy bunch of teachers, and some friends, join hands to enjoy the life of adventure. They will save the world, fight the villains, learn all about how beautiful and ugly the world can be, there are monsters and awakened, there are ascended gods and even half beasts. Join the lively bunch to have fun, play with romance, hunt monsters and learn the secrets to power and greateness. Why should you read this? Because its a novel that will brighten your day, give you a laugh or maybe help you drop a tear or two, but all in all its a novel that I have fun writing and you will feel it in each and every chapter. Also for those who really want to know, there is fluff, there is growth, there is detail and general skiming, there time skips, there is method, its has very few filler material and the main point is having fun growing into the one man army the lucky boy can become, also the guy is so lucky he gets a dragon as a pet, a goddess as a wife and his harem ... Why are you still reading this synopsis get to reading the novel you are wasting precious time. the novel might start a bit slow and deliberate but will pick up pace as you read along, also grammar is not the best it could be Enjoy

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