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Published at 20th of April 2018 06:49:40 PM

Chapter 530

Chapter 530: Wanting him to personally break her

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Chu Shao Bai’s face was covered in disbelief .  He clenched Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand and pleaded, “But royal grandmother, didn’t you like third sister in law?  She even copied scriptures for you, did you forget? For a few words, how could we take action like this?”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face fell and she revealed a scowl, “Shao Bai, this matter concerns the life line of our country .  Even if this widow likes her, we can’t endanger our West Chu for a single woman . The fortune teller said that if this woman isn’t removed, our West Chu will be in danger!  If you really can’t bear to do it, then this widow will have to find someone else . You have just returned, so you must be tired . Head back and rest first . ”

She gave the order for him to leave .

“Royal grandmother… . . ”  Chu Shao Bai tried pleading again, but Empress Dowager Zhou had already pulled her hand back .  She waved it and said, “Go now, this widow is tired . I want to have a proper rest . ”

Chu Shao Bai kept kneeling by the bed, not moving at all .

He forcefully gritted his teeth, so hard that it began to creak .  His clear and black eyes was filled with pain .

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He knew that Empress Dowager Zhou did not say this as a joke, she would really move against Chen Ning .

He never would have dreamed that as soon as he returned to the capital, Empress Dowager Zhou would give him this kind of task .  This was a task he couldn’t do and was impossible for him to take .

If he didn’t accept it, Empress Dowager Zhou would send someone else .

“Alright, royal grandmother .  You can leave this matter to Shao Bai to handle . ”  His heart was filled with pain, like someone was using a blade to stab his heart .

But he could not decline .

He would rather have her die by his hands than letting anyone else’s blade be stained with her blood .

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“Shao Bai, this widow was not wrong .  You really are the only good child that this widow can believe in . ”  Empress Dowager Zhou patted his shoulder in a comforting manner .

Chu Shao Bai did not know how he left the Peaceful Life Palace and did not know where he was going .

He walked around the palace in different directions with a heart filled with pain and feeling lost .

The words that Empress Dowager Zhou said continued to sound in his ears .

“If you don’t bring her head back for this widow, then you don’t need to come back . ”

It seemed like Empress Dowager Zhou was bent on having her life .

In the few days he was away from the capital city, what had happened?  Why did the Empress Dowager suddenly change her mind and not let her off?

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He really wanted to find someone to explain it clearly to him .

But who could he ask?  Who could tell him this?

Su Jin?

But when Su Jin saw him, she ran faster than a rabbit .  He knew that he would not get any answers from Su Jin because Su Jin would never betray Empress Dowager Zhou, so she would not say a word to him .

However, would he really have to kill her?

Although she was his third sister in law in name, in his heart, she was the only girl he loved in this life .  The love he felt for her could not be contained and he couldn’t even bare putting a finger on her, so how was he to kill her?

He looked up at the sky with wet eyes, blurring everything that he saw .

He, he, this was truly funny when he thought about it .  He desperately tried to protect something, but now he would have to personally break it!

Wasn’t this the greatest irony in the world?

Chu Shao Bai stood there without moving as he made his decision .  Since he had already promised Empress Dowager Zhou, he would definitely accomplish this .

In this life, he had never done anything to disappoint Empress Dowager Zhou .

He looked up at the sun rising high up into the sky .  It was still early, he still had time to make his preparations .

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