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Eclipse Hunter - Volume 2 - Chapter 7

Published at 26th of January 2016 03:48:10 PM

Chapter 7

7th Hunt Demonic Rage Translator: Aoi, Wryn Proofreader: Wryn, Noobzilla The Demon’s rage Horrifies humans Source of rage Comes from humans Devon held the phone in his hand, his expression so horrifying that even Kyle, who had been watching the Solaris Emperor for so many years, couldn’t help but hide behind the computer monitor . He did not want to have nightmares from catching a glimpse of that demonic face . “Bill, what’s the status of the matter I had you investigate?” Devon asked coolly and calmly (certainly more cool than calm) as he struggled to suppress the urge to rush over and help Dar . Kyle reported diligently, “With regards to the kidnapping incident approximately a month ago, the Lunaris Group is most likely the instigator . They dumped massive quantities of stocks of the companies associated with the Solaris Group just before the incident . They have numerous scientists and medical researchers concentrated in one laboratory, yet there hasn’t been any announcements of new products . ” “Yue Baylian’s Lunaris Group?” Devon rubbed his chin softly with his finger, a habitual move when he was deep in thought . The great animosity Yue Baylian felt toward him was common knowledge . Although he was unaware of the reason, this was not the first time Yue Baylian had attempted to deal him a blow, therefore, Devon wasn’t caught off guard . Devon had concluded that a blatantly hostile enemy could be dealt with later . It was the clandestine foes who were more pertinent, hence he never paid much attention to the Lunaris Group . However, he did not expect Yue Baylian, a CEO of a large business corporation, to kill him at the risk of a global financial crisis . Even though he sold off the shares of the Solaris Group, if the Solaris Group had collapsed, it would not only bring about the disintegration of the Solaris Group but the collapse of the world’s economy . . . Could it be that he’s holding a grudge against me for something I’d done to him? Devon struggled to remember, “Yue Baylian of the Lunaris group . . . I don’t recall buying his company or stealing his woman, nor have I ever snatched a contract from him . . . Strange, we’ve never even met . He doesn’t have a reason to hate me so much!” Kyle sighed and reported dutifully, “Solaris Emperor, the two of you have met . Yue Baylian was your classmate in middle school . ” “Oh? Really?” Devon replied calmly, “I don’t remember anymore, but it’s not unusual . I don’t remember any of my classmates from middle school . ” “He was also your classmate in high school . ” Devon hesitated, then continued, “Is that so? Well, I hardly remember any of my high school classmates . ” “And your classmate in college . ” “ . . . ” Devon fell silent, struggling to find an excuse, “Okay, this only means I don’t have that great of a memory . Does he have a reason to hate me for that?” “I don’t know about that . However, according to the news, Yue Baylian is bisexual, and because of his failed confessions to a “certain classmate” throughout middle school, high school, and college, he particularly likes to keep mistresses with blonde hair or red eyes . ” Blonde hair and red eyes? These traits were quite similar to his own . . . Ah! “Yue Baylian courted me?” Devon slapped both hands down hard on the table, asking incredulously . Kyle nodded, “Yes, and he pursued you for a duration of eight years . He gave you hundreds of presents, and presented different flowers every day during those eight years without fail . . . ” … Yet I don’t remember him! No wonder he hates me so much . Devon racked his brains but he just could not remember what Yue Baylian looked like . Strange, had Yue really courted him? “ . . . On the last attempt when he brought you a necklace, a family heirloom, to confess to you, you reportedly replied with one sentence . ” “What sentence?” Devon was getting really curious . He really could not remember anything about what he had said back then . Kyle looked at the data on the computer, grimacing as he replied, “You said, ‘Who are you?’” In the office, it was silent except for the sound of Kyle’s typing . After a long time, Devon suddenly stood up . He looked out at the blue sky through the full length glass, and said deeply, “I was busy looking for Dar . My heart was full of anxiety towards Dar’s whereabouts and hatred towards father . There’s no way it could contain anything else!” Kyle replied simply, “Yes . ” But Master Daren disappeared when you were seventeen, and Yue had been chasing you since you were thirteen . “He doesn’t understand how I felt back then . How could he just hate me like that?” “Yes, he shouldn’t indeed . ” According to records, he once, on your request, mobilised 80% of his clan in search of young master Daren, almost bringing their operations to a standstill . “Ah, this is all a big misunderstanding . ” “Yes, a misunderstanding . ” “So he shouldn’t even hate me!” Devon turned around and bellowed, “No matter what, anyone who dares touch my Dar deserves to die!” “Yes, he does . ” Kyle looked at the personnel available for mobilisation, “Solaris Emperor, do you want to send a stealth team to annihilate the laboratory surreptitiously or an army to raze it to the ground?” In an instant, Devon returned from an infuriated brother to the calm Solaris Emperor, and evaluated scrupulously, “Sending an army would mean declaring war against the Lunaris Group . If we start a war, we’ll also have to deal