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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 82

Published at 11th of January 2019 10:45:21 PM

Chapter 82: Stone Flower Irony Plum Blossom

Yes . Some medicine herbs should be added .

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Wang Yao knew that his mission, Herb Garden was not finished since there were three more licorice roots in the garden . A couple days ago, he sowed the seeds that he gained from the last mission—they were the licorice roots and frost grass . Frost grass grows in winter and sleeps during the summer . It could diminish inflammation and neutralize toxins .

The licorice root was awarded by the system when he finished the task . It should be planted at this moment . Except for that, he had no more licorice root seeds and he had no other solutions, so he had to buy some from the system . The seeds that he could exchange for were limited because of his low level, but several of the seeds conflicted with what he had planted .

He chose several of them according to the Catalogue of Magic Herbs . Stone flower—born from stone and grows up in stone . It can dissolve all hard rocks in the body . Irony plum blossom—it looks like a flower blossom and it is as tough as iron . It can strengthen the bone and the muscles . Sunny flower—it seems to be on fire as if it were the sun . It can tone Qi .

Three licorice roots had been planted in the right place and they were watered with ancient spring water .

In these cold days, common water would freeze but ancient spring water did not . Instead, it would melt the ground, making it soft . It seemed to be like warm water . Such magic shocked Wang Yao .

The next day, he told Tian Yuantu that the medicine was finished over the phone and that he could come pick it up . Tian Yuantu came to the hill soon . Half an hour later, he arrived and then he walked to the cottage quickly . He still came with gifts this time .

"I told you to stop bringing gifts to me," said Wang Yao . He felt embarrassed for taking so many gifts from Yuantu .

"These are some new year's gifts for you and your family," responded Tian Yuantu with a smile .

"The medicine should be taken warm within three days . " Wang Yao gave the Regather soup to Tian Yuantu .

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"Thank you . How much?" Tian Yuantu received it carefully—he knew that it was a treasure .

"It is free this time," said Wang Yao after a short silence . It would be a gift for Yuantu's help last time . Wang Yao used an allowance from the system that let him give out one dose of free medicine every three days . One dose of medicine should be one million yuan, but it was in return for the help . Helping was the thing that Wang Yao hated to owe since he thought highly of friendship .

"Thank you!" Tian Yuantu was surprised . "I will come and express my gratitude to you another day . " He had sought the medicine before, so he knew the amazing medicine provided by the young man had a high price . The medicine must be so expensive, but yet he gave it to him for free .

"You are welcome . "

Mission: Gain the recognition of ten people (patients or their families) within ten days . You must not visit them actively and there is no repeat for this mission .

You will get a random award when you finish the mission; but the multifunctional pot for herbs will be taken away if you fail .

Recognition of ten people in ten days?

Wang Yao frowned . It was so difficult since he could not go visit them directly . That meant that he could not promote his product and he had to wait for business to come to him .

There had been no missions for a long time, but he was trapped in this one!

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Tian Yuantu did not stay on the hill since he was busy . Besides, the cottage was extremely cold in this weather, so he did not plan to stay there . He quickly went down the hill even faster than he came up before .

Having left the village, he did not go to Lianshan, but Haiqu instead . He drove fast; he was very anxious .

There were special living quarters near to the sea where people with power in the city lived . Tian Yuantu entered a villa when he came into the living quarter . There was a gentleman standing in the living room .

"Yuantu . "

"Haichuan, I finished the task finally . Feed her this . " Tian Yuantu took out the medicine he got from Wang Yan from his bag .

"You go with me . Mom mentioned you just now . "

The two of them went upstairs and entered a bedroom . The villa was so warm because of the heater, but the bedroom was warmer than other places . There was an aged woman in the bedroom . She had white hair and a slim body, but she also seemed to be pale and tired . She even wore a thick coat in such a warm bedroom .

"Aunt . "

"Yuantu, long time no see . Have a seat . " The woman was so happy to see him .

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Tian Yuantu took a seat and then they talked with each other . The gentleman was silent—he just stood there with a smile . He mentioned the medicine when they finished their conversation .

"Mom, this is the medicine that Yuantu got for you . Try it," the gentleman said quietly .

"Ah . You still insist? My illness cannot be cured!" the woman sighed .

"Aunt, just try it . Maybe it is effective," Tian Yuantu said lightly .

"Okay, okay I'll try it!" said the woman .

She poured out the medicine and then drank it .

She felt warm when the medicine was in her body and then she felt her Qi rapidly flow through her body . Her cold body became warm soon and she felt powerful . She was different .

"Yeah . It is effective," said the aged woman with a smile .

"That is good . You should drink it warm within the next three days," said Tian Yuantu .

"Okay . "

Tian Yuantu and that gentleman stayed in the bedroom for a while, then they went to the study room .

"How do you feel?" Tian Yuantu asked his old friend .

"Ah, so much business stuff since it is the end of the year . I have to go out in one hour . "

"Right . I won't interrupt you . " Tian Yuantu stood up and left .

"Don't be in a hurry to leave . I still have some time . Sit down and let's talk," the gentleman stopped him .

"You've gotten slimmer . "

"Yeah I've lost weight . I have been so busy," said the gentleman . "But it's gotten better lately . "

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