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Published at 14th of February 2019 03:45:04 AM

Chapter 857: 857

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It was a good thing they weren’t nearby, otherwise they couldn’t help watching the scene . At that time, they would have also been driven out of the palace .

But after this incident, all the girls were more careful . They paid special attention to every word they said and took every step carefully, acting honestly and cautiously . They were only afraid that they would do something that would upset the people above .

But even if they were careful, they would still meet accidents .

When the young girls were acting carefully, there was a cry that suddenly sounded out .

“Ah, snake! Snake!”

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A palace maid in charge of taking care of the gardens pointed to a tree to the side, turning pale in shock .

When the girls nearby heard this, they instantly screamed out . These girls were generally sheltered, either being poets or musicians . The thing they feared the most was a cold and evil creature like a snake .

Hearing that there was a snake, there were some that fell to the ground in fear . Some were stunned, some were shaking, and some were screaming .

When Empress Dowager Zhou saw this, she revealed a disappointed look once again .

She didn’t say anything this time and just looked at Su Jin . Su Jin immediately understood Empress Dowager Zhou’s meaning .

“Empress Dowager, this servant will send people to send them out, not leaving a single person . ”

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She also looked down on those girls who lost their calm when they heard there was a snake . They had only heard someone scream there was a snake and hadn’t actually seen it, but they were scared like this . Just based on this point, they weren’t worthy of being the future empress!

Su Jin swept her eyes over those girls and prepared to give the order when she suddenly heard the voice of a girl ring out .

“Everyone, don’t panic . There’s no need be afraid . As long as you don’t scream or run around, the snake won’t attack you . ”

The voice was collected and clear, spoken at a steady pace, and it sounded very soothing .

Those girls that couldn’t stop screaming almost immediately covered their mouths .

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Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin couldn’t help looking at the source of the voice .

They saw a green robed girl with her back to them, standing in front of the palace maid who found the snake . She asked in a calm voice, “Where is the snake? I will catch it . ”

“There… . . There… . . ” The maid closed her eyes as she chaotically pointed at the tree .

With a “puchi” sound, the green clothed girl broke out in laughter .

“Everyone, don’t be afraid . It’s not a snake at all, it’s just a layer of shed snake skin . This snake skin is a good thing, it has a high medicinal value, it can’t be wasted . ”

After she said this, she stood on her tiptoes and carefully took the snake skin out of the tree, handing it over to the maid girl .

“This is something belonging to the palace . I have to ask this big sister to send it to the doctor’s yard, I think they should have a use for it . ”

The maid carefully came over and found that it was a snake skin . She couldn’t stop her face from turning red as she thanked the green clothed girl, before taking the snake skin and leaving .

“This green clothed girl is a bit interesting . She wasn’t scared at all, this is rare among girls . ”

Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin in the pavilion could see everything . Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help giving a slight nod, giving a word of praise to this green clothed young girl .

That green clothed girl had her back to the people in the pavilion the entire time, not turning back at all . They couldn’t see her face, so they didn’t know who she was .

But with her willow green robes, her black hair, her slender waist, and her rich figure, just her back was already very moving . With her clear and gentle voice, once could tell without seeing her face that she was definitely a beauty .

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