with the baseless speculations . How troublesome! But the stealth unit is full of meticulously trained elites . I really don’t want to waste them on a bunch of modified humans . ” He was deep in thought, “Hmm, this is really troublesome . . . ” “If we let Dark Sun attack alongside the stealth unit, then there would be no need to start a war, and the amount of casualties will be at a minimum . ” Kyle dutifully suggested the most fitting solution . Bang! Devon slapped the sturdy desk hard with one hand and said coldly, “What did you just say?” Kyle knew, the moment those words escaped his mouth that he had stepped on the Solaris Emperor’s toes . He forcefully quietened his thumping heart and said coolly, “A solution . If it’s not to your liking, please disregard it . ” “Don’t bring Dar into this, ever! You hear me?” Devon yelled . “Yes, understood . ” “Then send the stealth unit . I want the laboratory to disappear tonight! I’ll deal with Yue Baylian later!” “I’m going home to have dinner with Dar now . Work overtime and settle this!” After issuing a decree like an emperor, Devon left through the secret door without looking back . “I wonder when I have not worked overtime . ” Kyle mumbled to himself . Alas, whose fault was it for meeting the Solaris Emperor back then? He could only resign himself to fate and work overtime, trying to devise a strategy to minimise casualties of the stealth unit . If not, the Solaris Emperor would go berserk again once he saw the casualty count tomorrow . After a while, the secret door to the office opened once more . Kyle lifted his head up curiously . The only people who could use this special entrance should only be the Solaris Emperor, Kyle himself, and a few secret operatives who hardly ever came by . A youth with silver hair walked in slowly . Oh! I remember . A month ago, another person was allowed entry . The younger brother of the Solaris Emperor, young master Daren Solaris . ”Hello,” Dark Sun greeted emotionlessly . Kyle replied calmly, “Hello . ” ”I’d like to inquire about some matters . ” ”Is that so?” Kyle continued calmly, “May I ask if young master Daren Solaris is at home? I’m more inclined to speak with him . ” Dark Sun gave a mirthless smile, “Unfortunately, he’s not . ” ”That is indeed regrettable . ” Kyle’s eyes were filled with actual regret, but he asked professionally, “What is it you wished to ask of me?” ”News of the Lunaris Alliance,” Dark Sun replied, returning to his expressionless demeanor . Kyle replied straightforwardly, “The Solaris Emperor will not allow me to tell you . ” Dark Sun reverted to Daren in a split second . He smiled wilfully, “Gege must have told you that no matter what it is I want, you have to give it to me?” ”Yes, young master Daren . ” Kyle watched haplessly as the “not at home” Daren bounced to the forefront . This is great . If he talked, Solaris Emperor would let him die a horrible death . If he did not talk, Dark Sun would let him die a horrible death, then after Daren cries to Solaris Emperor, he would let him die once more . Alright, dying once is better than dying twice . ”The Lunaris Alliance has a laboratory here . According to investigations, there’s a high possibility that the modified humans were manufactured there . The Solaris Emperor just issued a decree to destroy this laboratory tonight with a stealth team . I will be very grateful if you can coordinate with the stealth unit . ” Kyle printed out the map to the laboratory as he explained and handed it to Daren . ”Thanks Kyle-ge . I will coordinate with them . And don’t worry, I won’t tell gege that it was you who told me . ” ”You can’t hide it from him . ” Kyle shook his head . As his adjutant, one must be prepared to serve the Solaris Emperor at all times . The ancient saying, keeping company with a lord is like keeping company with a tiger,1 probably describes his current predicament . ”Shain Baylian is my schoolmate . I have a friend who can read minds…” Daren hinted . He only hinted! He definitely wasn’t about to teach others to lie to his brother! ”I see . ” Kyle nodded in understanding . Looks like he can live a little longer . Daren studied the map and frowned, “Looks like it’s quite a distance away, I will steal a car . ” ”The Solaris Emperor’s personal parking lot is upstairs . Your brother has a rather magnificent collection of cars . The red sports car is the fastest . The white sedan is most durable in a crash and the blue has the best overall performance . ” Kyle reminded him kind-heartedly where to steal a car from and each car’s unique abilities . ”Yeah . I understand . Thank you Kyle-ge . ” Daren smiled brilliantly . ”You’re welcome,” Kyle replied politely . He paused before continuing, “Young master Daren, please be careful . Your life is Solaris Emperor’s everything . ” ”I know . Gege is also Dar’s everything, so……” ”I absolutely will not allow anyone to hurt Master!” Dark Sun grasped the map firmly and swiftly departed the office . May no harm befall you . Kyle silently prayed as he watched Dark Sun leave before continuing with his mountainous pile of documents . Lunaris Alliance Headquarters Shain Baylian pounded down the pavement in hurried steps . His martial arts placed emphasis on speed . Now that he was enraged, he was walking even faster . The three subordinates following behind, double gunslinger, ugly dwarf and ice queen, could not catch up . His three minions could only lower their heads and concentrate on catching up with the young master’s footsteps, not daring to call after him . Anyone could tell that Shain Baylian’s mood was