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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 837

Published at 23rd of May 2020 01:25:05 AM

Chapter 837: 837

“What’s the matter? The goddess has the ability to clear out your bowels . If anyone gets constipated in the future, they’ll just have to go and express their love at close range . Their problem will be solved immediately!”

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 “Your mouth is foul! It’s their own fault . So many people already confessed to the goddess . Why are they the only ones who soiled their pants?”

 “That is right, they were not in a good state of mind . It has nothing to do with the goddess!”

 “This goddess is quite unattainable by normal people!”

 “Isn’t that right? Let’s observe three minutes of silence for those two . ”

 “Ah, what are the names of those two? I want to get to know them!”

 “You are just trying to sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds . Are you looking for a fight?”

 “How can you take it that way?”

 “Comrades, I know what you guys are thinking . Just wait, you guys will be asked to have a talk tomorrow!”


 In the afternoon, Su Xiaoxue felt that some of her classmates were looking at her strangely .

 “What’s the matter?”

 “Do you not know about it yet?” her good friend asked in surprise .

 “I don’t know . What has happened?”

 “You are incredibly famous now,” her friend said . “Take a look at our school’s online forum . Everyone is talking about you . ”

 After class, Su Xiaoxue went to take a look . Only then did she understand why everyone was looking at her the strange way they were .

 It’s all Sir’s fault! Her small mouth pouted .

 “See? The goddess is not happy . ”

 “I’ll ask a friend to delete that post later . ”

 “Yes, that will do . ”

 By the time it was lunchtime, the post with an incredibly high click rate had magically disappeared .

 It seemed to be the end of the matter .

 Wang Yao brewed some medicine and accompanied Xiaoxue to class . This time, no one dared to come over to find trouble again .

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 “I’m going back tomorrow . ”

 “So soon?”

 “Yes, I want to tell your parents about us,” Wang Yao said .

 “Alright . ” Su Xiaoxue’s heart felt warm and happy .

 Wang Yao had taken the initiative to formally tell her parents about their affairs .

 “Shall we go home for dinner tonight? My father is back as well . ”

 “OK . ”

 In the evening, at the Su family residence…

 Su Xianghua, Song Ruiping, Su Xiaoxue, and Wang Yao were all there . It was a heart-warming family banquet .

 After dinner, Wang Yao put his and Su Xiaoxue’s affairs on the table with the two elders . He was going to marry Su Xiaoxue . The time was set for after she had graduated from university . Neither Su Xianghua nor Song Ruiping had any objections . They just told Wang Yao to treat Xiaoxue well . Just like that, the matter was set .

 Phew! After leaving the Su family house, Wang Yao heaved a sigh of relief . He had actually been quite nervous . He was afraid that Su Xiaoxue’s parents would have objections, but the two elders were very reasonable . Perhaps it was because they thought their daughter’s happiness was the most important thing .

 After Wang Yao left, Su Xianghua and Song Ruiping returned to their rooms .

 “Is it settled just like that?” Song Ruiping asked .

 “Yes, didn’t they just mention it? Xiaoxue likes him, and I think that this Wang Yao is very good,” Su Xianghua replied .

 “Alright,” Song Ruiping said .

 “Why? Don’t they look right together?”

 “No,” Song Ruiping said .

 In her heart, she felt that it was not very agreeable . In the beginning, she had thought that as long as her daughter liked him, it would be alright . When it was time for her to make a decision, she still hoped that her daughter would find someone with a compatible family background . Moreover, when she thought that her daughter might be married and living in the mountain village thousands of miles away from her, she didn’t feel so satisfied with their marriage .

 “You’re talking insincerely . Aren’t you going to speak the truth to me?”

 “A little bit . Do you think if Xiaoxue marries him she will have to follow him back to Haiqu, that small mountain village?”

 “What’s wrong with the small mountain village?” Su Xianghua asked . “The air is fresh, natural, and healthy . I’ll go and have a look when I’m free . ”

 “Alright, I just don’t think it’s all perfect,” Song Ruiping said . “As long as Xiaoxue is willing to do it, I have no problems with it . ”

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 “It’s already quite late . Shall we go to bed?”

 “Yes . ”

 After Wang Yao stayed one more night, he flew to Haiqu the next morning and returned to Lianshan County in the late afternoon . When he got home, it was just in time for dinner .

