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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 123

Published at 5th of February 2019 11:40:05 AM

Chapter 123: 123

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"I'll deal with it," said Wang Yao .

His family said no more .

Wang Yao didn't rush to return to Nanshan hill after lunch . Instead, he stayed at home for most of the afternoon . He went back to Nanshan hill after the rain had stopped . He went to the other side of the hill to look for a small stone to put in the Spirit Gathering Battle Array . He placed the stone at a suitable location inside the array .

I still need several more stones .

Wang Yao did some stretches before going back to the other side of Nanshan hill . There were quite a few suitable stones at the middle portion of the hill . It was not easy to take them to where the array was .

The rain started again .

He found another suitable stone just below the middle half of the hill . The stone was not small, but he still decided to carry it to the array . Moving it was even harder due to the muddy roads caused by the rain . He had to constantly stop .

But, he could feel the Qi inside his body moving faster as time went by .

After Wang Yao arrived at the top of the hill, he stopped as he had a strange feeling inside his body . He sat down and crossed his legs despite the ground being dirty and muddy . He started to feel the Qi inside his body running like a river . It moved all the way through his meridians .

Hum! He sensed a tremor as if something was unblocked inside his meridian . His body shook again, then back to normal .

Another meridian!

This was a bonus for Wang Yao's hard work . Unblocking a meridian made Wang Yao suddenly feel less tired .

After he had placed the stone, it started to get dark . Wang Yao didn't stay on the hill for long . He went home straight away .

. . .

Wang Yao drove his sister to work in the city the next morning . He drove slowly due to the foggy weather .

Whizz! A small car passed him at high speed . The driver didn't even bother to indicate on such a foggy day . Wang Yao frowned . It was extremely dangerous to drive this fast in such weather . After driving for a while, Wang Yao slowed down as he saw something in front .

"What's going on?" said Wang Ru, who sat in the front passenger's seat .

"Not sure, seems like an accident in front," said Wang Yao .

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Wang Yao continued to drive for about ten meters and saw that the accident involved multiple vehicles .

What is this?!

A yellow vehicle caught Wang Yao's attention .

It's a school bus!

Without hesitation, Wang Yao parked his vehicle along the road and then got out his vehicle .

The accident happened at a T-junction, which involved three vehicles . It appeared that the accident was caused by a small car, which hit the fence several meters away . The small car was upside down and was in terrible shape . Wang Yao took a close look and recognized the car was the one that whizzed past him a few minutes ago . The other vehicles collided as a result of trying to avoid the small car .

It was not clear whether the driver and passengers in the small car were badly injured or not . People from the other vehicles involved in the accident didn't seem to be badly injured . But there were children on the school bus .

"The bus is on fire!" someone shouted nearby .

Wang Yao saw that the school bus was on fire from underneath . There were still children on the bus . Wang Yao ran towards the school bus to help . The door of the bus was deformed so that he couldn't open it . However, the door next to the driver's seat was okay to open . He had to guide the students to get off the bus from there . But the students couldn't move fast due to the awkward position the bus was in . The fire almost reached the oil tank .

Wang Yao looked around and broke the windows with his fists .

"Come out from there!" Wang Yao pointed at the windows .

The frightened kids crawled out of the window as fast as they could . The passengers from other vehicles also came to help .

Whoosh! The fire was getting fierce and expanded fast .

Come on! thought Wang Yao .

Eventually, all the kids on the bus were saved, and the other vehicles involved in the accident were moved to the side of the road .

"That was so close!" said one of the passengers .

"What kind of bus it is? It didn't take much for it to be on fire!" said another passenger .

Wang Yao looked down at those kids who were still frightened and took a quick look at them . None of the kids were injured . Wang Ru also came to comfort the kids .

Looking at the smoke, Wang Yao didn't know when the ambulance would arrive . Traffic was blocked in both directions, and all the vehicles on that street had to stop .

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"Oh my God!" Wang Yao suddenly heard someone screaming . He looked up and saw a man squatting on the ground, looking pale .

Wang Yao went towards the guy to help .

"Hi, are you okay?" asked Wang Yao .

"Not really, my belly is hurting," said the man .

"Let me take a look . I know a bit of medicine," said Wang Yao . The man was actively helping the children get out of the bus .

"Really? Oka . " The man looked even paler as the pain was increasing .

Wang Yao felt his pulse, and his face changed .


This man had internal bleeding in his stomach which required urgent medical attention! Any delay could have severe consequences .