exceptionally bad at the moment . Whoever dared to pluck the tiger’s whiskers was going to have a bad outcome . Shain walked all the way to a heavy black door that was polished to a reflective sheen . He took in a deep breath to ensure that his emotions had settled so as to not spout any unnecessary words in anger and in turn infuriate the person behind the black door . That had consequences that even he could not bear . Shain knocked on the door, waited for a lazy “Enter” before he pushed the door open . The three minions did not dare follow . That was a forbidden area to them, the room of the CEO of Lunaris Alliance . The room was decorated in Chinese style just like Shain’s . Massive scrolls of calligraphy hung off the walls on the side of an enormous dragon throne carved out of gold . Purple embroidered cushions adorned the seat, looking inexplicably exorbitant . But it was the person who was lounging lazily on his side on the dragon throne who was more astonishing . His head of straight long purplish-black hair was fanned out on the chair . He was decked out in a purple ancient Chinese garment that flowed all the way to the ground, matching the décor of the room . Shain stood before the throne and bowed respectfully, “I have come to pay my respects father . ” The person on the throne opened his elongated golden eyes, his mouth curving into a line resembling a smile . He stretched lazily and casually said, “Oh~ Shain . You took out 6 failed experiments, was it to play with?” In contrast to his father’s leisure, Shain was very restrained . He replied with foreboding, “I… . used them to deal with my schoolmates . ” ”Schoolmates?” Yue Baylian gradually shifted into a seating position . His beautiful eyes narrowed into slits, “Your schoolmates?” Have I been exposed? Indeed I can’t hide it from father… Shain lowered his head in acknowledgement, “Yes, they were used to deal with the people who rescued the Solaris Emperor . ” Yue stood up from his throne, he walked gracefully despite the long train of his robes, like he was born to wear such luxurious garments . Yue walked up to his son, his oval face plastered against his son’s as he whispered, “You’ve discovered him…… yet you didn’t report to me?” ”I’m sorry…… I was unsure if he was the person who rescued Solaris Emperor and I wanted to confirm it before informing you father . ” Although Yue’s features were delicate and refined, those who knew him shuddered in fear that penetrated the depths of their bones . Father was extremely furious . He knew from experience that anything that concerns the Solaris Emperor brought about capricious changes in Yue’s moods . ”You wanted confirmation?” Yue’s lackadaisical expression changed in a flash as he slapped his son across the face in admonishment, “By the time we get your confirmation, Devon Solaris would already be at our doorstep!” Shain clenched his fist but his expression remained unchanged despite receiving a slap . He faced his father again and continued the report, “I was just testing out the abilities of Solaris Emperor’s modified human . The Solaris Emperor probably won’t make a mountain out of a molehill . Isn’t competition between trade federations a common occurrence?” ”Make a mountain out of a molehill?” Yue’s delicate face darkened, “Do you know who that modified human is?” ”I only know that he’s called Dark Sun . ” Shain replied honestly . Yue bellowed, “I don’t care what he’s called . He is Devon Solaris’ brother . The brother he’d been searching for for 8 years!” “What? The Solaris Emperor has a brother?” Shain was dumbfounded . He had never heard of Solaris Emperor having a younger brother . He paused, could he be adopted? Just like he was…… ”He does and that is the only thing he cares about . The only thing!” Yue continued with conviction . Initially, when he kidnapped Devon Solaris and saw the images of a scrawny boy levelling his modified humans, he was shocked . But even more shocking was the anxiety of the normally calm Devon Solaris . In the past, the only time he would reveal an expression other than calm and disdain was when he spoke about his younger brother . It was then he knew that the boy was none other than Devon’s younger brother! ”You touched Devon Solaris’ most precious treasure . ” Yue grabbed Shain’s collar and threatened, “Next time, you are not to make any decisions by yourself, especially with regards to Devon Solaris . If you make one more mistake, you will cease to be my heir and you can scram back to your family . Do you hear me?” Shain lowered his head in answer, ”Yes, I do . ” Yue expressionlessly released Shain from his grasp and made his way back to his throne . He lay down and his expression became beguiling once more . He languidly said, “I guess the laboratory is a lost cause now that Devon Solaris is angered . Withdraw all the scientists and surgeons from the facility but leave the modified humans there . ” An unusual gleam flashed across his attractive golden eyes . ”I want that laboratory to be a massive trap for Dark Sun . ” And Dark Sun shall be the ultimate bait for Devon Solaris! Yue closed his eyes, indolently lounging on the throne imagining the joyous moment of ensnaring the man with glistening blond hair and ruby red eyes .

******************* Eclipse Hunter Volume 2 Chapter 7 END *******************

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1 伴君如伴虎 (keeping company with a lord is like keeping company with a tiger) – Your life is always at risk . Refers to the capricious nature of overlords .


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