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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 293

Published at 4th of June 2019 01:20:04 PM

Chapter 293: 293

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At such a time, as long as fame was spread out, people would even visit remote, faraway hilly areas, let alone this place .

There were many rich people . They were most willing to spend money on their own health!

"Drink some tea . "

"Thank you . "

"If I have problems which I can't solve in the future, can I come over and ask for advice?"

"Sure . " Wang Yao replied with a smile, "However, now isn't the time . "

Pan Jun was different from those people . He was not that close with Wang Yao yet, so Wang Yao had to be careful .

Pan Jun did not stay for long . He left after drinking a few cups of tea and chatting with Wang Yao . His purpose of visiting was just a matter of bonding .

After seeing Pan Jun off, Wang Yao went up Nanshan hill . He still had some things to prepare . He had to harvest some medicinal herbs in the herbal field and re-cultivate . He intended to gradually reduce the cultivation of common medicinal herbs and focus on planting some of the licorice roots rewarded by the system .

After sunset, the afterglow of the setting sun fell on the hill .

Wang Yao lifted his head and looked into the distance . The dog also laid in his own kennel and glanced at the sunset in the distance .

"San Xian, you're a dog, not a philosopher," Wang Yao said with a laugh .

The dog actually looked at Wang Yao with a strange gaze .

"Hey, what do you mean by this look?"

Soon, the sun set and the sky had also darkened slowly .

Wang Yao went down the hill and went home for dinner . From afar, he saw an ambulance speeding away .

Huh? Is someone ill?

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He did not take it seriously . During dinner, his parents did not mention it . Perhaps because it had just happened, so they did not know about it .

The emergency department in the hospital in Lianshan County was busy .

Without suffering from any disease, the patient actually fell unconscious and multiple organs were showing signs of failure .

The doctors could not find out the reason, so of course, they did not know how to treat it . Being at a loss of what to do, they could only transfer the patient to another hospital .

Pan Jun also participated in the emergency call this time . He was originally the doctor on duty . He attentively discovered a problem . The patient was actually from Wang Yao's village .

What a coincidence . Could he be a relative of Wang Yao? After discovering it, he then paid attention to it and duplicated the diagnosis report .

The next day, Chen Boyuan purposely came over from Jing City and went to the mountain village . Wang Yao met him at the newly-buit medical center .

"Is this your house?"

"Yes . It's newly built . How is it?"

"It's pretty good . It's very beautiful!" Chen Boyuan spoke the truth, not to flatter Wang Yao . The design of the house was indeed very marvelous . The layout of the yard was also very good .

"Drink some tea . "

"Thank you . "

After that, Chen Boyuan asked Wang Yao a few questions, mainly for the qualification certificate .

"The Guo family has agreed to help you out?" When Chen Boyuan heard this, he was a bit awkward . If he hastily intervened at this time, it might cause the Guo family to have an aversion against the Su family .

"Yes, I first talked to Guo Sirou . I've taken a provincial exam not long ago, but something unexpected happened . The results of the exam candidates have been revoked . The exam this time is invalid . "

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"Invalid?" Chen Boyuan was startled . He thought to himself, It's Ji Province here . The head of the Guo family is now the province governor here and he has a huge amount of support . Regarding this matter, he just has to make a phone call . It shouldn't be that hard for him to handle the matter?

"Could it be that the Guo family has some concerns?"

"About this, I'm more anxious . If Brother Chen has a solution, please help me out . I'll bear the expenses required in the process . "

"Okay . I'll deal with it as soon as possible . " Chen Boyuan did not think any further after hearing what Wang Yao said . Before he came, Madam Song had said that he should try his best to handle this matter . If he faced any difficulties, he could look for her directly, so he did not have to think so much .

After asking about the matter thoroughly, he then made a move to leave .

However, he did not rush to handle the matter . Instead, he went to Ji City to look for He Qisheng .


After hearing the purpose of Chen Boyuan's visit, he knew that things were a little troublesome .

"I'm just discussing it with you to avoid any misunderstanding caused by this small matter . "

Being the so-called well-known and wealthy families, they indeed had absolute fame . However, there were also many constraints . Especially these families who were similar, they were very particular about the way of handling these things . They paid great attention to each other's sensibilities .

