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Eclipse Hunter - Volume 3 - Chapter 8

Published at 26th of January 2016 03:48:44 PM

Chapter 8

Volume 3 Chapter 8

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Translators: Fly, Wryn

Proofer: Wryn

It was an elegantly and plainly decorated restaurant in the suburbs, meant to aid in relaxation . However, there was not a single waiter inside, only two groups of people at each end of a table . The tension was like a highly strung bow, at risk of snapping any moment .

“Long time no see, Solaris Emperor . ”

Yue Baylian was the first to break the silence, in a voice as sticky sweet as honey . He even threw a few flirtatious winks at him . There were four cyborgs standing upright behind him, devoid of all expression .

“Indeed it has . ” Devon Solaris replied with a faint smile before calling out in a softer, gentler tone, “Yuer . ”

Upon hearing this, Yue was stunned for a moment, uncontrollably blurting out, “Dev, you……”

He was about to continue when he noticed the Solaris Emperor’s pair of ruby red eyes . Although his face wore a smile, his eyes were not those that belong to an arrogant yet somewhat doltish Dev, this smile was just a façade the scheming Solaris Emperor used when dealing with enemies .

Seeing this, Yue gave a flirtatious laugh and said, “So you still remember me . Yuer feels so honored! Yuer thought that you have never cared!”

Devon Solaris smiled, “Nonsense, I have never forgotten your beautiful posture and moves as you brandished your whip . ”

“Hehehe, Yuer has never realized that Solaris Emperor has such a sweet mouth!”

“But how it pales in contrast to your sweet face?”


Why does their conversation seem as though they are reminiscing, even like a couple flirting with each other, yet the atmosphere appears to be steadily deteriorating? Elian and Eli who were standing behind the Solaris Emperor did not know whether to laugh or cry .

Yue put aside his amorous attitude and smiled faintly, “Even the sweetest face cannot capture Solaris Emperor’s briefest attention . For Solaris Emperor to spare a glance my way is even tougher than administering the entire Lunaris Alliance . ”

On hearing this, the Solaris Emperor knew that the time for niceties had ended and it was time to cut to the chase . Sighing he said, “Why do you have to oppose me just because of some minute incidents in the past? I do not want pandemonium to break out in the business sector due to our rivalry . It will not bring either of us any benefits . Yuer, it was indeed my fault, i should not have forgotten you . ”

“Let us reconcile and not continue hurting each other further, alright?”

Hearing this, Yue revealed a mirthless smile, thinking that the Solaris Emperor was indeed worthy of his name and reputation . First he proposed a truce from the standpoint of a businessman concerned about potential losses . Then he mentions that it’s actually for the sake of their friendship, completely ignoring the hostage situation, so that Yuer would think that his captive was worthless .

If he had not discovered that Dark Sun was in fact the younger brother of the Solaris Emperor,  he might have fallen for that .

Unfortunately, no matter how cleverly his lies were told or how perfectly the arrangements were made, he would never be deceived . Because it was Devon himself who told him that the reason he became the Solaris Emperor, the God of Commerce, was for a single cause – to find his brother .

To say that Devon Solaris would not care about the well-being of his brother…… Ha! Saying that he did not care about the destruction of the world is more believable .

“Solaris Emperor, since you put it this way, I really want to reconcile with you!” Yue smiled knowingly . “I’ll return Theodore Avery to you then . However, there is no way I can return you the bodyguard . He tried to escape so I killed him!”

Devon Solaris abruptly stood up, eyes wide and face paper white .

Yue held up his hands, replying innocently, “Aiya! Solaris Emperor, he’s merely a bodyguard, why get so worked up?”

Devon forced out a grim smile before slowly settling down once again . Yue couldn’t have killed Dar! Since the picture of the hostage was that of Dar and not Avery, then he should know that the person he could threaten me with is Dar, so he couldn’t have killed him, he was just scaring me, scaring me . . . …

Even though Devon Solaris was 90% sure that Dar was still alive, he was still afraid to the extent that he was trembling slightly . Giving a wry smile, he wondered if he was still the Solaris Emperor? To think that a lie could actually frighten him so much .

Seeing the smile on Yue’s face increasingly widen, Devon Solaris knew that his weakness had been discovered by the other party and he could no longer hide it .

He replied in a serious tone, “Speak! What’s the condition for release? Remember that the annihilation of the Lunaris Alliance does not pose a challenge to me at all . ”

“If that’s what you want, go ahead . Do you really think that I care about the fate of the Lunaris Alliance?” Yue gave him an indifferent look .

