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Chapter 5

The Past, Day 8.

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Yggdrasil Kingdom.

In the Kingdom of Elves, a storm was brewing amongst the delegation.

"Someone has kidnapped some of our people, some of the civilians claimed they saw a carriage trafficking Elves!" The Elf councilman was outraged after receiving this report.

"I've heard, that's why I sent some people to pursue them, it was said that they went into Dread Forest. They won't get too far with the dangerous creatures in that cursed place!" The wise man wasn't worried, he was confident that his people could defeat and capture the kidnappers in order to get their people back.

"The filthy humans have no bounds to their lust and keep trying to kidnap our people! I say we attack their Kingdom head-on, we can get the assistance of the Moon Elves who would gladly help us!"

Some elven woman with a hood over her head spoke in a cold voice, you could tell that her hate was deep. "Relax, Elena, we've sent our elites to handle this matter, we'll either capture or kill them if we have to, so the situation is already taken care of as far as I'm concerned." The old Councilman said calmly.

"That's good to hear, these humans will have their time, but they're no different from those Demons! The Humans also have a Hero who wields the Sword Of Aether, so their power has been boosted by many folds." The Old man spoke with some concern, it was a game-changer if the Humans could spawn Hero Warriors with weapons like these.

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"It's okay, we also have a Hero, and we are currently working on getting another one if she can pass the trial. Those lowly human are nothing, the filthy things have a due date just like anyone who makes us their enemy!" Some woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes spoke harshly, she was extremely beautiful with a very busty and tall figure.

"Haha, it really sounds like you hate those humans to the extreme! Speaking of which, where is the Queen, I haven't seen her around." A man with fiery red hair smiled as he looked around the council room.

"Queen Athena is in Starfall Kingdom on a political matter, she and the other Elven Kingdoms are trying to form an alliance called the United Nation Of Elves! With this Alliance with the Snow Elves, Sea Elves, Dark Elves, and Moon Elves, we should become a force to be reckoned with!"

A Green haired bob cut Woman by the name of Alice spoke with complete confidence, she seemed kinda arrogant when she spoke. "Hmm, this is true, we will be able to get a foot over those greedy and lustful humans, and a foot over those nasty and destructive Demons!" Everyone couldn't agree more, this made them even more confident.

They were all Wood Elves and they had formed an alliance with the Moon Elves already. "The Dungeons in Dread Forest have been increasing lately, I fear that a horde will soon appear. It's already a bad place filled with Demons and other types of Monsters, but with Dungeons, it could only get worse."

Their Kingdom was located in a peaceful forest home to Fairies, Dwarves, and many other peaceful beings Like the fox race, but next door to this peaceful place was Dread Forest. They had raided a few Dungeons and cleaned them out but more would appear soon after, it became a headache after a while.

"If the Hero passes the trial, we'll have her conquer some dungeons with a group of warriors, if she fails the trials, we'll still send her!" This was the leader of the council by the name of Zillien, he made the big decision around here other than the Queen.

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"Sounds good, we can wait until she is done then." Everyone agreed and began to talk about other matters.


Day 21, the Current time.

At this point, twenty-one days had already passed since John had been transferred to this world. John had checked on the Kobolds, they were training just like the Goblins but not as professional as them. John had Lily come to show them the path, which improved their training greatly, he even had a Kobold Evolve into a warrior but it was just one.

The Female Kobolds had 3 to 4 pups each, so their numbers were growing pretty fast. The Kobolds that were born were still in their teen stage but they could still train and fight. Buying them off the system would make them Adult by default so it was easier that way, but who wanted to spend the money for that?

The Goblins were all adults and several more had been born and had grown up already. There were now a total of 35 Goblins and six of them had evolved into their next level. Three Warriors and three Bowman were within John's ranks.

John's theory had proven to be true, which made him feel delight. He was getting 700 Dp each week that passed, so he earned 1,400 Dp already from that alone. John now had 4,050 Dp, it was now time to put some Monsters on the 4th floor.

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With that, he teleported to the 4th floor and started to put the monsters in it. John bought two Stealth Puppets and one Stalker Puppet. Each of these puppets cost 900 Dp each, so he spent 2,700 Dp.

The Stalker Puppet used a knife as a weapon and could move very fast. It could also regenerate its body slowly from the damage done to it. It also could control its knife like it was apart of its body, so it could recall its knife or control it with its mind to attack, like a psychic.

The Stealth Puppet could go invisible, and shoot poisonous needles out of its mouth. It had sharp nails on it that were poisonous, so if you were cut, you were in for some trouble. With the fog on this floor, it made their advantage higher.

John didn't forget to buy a Mimic, he put it into a corner near the exit to the fifth floor. This would make people believe that after making it through the floor, they had earned a reward. The mimic took the form of a Golden chest that had a slight bright glow to it, this thing completely sold it with its imitational look.

John had a total of 850 Dp left but he was still satisfied with what he had done. He was sure that no one could make it to the 5th floor anytime soon, so he finally relaxed. During these days, he had been constantly thinking about his floors and his forces on each one.

John knew in time that he would get stronger Monsters, but he had to live to see that day. John also learned about the Danger level of Dungeons and that each had a Danger level. First, it was the level then the second was the Grade of the level, he had the lowest grade, which was 1.

The Grade of a Dungeon reached Grade three from one, then it would level up to the next Danger level. This would open more opportunities up for John if that happened. In this world, people had devices that could scan a Dungeon to check its danger level, so most would know what they were dealing with before going in. Of course, some dungeons were good at hiding their danger level so it could fool people as well.

However, John's Dungeon was quite strong already for such a low ranking threat level. This worked to his advantage though, as most would underestimate this dungeon which would lead to their downfall. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As for creating a floor, the terrain, biomes, or scenery would become customizable for him. It was sort of like world creation or creative mode of some sort. So, he could create a forest the way he wanted it to look, like making a waterfall or adding anything he liked. The Dungeon System had just about everything but there was so much to unlock in the future.

John didn't care so much about the monsters in the Dungeon, he could just make more or replace them. But as he was now, he had to care, the numbers meant everything to him right now. Once his Dungeon opened up, he didn't care if people came or not. At the end of the day, he would still be getting 700 Dp a week, so if he had to slowly build his Dungeon then so be it.

Time passed quickly as Lily would set up training for the Kobolds each and every day. This wasn't normal for any one of their power, at least as the Dungeon Master and Core. They could just have a wise Kobolds of their kind train and show them, this went so with the other races too. Sadly, the smart creatures of these beings were things like Enhancers and Casters and higher Elementalist users in their ranks.

No mana meant none of these creatures could use any abilities or be bought on the system, so that was John's next priority. Well, he wanted to set up the 5th floor first then work on the Dungeon's Mana System. And just like that, another week had passed. Nothing change besides some Kobold evolving which was good and all. John also got another 700 Dp but that was it, he had no problem waiting like this.

He had one more week left for his Dungeon to official be opened for the surroundings to see. It was no telling what type of trouble would come, he just hoped it wasn't overwhelming for him. John could only spectate for now, there was just so much to do. He had to strengthen the dungeon, get a body, train the inhabitants, form mana in the dungeon, and so much more.

"I can only wait for now, but I should view my options on a new body." John had seen the list of creatures he could become as a Dungeon Master on the system.