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Chapter 23

"Summon the Princess Hui Guo to the hall . . . " Hearing the sharp voice ordering her presence at Jinluan Hall, Yun Shang arranged her attire and walked in with Qin Yi's support .

"I greet the Imperial Father . " Yun Shang laboriously kowtowed to Emperor Ning thrice before rising with a slight cough .

It had been seven years since the Emperor Ning had last seen Yun Shang . Though being filled with emotion, Emperor Ning sighed and declared, "Princess Hui Guo has blessed our country for seven years . Thanks to her, the weather has been favorable all this while . So I'll bestow her Jinling City as her fief . "


Jinling was a good city . Yun Shang smiled faintly and bowed again . The effort seemed to fill her forehead with sweat .

"Please rise . "


Yun Shang slowly rose and smiled faintly at Emperor Ning . Looking paler, she swayed and suddenly fell down on the ground .

"Her Highness fainted . . . " Qin Yi stood up in a hurry and took a step to help Yun Shang .

"Hurry up, send for Imperial Physicians . " Emperor Ning's voice sounded painful . Giving the order in haste, he leapt from the dragon throne . Worried, he lifted Yun Shang and carried her in to the inner sanctuary .

At Qiwu Palace, Empress Yuan Zhen were talking with Hua Jing on the couch . "The weather is favorable this year . The osmanthus cake tastes sweeter than that of last year's . You have become more filial . "


Hua Jing smiled faintly and looked gentle, "Mother, I'm glad you enjoy it . I'll send some to my father later . And I hear that Yun Shang returns today . She ought to be visiting my father in Jinluan Hall . I'll also send some cakes to her later . I haven't seen her in so many years, I really wonder how she's doing . "


Empress Yuan Zhen smiled "I have some spies in Ning'guo temple . It is said that she has gotten worse . In a little while, it will be her Coming-of-age Ceremony . After that, she should get married . Though she's your half sister, you should see whether there's someone suitable among the government officials and pick one for her . "


Hua Jing nodded in agreement and said, 'I know . I will help her . "


"Your Majesty, Your Majesty . . . " A maid lifted the door curtain and came in hurriedly . She said with a smile, "Your Majesty, Princess Hui Guo is just as sick as rumored . His Majesty bestowed Jinling City to her in Jinluan Hall . After bowing, she fainted when she tried to rise . The eunuchs in attendance tell me that Prince Hui Guo is as pale as death . She is as weak as water . Every time she moves, she can't help sweating . "


"Really?" Empress Yuan Zhen frowned and said, "His Majesty bestows Jinling City to her . She's so blessed . But she may not have the chance to enjoy it . Now you can go and take your reward . . . "


The maid thanked The Empress and left . Hua Jing was dissatisfied with The Emperor's decree . She chatted with The Empress, "When I got married, my Imperial Father only bestowed Xiping City to me as a present . It is remote with barren soil . Whereas he bestows her Jinling City . . . "


Empress Yuan Zhen glimpsed at Hua Jing, "If you can bear it, all of hers will belong to you . Otherwise, you will lose everything . Moreover, you are well-known for your literary talent . You are obviously better than her as she has lived in a temple for seven years . Take it easy . Being so sick, she doesn't necessarily have the chance to enjoy what she's been bestowed with . "


Hua Jing hurriedly said, "I know I was wrong . "

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The Empress nodded and stood up, "Now that she fainted as soon as she returned, I have to go see her . "


"So do I . I haven't seen my half sister in so long, I actually miss her . I'll also send her some osmanthus cakes . " Hua Jing ordered the maids to take a hamper, and accompanied Empress Yuan Zhen out .

"Where's Princess Hui Guo now?"


That maid replied hurriedly, "His Majesty carried Her Highness to a hall behind Jinluan Hall to rest . He also sent for Imperial Physicians . So Her Highness should still be there now . "


Empress Yuan Zhen nodded and left for Jinluan Hall with her attendants .

Yun Shang had just woken when Empress Yuan Zhen reached . She was propped up in bed and an Imperial Physician was checking her pulse . She was frowning and looked pale . She seemed to be in pain .

"Shang'er, what's wrong with you? Why do you look so weak? Master Wu Na promised that you would recuperate if you lived in Ning'guo temple for a certain time . " Empress Yuan Zhen stepped up to Yun Shang hurriedly and asked with concern .

Raising her head, Yun Shang smiled at The Empress and said, "Mother . . . "


Qin Yi who stood by, explained hastily, "Her Highness is too sick to talk too much . A few years before, a child was lost in Ning'guo temple . When Her Highness was in search of the child, it rained heavily . Her Highness fell from a cliff as the ground was slippery . Since then, Her Highness had been in poor health . Thanks to Master Wu Na, Her Highness gets much better . . . "

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"Mother, thank you for your concern . " Yun Shang said softly . She lowered her head and coughed .

As the Imperial Physician had completed his examination, Emperor Ning asked worriedly, "How is Her Highness?"


The Imperial Physician shook his head and sighed, "Her Highness was badly injured . She needs to recuperate in peace and quiet . Otherwise, she will not survive . "


Emperor Ning sighed and sat at the bedside, "Shang'er, you have suffered a lot in these years . "


Yun Shang smiled and said, "Father, I'm fine . "


Empress Yuan Zhen frowned . "It's unlucky for Shang'er to suffer so much before she comes of age . You, Imperial Physician, should try your best and use the best medicines to nurse Her Highness's health . "


When they were speaking, an eunuch approached Emperor Ning . After listening to what he had to say, The Emperor said, "I shall leave to solve some affairs . I leave Shang'er to your care, my Empress . "

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All bowed to The Emperor in a hurry .

After Emperor Ning left, Yun Shang smiled and said, "I wonder whether my Qinxin Hall has been cleaned . I'd better leave for there . "


The Empress smiled and said, "The servants clean it everyday . I have informed them to be present so they can care for you . Qinxin Hall is peaceful enough to recuperate in . I haven't replaced the servants with whom you are familiar . "


Yun Shang nodded . Just as she was going to reply, a few servants entered . "Bow in respect before Your Majesty, Princess Xi Ning, and Princess Hui Guo . "


Empress Yuan Zhen said with a smile, "Here she comes . Shang'er, do you remember this maid? Lift your head! Let Her Highness have a look . . . "


Yun Shang turned around . The lead maid raised her head with teary eyes and opened her mouth . After a long moment, she said, "Your Highness . . . "


Yun Shang looked at the maid and soon recognized her to be Qin Meng . Yun Shang smiled faintly and said, "It's you, Qin Meng . You have grown up . . . "