This time round, Devon had a sense of foreboding . He recalled the incident where they bombed his headquarters with not a shred of concern about the potential collapse of the worldwide economy . Devon Solaris rarely faced these type of opponents where benefits were not their goal and were willing to risk self destruction .

Calming himself down, “Then what do you want?”

“What do I want?” Yue blinked a few times before replying, “Don’t you have any idea?”

“What?” Devon Solaris frowned . Indeed, he could not grasp what Yue wanted .

“I want . . . . . . hehe . . . . . . hahaha! You still don’t know?” Yue’s soft giggles soon turned into hysterical laughter, “I want you to suffer! Solaris Emperor, I want you to feel more pain then I did when you forgot about me after you were done using me, hahaha!”

“You are crazy!” Devon Solaris slammed his fist down onto the table, bellowing, “I have no time for your nonsense! Where is he?”

On hearing his query, Eli who was standing behind him lowered his head and closed his eyes, whole-heartedly trying his best to read Yue’s thoughts on Daren’s whereabouts . . . …

“Right beneath your feet . ” Yue casually replied .

Devon Solaris froze . What, what does it mean? Is it a trap? Or . . . …

“It’s true!”

At the same moment, Eli whispered in panic, “He, he has even loaded nuclear warheads below . . . …”

Although he spoke softly, everyone present still heard him . Apart from the four modified humans standing behind Yue who were emotionless, all the others got a fright .

“Oh?” Yue could not help looking at Eli, raising an eyebrow, “What an interesting kid, but not to worry, even if it exploded, none of us will be affected, however the people below . . . . . . he! Let’s not talk about ashes, have you ever seen a nuclear warhead going off? Humans will be instantly vaporised!”

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His heart aching, Devon Solaris bellowed, “If you kill him, I will never let you off!”

Yue held up his hands, blinking innocently, “That doesn’t matter . If I can see the world’s most beautifully pained look on your face due to the lost of your precious brother, I will not have any regrets even if I die . ”

Devon expression turned ugly, his asked darkly, “What exactly do you want?”

“Haven’t I said it already? I see that Solaris Emperor’s memory is not that good?”

Devon Solaris was silent for a moment before saying, “Let him go . You can take me instead . You can torture me in any way you want . ”

Yue gave a sweet smile, “Deal . Follow me down, then I will release him . ”

Devon Solaris hesitated for a moment . What if he was captured but Yue still refused to let Dar go?

Noticing Devon’s hesitance, Yue gave a faint smile, “Don’t worry . It is you I want right from the beginning . With you in hand, your brother is worthless to me . ”

Devon glanced at Eli, and after the latter nodded to signify that Yue was telling the truth, he took a deep breath and said, “Got it . Then, bring me to my brother now . I want to see you release him personally . ”

“No problem . ” A smile grew on Yue’s face as he stood up, making a gesture for Devon Solaris to follow .

“Solaris Emperor . . . …” Elian called after him anxiously . Are they supposed to let Dar’s brother be taken away right before their eyes?

Devon threw a glance back at Eli, the latter looked as if somebody had used a loudspeaker next to his ears, and was almost struck unconscious by Devon’s message .

Stay above and wait for Dar . Once you meet up with him, take him away immediately . Let Bill deal with the rest . All you have to do is ensure Dar’s safety . Even it means paying with your lives, you have to stop him from coming back to rescue me! Do you hear me?!

Eli grabbed onto Elian to stop himself from collapsing onto the ground from dizziness . Drooping his head, he nodded slightly .

Seeing this, Devon averted his gaze, and said impassively to Yue, “Let’s go . ”

Yue looked at Eli suspiciously but failed to speculate Devon’s thoughts . However, recalling Solaris Emperor’s panic-stricken expression when he heard the false information about his brother being dead, he guessed he would not dare to risk his brother evaporating from the surface of the planet .

“Let’s go, my beloved Solaris Emperor . ” Yue dared not lower his guard yet . Only when he has the Solaris Emperor completely in his hands would he be able to relax .

Devon glanced at Yue, then, like a high and mighty aristocrat, he walked passed Yue casually, as though he was an invited guest instead of a hostage .

“Dark Sun has escaped?”

Yue had just brought Devon Solaris to their underground base when a subordinate approached with the report . On hearing that, quirky looks surfaced on both their faces . Especially Devon, the corner of his lips twitching uncontrollably . He had not expected Daren to escape by himself . Aren’t I just asking for trouble this time?