"Can you wait for a few days?" He Qisheng asked .

"Okay, but before I came, I met Dr . Wang . He said the matter is slightly more urgent . "

"Thank you . "

He Qisheng did not say any other unnecessary words . Wang Yao had looked for the Su family, indicating that he was indeed more anxious . Moreover, this matter also reminded He Qisheng that Wang Yao now knew not only the Guo family, but also the Su family . He would know more wealthy nobles in the future . At that time, a lot of people would beg him to get them to do things for him .


He had no choice but to call Miss Su who was overseas .

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In the small mountain village, during lunch, Wang Yao heard his parents talk about the incident of the arrival of the ambulance the day before in the village .

The person who was ill was a person named Wang Chengchang . He suddenly fainted on the ground when he was in perfect condition . His high fever did not subside, so his family called the ambulance .

"Wang Chengchang . Wasn't his father just buried not long ago?" Wang Yao said after recalling for a little .

"Yes . "

"Could it really be related to the location of the graveyard?" Wang Yao mumbled .

"What did you say?"

"Nothing . " Wang Yao waved his hand .

He saw the funeral that day from afar and vaguely saw that the location was not too good . The topography was high, but there was nothing blocking it . Furthermore, that location was the opening of the mountain wind . He did not know Feng Shui, but he knew about battle arrays . He could already feel that it was not an ideal location just by looking from afar .

It was just that it was not appropriate for him to say anything much regarding this matter .

In the afternoon, Li Maoshuang came to the mountain village . He brought an old man in his sixties who had difficulty walking . He was walking with the aid of a walking stick .

With just a glance, Wang Yao knew that the old man was in poor health and dispirited . The key problem was his legs . His left calf was very thin and he had muscular atrophy .

Wang Yao looked at it carefully . This was because the channels and collaterals in his legs were severely blocked, resulting in the obstruction of the blood circulation in the long run . The best herbal medicine for this disease was the Blood Deblocking powder . However, his current situation did not allow him to formulate the medicine .

He first helped the old man to stimulate his channels and collaterals, and muscles in his calf by massaging the acupoints to dredge the blood in order to help him recover . However, he also knew that the effect of this method was limited . After that, he formulated a medicine, which was modified based on the Blood Deblocking powder .

After obtaining the formula from the system every time, he would try to formulate the herbal medicine by replacing the licorice roots with ordinary medicinal herbs with similar efficacies . There was a similar effect, but the efficacy was a lot poorer . This was also the case for this medicine . There was indeed an effect, but the efficacy was less than one-tenth .

"Ten medicines and a treatment process . Come back after a treatment process . "

"Okay . "

Li Maoshuang paid for the old man .

After seeing them off, Wang Yao recorded the condition of the old man .

What if I use acupuncture?

He already had the thought of using acupuncture to stimulate the acupoints to dredge the channels and collaterals just now, but his ability in this aspect was indeed insufficient . He also did not dare to use it rashly .

In a villa in Haiqu City .

"Sister, help me think of a way . My brother-in-law's severe illness could already be cured . My illness can certainly be cured too, right?!" A young man kneeled on the ground, begging his sister .

"Didn't I make an appointment with the specialist in Jing City for you?"

"I went, but he did not have a good solution . He said I need to undergo an operation . "

"Okay . I'll spare some time to talk to your brother-in-law about it . "

"Okay, okay . Thank you, Sister . " After getting up, the young man thanked his sister profusely and left, leaving the beautiful woman to sigh in the room .

How was she supposed to talk about it?!

On Saturday, Wei Hai drove back to his home in Haiqu City . He took his son and daughter and played happily for a whole day . At night, they had dinner at a hotel by the beach . The two children were very thrilled .

At home during nighttime, after putting the children to sleep, the couple who seemed to have a barrier between them sat on two different sofas in the living room .

"There's something I want to ask you for help," the woman said .

"What is it?"

"Yang's condition now is getting more and more serious . Can you introduce him to the doctor?"

"Him? He's reaping the fruits of his actions!" Wei Hai replied aloofly .

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