"What's going on?" asked the man's friend .

"He needs medical intervention immediately! As soon as possible!" said Wang Yao .

"Really?!" said the man's friend .

Weewoo! At that moment, the police had arrived . They were followed by an ambulance .

"Fortunately, the ambulance came in time," said Wang Yao .

The policemen helped to restore the traffic flow, and then the tow truck moved the vehicles involved in the accident away . Paramedics were busy treating the injured passengers and drivers . There were four injured people in this accident—two of them had minor injuries, but the driver of the small car causing the accident was badly injured and unconscious . The man who Wang Yao was helping had internal bleeding .

The paramedic didn't forget to ask questions before he got on the ambulance .

"How did you know he had internal bleeding?" asked the paramedic to the man's friend .  

"A doctor just took a look at him and said his condition was urgent," said the man's friend .

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"I see," said the paramedic .

The ambulance left . After some time, the ambulance arrived at the town hospital half an hour later .

"This patient's condition is very urgent . Our hospital is not equipped to treat him . Please contact his next of kin to arrange a transfer," said paramedic .

"What? Internal bleeding? Who said that?" asked the senior consultant from the emergency department .

"A doctor on the scene," replied the paramedic .

At the moment, the patient lying on the hospital bed was moaning in excruciating pain .

"Arrange a CT and get the operating room ready!" commanded the senior consultant .

"Okay!" said one of the medical staff members .

The CT room was ready in 20 minutes .

"It is very obvious that he has internal bleeding . He needs surgery immediately," said the doctor from the CT room after he looked at the scan .

An operating room was made available immediately due to the emergency situation .

The patent's friend was helping around . He watched his friend being taken into the operating room and waited outside . Soon, the patient's family had arrived .

"How is he doing?" asked the patient's mother anxiously .

"He is now having surgery; don't worry too much," said the patient's friend .

The surgery was completed about two hours later, and the patient was taken out of the operating room .

"How is my son, doctor?" asked the patient's mother anxiously .

"The surgery was successful . He should be fine," said the surgeon . On the one hand, the surgery went smoothly . On the other hand, the patient was taken to the hospital and had a scan in time . Wang Yao's initial diagnosis prevented a lot of unnecessary exams .

"Thank you so much!" said the patient's mother .

"This is what we doctors are supposed to do . But I'm curious about which doctor gave the diagnosis of internal bleeding?" said the surgeon in charge .

"Some doctor on the scene of the accident," said the patient's friend . He remembered Wang Yao well because Wang Yao was the first person running towards the bus on fire to save the children .

"If you get a chance, you should thank that doctor who provided that valuable information . It saved us a lot of time," said the surgeon .

After the patient was taken to the recovery room, his mother asked his friend about the name of the doctor on the scene . But his friend didn't get a chance to ask in such a frantic situation .

The patient's mother sighed .

. . .

Wang Ru was late for work due to the traffic accident .

It was her first time being late for work after her promotion, and it was Monday when she was supposed to attend a routine meeting at the Bureau . But she was not upset about being late . On the contrary, she was in a good mood and didn't mind being late, because she helped to save those children .

After dropping his sister at her workplace, Wang Yao didn't go home . Instead, he drove around the city and went to two places . First, he went to Wang Mingbao's store .

"Hi, how come you are here so early today?" Wang Mingbao said with a smile . He invited Wang Yao to the meeting room and made Wang Yao a cup of tea .

"I had to drop my sister at her workplace and thought I might as well stop by," said Wang Yao .

"Good! I happen to have something to ask you," said Wang Mingbao .

"What is it?" asked Wang Yao .

"How can you tell the quality of ginseng?" asked Wang Mingbao .

"Ginseng? Why do you ask about this?" said Wang Yao in surprise .

"One of my friends purchased some wild ginseng and wants to sell them . He gave me two for my father to enhance his health . Let me show you," Wang Mingbao took a box out of a drawer and handed the box over to Wang Yao .

It said North East Wild ginseng on the box .

Wang Yao couldn't help laughing when he saw the words on the box . The box looked fashionable . He opened the box and took a look . The ginseng looked quite big . After he looked closely, he found that it was no wild ginseng at all . It was from artificial cultivation, and something bad was added to the ginseng during the process .

"What do you think?" asked Wang Mingbao .

"This is not wild ginseng at all . It's definitely from artificial cultivation, and I believe certain drugs were mingled into it . You'd better not to take too much," said Wang Yao .

"Really?!" said Wang Mingbao in shock .

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