Yue glanced at Solaris Emperor with a smile that did not reach his eyes, “This is great . He has escaped before I could release him . You can finally rest assured this time round . ”

Devon looked away, ignoring his dig .

Yue pondered about how overly easy it had been to capture Dark Sun and smelled something fishy . It seemed that he was indeed trying to rescue Avery by walking into the trap .

“Was Avery rescued as well?”

The subordinate who was half-kneeling on the ground reported, “Mr . Avery is still in the laboratory . ”

Yue said, “Kill him . ”

Devon said, “Kill him!”

Yue gave Devon Solaris an odd look, the latter actually wanted Avery dead too?

Having Avery around was beneficial for Dark Sun . Be it repair work after a battle, upgrading modifications, or even the creation of more modified humans . This was also advantageous for the rescue of Devon . If Dark Sun turned up with some modified humans in tow, it was possible for them to rescue Devon . That was why he wanted Avery dead . But why would the Solaris Emperor want him dead?

Noticing Yue’s expression, Devon coldly replied, “Traitors must die . ”

“Even if he is very useful?” Yue raised an eyebrow in query . It had always been a businessman’s nature to fully make use of all the resources made available to them . Throwing away such talent without a second thought was such a waste .

Devon Solaris merely sneered, “If somebody useful is not loyal, the more he should be killed . If he betrays me, his usefulness will bring benefits to my enemies . ”

“I see . ”

Yue nodded . The Solaris Emperor was indeed worthy of his reputation . It was probably his viciousness that helped him rise to his status of the God of Commerce . But was it possible that he was trying to use reverse psychology on him? To make him change his mind and let Avery live instead?

“If that’s the case, how about I let you kill that traitor with your own hands?”

Devon smiled, “There is nothing better than that . ”

Yue scrutinised his face a few times, but that handsome face of his showed nothing but his usual haughty expression . He really could not tell what he was thinking!

Even though he was currently his hostage, he had never once lowered his head in submission, nor changed his expression when giving a command to kill . It was impossible to knows the thoughts of someone like him even with telepathic abilities .

“Follow me please, Solaris Emperor . ”

A hint of gentleness surfaced on Yue’s face . Devon was exactly like that in the past as well! Even when a delinquent wanted to punch him, he calmly replied that he wanted to experience the feeling of getting beaten up . . . . . . ha! If it had been the other normal young aristocrats, they would have long been overwhelmed with rage .

Devon Solaris took the first step, his posture displaying no hint that he was a hostage . Yue followed to his right, four modified humans enhanced by Avery trailing behind them . All in all, he looked as though he was the king out on an inspection .

Whenever they reached a fork along the corridor, Devon Solaris would glance at Yue out of the corner of his eyes and the latter would point out the correct path for him to take .

When they reached an electronic door, Yue walked forward and slid a card through the reader, activating the door .

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Avery was indeed inside . He was rather jumpy, probably because he was caught off guard by their sudden appearance . He asked with a weird expression, “Devon, it’s you?”

“Long time no see, Avery . ” Devon smiled .

Yet, this smile raised Avery’s goosebumps and gave him a sense of foreboding doom .

“I’ll cut the crap . You should have come to a realisation long ago when you betrayed me . ” Devon continued smiling with the addition of a BHP09 handgun in his hand pointed straight at Avery .

Yue glanced from the corner of his eyes but paid it no need, allowing his captive to remain armed .

Seeing this, Avery blanched as he roared, “St . . . Stop! Devon don’t kill me . At least not now . . . . . . ”

Hmph! As if Devon would heed his words . He raised his silver handgun emotionlessly, “Goodbye Avery . ”

A shot rang out . But a silhouette swifter than a gunshot flashed before Avery . He had to take the bullet in his arm due to the sudden development, the bullet penetrating deep into his flesh .

Devon stared wide eyed, unable to believe that the person who shielded Avery, whom he injured with his own bullet was his . . . . . .

“D . . . Dar! What are you doing here?”

Daren did not reply, unable to comprehend the rapidly changing situations . What is gege doing here? Not to mention he is standing beside Yue without a hint of being coerced . Is gege really that determined to kill papa Avery?

“Don’t move Dark Sun!”

Yue quickly drew out his whip, knocked Devon’s handgun away with a flick and placed a stranglehold around Devon’s neck . After subduing Devon, he ordered the four modified humans to form a shield around them, so that no matter how strong Dark Sun was, he could not rescue Devon .

