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Chapter 21

The carriage creaked and swayed . Yun Shang lay inside with her eyes closed . She was immersed in her thoughts . It had been nearly a month since she had been reborn as her younger self . With the help of her memories from her previous life, Yun Shang had struck and prevailed a few times . However, she had completely lost the last contest and had been forced to flee the Royal Palace .

She would have been dead by now if her mother hadn't come to her rescue .

'Steady on, now, ' Yun Shang sighed and thought to herself . She had been driven by nothing but hatred ever since her rebirth . She had jumped to her plan for vengeance without thinking things through . She had obviously forgotten that, at this point, she was not strong enough to fight back .

So far, she had neither a plan nor her own trusted men to support her . Under these circumstances, all her actions would be equivalent to committing suicide . Luckily, she had come to her senses just in time to make remedies . Now that her mother had tried all means to escort her out of the Royal Palace, she would seize the precious opportunity to get all the preparation work done .

'Empress Yuan Zhen and Princess Hua Jing, wait for me to return and take back everything you owe me . '


It had passed noon when the carriage finally stopped . Holding Qin Yi's hands for support, Yun Shang got off the carriage . Looking up, she saw stone steps leading to the front door of the Ning'guo Temple . Yun Shang then followed Master Wu Na into the temple .

Wu Na led the way and didn't stop until they saw a small yard located at the foot of the hills behind the Temple . He said to Yun Shang, "This is the residence that we prepared for Princess Hui Guo . May she enjoy a quiet retreat here in the days to come . "


As Wu Na introduced the surroundings, Yun Shang noticed a monk approaching with a young girl . Yun Shang couldn't help staring at the little girl . She was about the same height as Yun Shang and even looked quite like her .

"Master, who is she?" Yun Shang frowned, having no idea what Wu Na intended .

With a sly grin, Wu Na replied, "She is going to be Princess Hui Guo, the Princess who lives here . . . "


Yun Shang thought over the Master's words . 'Is going to . . . '


Yun Shang thought she had an idea of where the Master was headed . "Is she my replacement?" she asked .

Wu Na nodded and turned to Qin Yi, "You'd better stay and attend to Princess Hui Guo . " He looked at Yun Shang again and said, "Now if you'd like follow me this way, Mr . Yuanshan has been waiting for you for quite a while . "


Who on earth was Mr . Yuanshan?

Yun Shang paused in surprise . She then recalled Qin Yi had mentioned it to her earlier that day . Though she never had a chance to meet him in person in her previous life, Yun Shang had been led to believe that Mr . Yuanshan was her grandfather . Thinking of that, Yun Shang ordered Qin Yi, "Stay here . Send me a message if something is wrong . "


Qin Yi was a clever girl . She immediately understood Wu Na's plan and played along, "Yes, I know what to do . Don't worry, Princess . I'll make sure that everything is under control here . "


Yun Shang hummed her approval . She looked over Qin Yi's shoulder . She stared at the girl for a long while before turning back to Wu Na and said, "After you, Master Wu Na . "


Wu Na led Yun Shang through a lush bamboo forest . In the middle of the forest, she saw a few huts . They had hardly reached the huts when they saw a man standing outside in the small clearing . The man looked to be in his forties and wore a simple black linen long gown . Yun Shang couldn't see the man's face clearly because of the distance . However, from the unique charisma he exuded, despite being so casual, she knew for certain that he was by no means as ordinary a man as he appeared to be .

The man seemed to notice both Wu Na and Yun Shang in no time . He walked slowly towards them and stopped in front of Yun Shang . She noticed that he was smiling at her . Yun Shang stopped as well and looked at the handsome man before her . Though he was not young anymore, age had hardly left traces on his face . And the maturity added more flavors to his charm . As they made eye contact, Yun Shang recognized him . She was too excited to speak up . They stared at each other silently until Yun Shang let out a smile and called out, "Grandfather . "


The man beamed and replied, "There you are, Shu Jin's little girl . You look just like her when she was little, so pretty and so clever . "


Yun Shang looked up at the man and couldn't help grinning as well . She felt so thrilled to be reunited with her grandfather .

Xiao Yuanshan stepped forward and lifted Yun Shang, "You've grown up . You were just a tiny little newborn baby last time I saw you . "


He then turned to Wu Na and said, "I owe you a big one . How about I give you a three-pieces head start next time we play Go?"


Yun Shang looked back at Wu Na curiously, and was surprised when he answered calmly, "I have violated my precepts . I brought the Princess out of the Royal Palace by lying . And you want to make it up to me with only three pieces? That will be far too easy for you . Next time you come here, bring me a pot of refined peach blossom wine and we are even . "


Xiao Yuanshan raised his eyebrow, "Depraved . " He then carried Yun Shang into the yard while warning her, "Shang'er, let's pay no attention to him . There's no truth coming out of his mouth . I don't see how he could deceive so many people . "


Leaning against Xiao Yuanshan's shoulder docilely, Yun Shang found the inner peace that she had long been searching for . So she muttered softly, "I know . "