 “Why did you not tell me in advance when you were coming back?” Zhang Xiuying asked . “I could have prepared a few more dishes . ”

 “I’m not a guest . Besides, I have ready-made dishes with me,” Wang Yao said with a smile . When he left, he had taken some small luggage with several sets of clothes in it . It was a different story when he returned . Su Xiaoxue had gotten him a big suitcase with food and gifts for Wang Yao’s parents .

 “Roast duck?”

 “Yes, Xiaoxue bought it,” Wang Yao said . “She bought everything in the luggage and special gifts for you two . ”

 “Look how thoughtful the girl is!”

 “Mom and Dad, this time, I met Xiaoxue’s parents when I was there,” Wang Yao said . “I told them that I was going to marry Xiaoxue . ”

 “Well, what did Xiaoxue’s parents say?”

 “Did they agree?”

 “They have agreed,” Wang Yao replied .

 “That’s great! When are you guys going to get married?”

 “Well, I have discussed it with Xiaoxue,” Wang Yao said . “When she graduates from college, I will marry her . It will take another two years . ”

 “So long!”

 “Yes . ”

 “Alright, as long as you guys are settled,” Wang Fenghua said .

 Now that their daughter was married off, their thoughts were on their son . Since their son was quite skilled, they didn’t think there would be a problem getting her as a daughter-in-law . It was mainly because Xiaoxue was so lovable . She was wonderful, so they were afraid to lose her .

 “Come on, let’s eat . ”

 “Let’s eat . ”

 After eating, Wang Yao went to Nanshan Hill .

 It was quiet on the hill . The dog met him at the foot of the mountain with its tail wagging .

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 “San Xian, if I come up late in the future, you don’t have to come down the mountain to pick me up . Just lie in your kennel . ”

 Woof! Woof! Woof!

 “Why can’t you sleep? Do I have to find you a companion?”

 Woof! Woof!

 “Xiao Hei, what’s wrong with that?”



 Wang Yao quickened his pace and followed the dog up the hill . He only felt relieved after seeing the black snake, which was shedding its skin in the grass .

 “It’s molting . It’s growing normally . ”


 “Alright, it’s nothing . He will be fine tomorrow . Go back to sleep,” Wang Yao said with a smile .

 The night passed peacefully . The next day, Xiao Hei was curled up in front of the dog’s kennel early in the morning . It seemed as if it was communicating with the dog . Its body had grown thicker .

 Wang Yao got up and looked at Xiao Hei . He said, “Well, it has grown a little more . ”

 The black snake slithered over to Wang Yao’s feet and turned twice .

 “I’m going to practice on the hill,” he said as he headed up the hill .

 The dog and black snake followed behind him . On top of the hill, the autumn wind was cold . Wang Yao was alone . He practiced a set of ancient boxing techniques, weaving his hands around and between .


 It was also early in the morning thousands of miles away in Singing Sand County . There was a vast yellow spread across the sky because the wind was very strong . It swept sand up into the air .

 In an ordinary house, a thin man sat at the window and looked out at the sand .

 “It’s windy again!” he exclaimed .

 In his opinion, the sandstorm that many hated had a different aesthetic feel and charm for him .

 Ring! Ring! The mobile phone on the table suddenly rang out . He picked it up and saw that it was a strange number . He didn’t plan to answer it, but the phone kept ringing .

 “Hello . ”

 “Have you thought it through?”

 “I like to watch the sandstorm here . ”

 “Well, they have already come out . ”

 There was silence . The phone was hung up .

 “Such a stubborn person . I wonder what crazy things he will do this time . ”

 Downstairs, there was a car with two people inside .


 “Yes, in this building . I am sure . ”

 “Ah, this is troublesome . That’s the Poison Master,” the man reclining in the backseat said as he yawned .

 “Thank you . ”

 “You’re welcome . I have another piece of information to tell you . Yesterday, I dug up the monitoring footage near here and saw a person you would never expect . ”

 “Who was it?”

 “The chairman . ”

 “F*ck, are you serious?” The man in the backseat instantly sat up . “He’s still alive . ”

 “See for yourself . ” The man in the driver’s seat threw the cell phone in his hand toward the back . There was a picture on it .

 “Delete it immediately . ”

 “It’s really him!” The man in the back knitted his brows tightly .

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