Yue’s actions vanished the bewildered Daren . Dark Sun the ultimate protector of his master emerged instead . He gazed at Yue expressionlessly as he rapidly assessed how to save Devon .

“Kill Avery . Kill him now!” Yue screeched .

He had seen Dark Sun’s disfigured left hand which was difficult to heal completely without Avery’s skills . He must not allow Avery the opportunity to treat Dark Sun .

“St . . . . . . ” Devon was startled . Dar must not be allowed to kill, especially Avery whom he likes tremendously . He will be heartbroken!

Yue tightened his whip around Devon’s neck, cutting off his ability to breath, let alone speak . Devon could only struggle with the whip, hoping to stop his brother from killing .

“Kill Avery, Dark Sun . Or I will kill your brother!”

At that, Dark Sun spun around with the metallic claws of his right hand flashing, his target the same one he selflessly protected only moments ago .

“Dar . . . . . . ”

Avery looked at the expressionless Dark Sun in despair . He knew that Dark Sun would mercilessly exterminate all elements detrimental to his master . Unfortunately, he had just become such a factor .

Resigned to his fate, he heaved a sigh . While Dark Sun was blocking him from the line of vision of the others in the room, he wordlessly mouthed that the Reaper’s Scythe was in Yue’s study .

Streams of tears trickled down Dark Sun’s face even though he remained expressionless as his claws advanced towards Avery .

“Devon, I’ll give you one last piece of advice . ”

Avery peeked his head around Dark Sun saying sincerely, “If you keep on treating your brother like a helpless fledgeling, incidents like this will keep repeating itself . ”

Devon was stunned . Yet, he still glared fiercely at Avery, telling him to mind his own business .

Ha! The unfathomable Solaris Emperor was just an elder brother who did not know how to educate his younger sibling . Avery thought humorously just as he felt a sharp pain on his chest . . . . . .

Dark Sun’s tear stained yet emotionless face was right before him, his hand piercing into his chest . The wound looks like . . . . . .

Avery looked up and saw tears cascading down Dark Sun’s face in ever greater torrents, his hand trembling . . . . . .

It fucking hurts . This was the only instance where Dark Sun did not finish off his target immediately with the first blow . It must be because I have a special place in his heart and hence he is unable to kill me directly . Although I’m very touched, this is goddamn freaking painful!

“Dar, can you please . . . . . . urgh!” . . . . . . let me die quickly? Because it’s unbearably painful!

Before he had a chance to complete his sentence, Dark Sun punched him in the chest with his charred left hand, winding him . He collapsed onto the ground, status undeterminable .

Dark Sun turned, “Mission complete!”


Devon struggled with the cord around his neck as he took in the sight of a tear-stained Dar with a blood-stained right hand and charred left hand . . . . . .

The anguish felt like it would rip his innards apart . It made the high and mighty Solaris Emperor feel like screaming out loud . How did it come to this?

“Are you suffering, Solaris Emperor?” Yue jerked him closer, fascinated with the anguish written all over his face .

“What a captivating expression . I expected no less from the brother you pined after all those years ago . Only he can make you reveal such beautiful expressions . ”

You goddamn freak! It’s all because of you! You made my Dar sad and full of wounds! Devon’s eyes burned with intense ferocity .

“Ha!” Yue snorted . He raised his head, “Dark Sun, destroy your right hand . ”

Dark Sun faltered . His left hand was almost completely disabled, if he were to destroy his right hand . . . . . .

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“Hurry up!”

Yue tightened the noose around Devon, cutting off his air supply . His face startled turning purple .

No . . . . . . Stop, stop! Devon yelled internally .

Dark Sun made a simple assessment . Under the circumstance where he was against four modified humans previously enhanced by Avery, it was impossible for him to rescue his master especially when his master was in enemy hands .

He could only follow the instructions for now . Since the command was to destroy his own right hand, he would probably not be killed for the time being . As long as he remained alive he could think of a way to save his master .

Dark Sun hammered his right hand against the wall . With a thunderous sound, his right hand was disfigured into a grotesque shape .

Yue was still unsatisfied . He had witnessed Dark Sun’s capabilities . He ordered his four modified humans, “Break his legs . ”

The modified humans charged forward . Dark Sun took a few steps back, contemplating his course of action . He was still mobile without the use of his hands, but if his legs were broken, not only could he not save his master, it would be difficult for him to even escape .

