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Eclipse Hunter - Volume 1 - Chapter 8

Published at 26th of January 2016 03:45:11 PM

Chapter 8

"Dar, you must also be happy today . "Devon Solaris roughly ruffled didi's hair . However, upon realising the mess he had made he quickly took out a comb and began returning his brother's hair to its former neatness . "Understood!""Just say okay or yeah . It's not like I'm giving you orders," Devon chided . "Understood… Ah . " Daren Solaris paused, realising his mistake . He nodded his head and changed his reply to "Yeah" . Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, Daren glimpsed a familiar figure… It was mainly the eye-catching head of orange-red spiky hair, combined with the tall stature and gangster-like swagger that made it impossible not to recognize the figure as Ezart . "Ezart! Wait for me!"In the distance, Ezart stiffened and turned around only to discover that the person calling after him was Daren . Ezart's face instantly took on a peculiar expression, as if he was seeing his most hated green chili in his lunch box . Being half a street away, Daren was afraid that Ezart would not hear him, so he shouted to him at the top of his lungs . The crisp and fresh morning air was particularly conducive for the transmission of sound that morning . Naturally, all the surrounding pedestrians were startled by his loud voice and glared at Daren with accusatory expressions . That idiot… Ezart covered his face with his hand; he couldn't think of a way out of the embarrassing situation . Grudgingly, he signaled for Daren to catch up with him quickly before walking away . Daren started to run after him, but stopped in his tracks so that he could give Devon a hug . "Gege, see you later . "He then turned towards Theodore Avery, who had been leisurely standing next to them with a cup of coffee, and forcefully hugged him as well . "Papa Avery, see you later . "Theodore choked on his coffee, spraying it everywhere just as Daren ran off . He watched Daren sprint away before turning towards a calm and collected Devon and giving him the look of a dead fish - i . e . glassy-eyed, unamused and foul . Sure enough, Devon Solaris explained calmly, "If we are going to put on an act, we might as well act out the entire play . What would we do if someone discovers that Dar is my brother? Anyway, Dar needs a father . ""Is it too late to quit now?" Theodore Avery's asked, his mouth twitching . Click! A BHP09 was cocked and aimed at the doctor's temple . "What did you say?" Devon calmly asked, not even bothering to look at Theodore . "Nothing . That gun might misfire . Be careful . " Theodore seemed to have gotten used to this, continuing his drink without any changes to his facial expression . Devon looked at the pair in the distance and asked worriedly, "Does Dar's friend seem a bit strange to you?""Teenagers nowadays are all like that," Theodore said, sounding as if he was fifty . "Really?" Devon Solaris asked dubiously . He then frowned and said, "If Dar wants that weird hairstyle in future, what should I do?"Oi! Compared to your didi's unique hairstyle, that could only be considered as normal . Theodore wisely chose not to tell Devon that his didi's hair… was much more "exciting" than that person's "normal orange-red spiky hair" .

******************** Chapter 8 END ******************** -

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