But he took a look at Devon and did not retaliate, letting the modified humans beat him into the ground while he tried to shield his major organs in order to minimise damage . This way, he could save Master at a later stage .

Dar, don’t hurt Dar . . . . . . Although Devon’s face was a mottled purple from the strangulation, he continued staring as his brother was pummeled . His hands felt cold and numb, his heart frozen . Don’t hurt my Dar, I beg you, I’m willing to give you all my possessions if only you would stop hurting him . . . . . .

“Solaris Emperor?”

Yue felt a sudden weight on his hand . Only then did he realise that Devon had fainted . He unconsciously revealed a queer expression . One was beaten, yet it’s the other that faints?

“Ok . Retreat . ”

Now that Dark Sun was sufficiently incapacitated, if he did not leave now, the Solaris Emperor’s reinforcements might arrive .

He picked up the unconscious Devon in one swoop and took a glance at Dark Sun who was sprawled on the ground . The latter’s injuries were so severe that he could not even use his hands to prop himself up despite several attempts .

Yue picked up the BHP09 from the ground and with a flirtatious smile, aimed it at the struggling Dark Sun .

“Come, cute Dark Sun didi . Just two more shots will do . You know that I’m paranoid, especially since you’re so strong . If I don’t bring you to the verge of death I can’t ease my fears!”

Dark Sun looked down the barrel and saw a spark . . . . . .


“M . . . Mr . Avery?”

Who’s calling me? Is that Dar? Does he want to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner? Urgh! For all you know it might be supper . Dar has been going out with Ezart and his friends for supper recently . He never forgets to return with a heap of food for me .

Avery opened his eyes slowly . Yet all before him was a blur of white .  But this was not unusual . Each time he fainted from over exhaustion while conducting his experiments, Dar would lug him to the bedroom . This was a similar feeling to those times when he finally woke up .

He blinked a few times, his eyes finally beginning to focus as that blurry white object turned into a ceiling . Why does it not feel like his bedroom? It resembled a hospital room instead . He raised his left arm and saw an intravenous drip running into it . He was indeed in hospital .

“Papa Avery, you’re finally awake!”

Avery turned towards the voice at a glacial pace . A few faces stared happily back at him . He frowned as he spoke with a voice hoarse with disuse, “Eloise . . . . . . ”

“Great! Papa Avery called my name . ”

Eloise was ecstatic, embracing Eli in a bear hug as she spun around in circles .

Seeing Avery’s bewildered expression, Elian explained, “Mr . Avery, you were injured, you almost didn’t make it . The doctors even said that even if you woke up, there was a high chance of becoming a vegetable . ”

Avery thought hazily, really? That was no big deal . He always got the same feeling that he would not wake up each time he fainted in his laboratory . But Eloise . . . . . . , you’re not allowed to call me papa! Having Dar, the one child is more than enough!

Eloise asked anxiously, “Papa Avery, what happened? Where’s Dar?”

“Huh?” Avery rolled his eyes, “I was going to ask you what happened . Did Dar return from rescuing his brother?”

Three of them revealed solemn expressions .

“Dar and the Solaris Emperor are both missing . ”

“What?” Avery frowned, “What about the Solaris Emperor’s all-purpose computer?”

All-purpose computer . . . . . . must be referring to Kyle . All three were unsure if they should laugh or cry . What an appropriate name!

Elian sighed, “It’s been a week . Even though Kyle has completely taken over the Lunaris Alliance, we’re still unable to locate Yue . Both the Solaris Emperor and Dar are in his hands . ”

“Can’t find?” Avery laughed mirthlessly, “More like he doesn’t want them to be found . Without the Solaris Emperor, Kyle is the highest ranking member of the Solaris Federation . ”

“In actual fact, even if the Solaris Emperor were around, Kyle is still the one handling everything right?”

That’s true! All four within the hospital room nodded in unison .

Eh? Heads swivelled towards the door where the so called all-purpose computer was standing .

Kyle was dressed in a suit, carrying a briefcase and get-well-soon hamper . He placed the  hamper on the table and retrieved his laptop . He began typing away as he said, “I need to know everything that you know to better rescue the Solaris Emperor and young master Daren . ”

Avery snorted, “Is that good? You’ll return to being Solaris Emperor’s all-purpose computer catering to his every whim after they are rescued . Or are you afraid that the Solaris Emperor might resurface on his own, hence you have to find him in order to get rid of him once and for all?”

Kyle’s expression did not alter despite hearing those words . He continued talking as he typed away, “Mr . Avery, please rest assure that the Solaris Emperor has thought of all the possibilites that you’re currently entertaining . He trusts me even then, so what do you have to worry about?”

Avery was rendered speechless . He raised his eyebrow and began describing the events of that day .

“I don’t know much . Dar suddenly appeared before me that day . . . . . . ”


“Papa Avery!”

Avery was pottering with his experiments when he heard a cry that sounded just like Dar’s .

“Gosh!” He said self-deprecatingly, “Have I gone without food for so long that I’m having auditory hallucinations of Dar calling me . . . . . . ”

“Papa Avery, over here!”

Avery froze as the ventilation shaft overhead clattered, spitting out a youth who landed right beside him .

“D . . . Dar? Why are you here? How did you get in?”

Daren giggled, “I came to save you! I finally found you, Papa Avery, let’s leave quickly!”

Avery was gobsmacked . He was shocked when he saw Daren’s charred left hand, “How did this happen?”

Daren waved his left hand, “I had no choice . Had to sacrifice my left hand in order to escape . But it’s ok! As long as papa Avery is around, this injury will heal very quickly . ”

Avery frowned, “First, let me treat you . Then you should leave quickly . It’s too dangerous here . ”

“Papa Avery, are you not coming with me?” Daren started getting anxious .

“I . . . . . . ” Avery hesitated before spitting it out, “Sigh! I can’t leave this place . I betrayed the both of you . Your brother will not let me off the hook . If I’m discovered after leaving this place, he will definitely kill me . ”

“No he won’t!” Daren interrupted vociferously, “Gege promised he won’t kill papa!”

Avery asked suspiciously, “Really?”

Will that Solaris Emperor really forgive those who had betrayed him?

In truth, Daren was not too confident about it . He could only bluster on, “I don’t care . I will not let gege kill you!”

Avery knew then that Devon had not truly forgiven him . He quietened before saying, “Let me treat your wounds before we talk further . ”

“Orh . ” Daren nodded and obediently held out his left hand . Even if papa doesn’t want to leave, I will knock him unconscious . Then I will let papa follow me around so that gege can’t kill papa .

Avery was just about to use his diagnostic equipment on Daren when the electronic door started flashing . Someone was coming in .

“Dar! People . . . . . . ” He shouted anxiously .

Daren’s reaction was even faster . In a flash, he had disappeared into a cabinet at the side .

Then Devon and Yue entered to take his life . . . . . .

“Devon fired at me but Dar dashed out to take the bullet instead . In the end Yue subdued Devon and coerced Dark Sun into killing me . He really made his move . I fainted and know nothing of what happened thereafter . ”

Avery shrugged as he lay on the bed . He knew that none of that information was of any help to finding the Solaris Emperor and Dar .

Everyone grew silent after listening to his account .

Kyle spoke mildly, “Young master Daren expertly avoided your heart . Or else you’d have died on the spot . ”

Avery snorted again, “I don’t need you to tell me . I’m a doctor . Did you think that I would hate Dar for trying to kill me? Why don’t you tell me how you managed to subjugate the entire Lunaris Alliance and yet remain unable to find those two people!”

At the mention of it, Kyle sounded resigned, “Solaris Emperor made arrangements and contacted all the spies in the Lunaris Alliance in advance . He also secretly made pacts with family members of the Lunaris Alliance to preserve and deliver the organisation in its entirety to Shain Baylian the instant Yue died, instead of allowing its subsidiaries to carve it up piecemeal . "

“If so, then why hasn’t Solaris Emperor been rescued?” Avery found it hard to believe .

“It’s simple . Firstly, this entire fiasco was orchestrated solely by Yue with no consultation of other family members . In addition, he does not care about the survival of the Lunaris Alliance . After you fainted, he disappeared with the Solaris Emperor, young master Daren and four modified humans . We deduced  that he departed via private jet and did not land at any airports . Hence, we’re unable to trace their whereabouts . ”

Avery was flabbergasted . He knew that fellow was mentally unstable . To think that he was this crazy . What in the world is he trying to do? Abduct the Solaris Emperor to an uninhabited island for a couples retreat?

“He’s utterly beserk . ” He concluded .

At that, Kyle paused his typing in complete agreement agreed with Avery’s assessment . Solaris Emperor, even you would not be able to predict how a mad man will behave .

How am I supposed to bring both you and young master Daren back unharmed?

******************** Eclipse Hunter v03c08 END ********************