Escape Galge - Chapter 16.1

Published at 15th of February 2018 06:32:04 AM

Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16 [Part 1]

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 I remain in a somewhat melancholic, somewhat edgy, restless state till school ends .
 In the end, I still didn’t manage to talk to Mashiro .
 Even though I thought that talking to the 3 who’d given up would be the impetus for Mashiro to open her eyes…

 I told him to wait for me by the back gate .
 Because we’d stand out too much if he comes to pick me up at my classroom .
 It seemed like he had something to say when I was talking to him but I got my way when I persisted that I wouldn’t go if we aren’t meeting by the back gate .

“Kii . ”
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 Even in a plain place where the grey stone of the floor and school walls occupies most of one’s vision, the bothersome scum shines . Pointlessly .
 While it’s the back gate where there’s a lack of people, it isn’t as if there’s no one at all .
 Owing to the lack of people, he’s standing out to the greatest extent .
 With this, there was no point arranging to meet by the back gate .

“I have kept you waiting . ”
“I just arrived . Even the time spent waiting for Kii is delightful and enjoyab—”
“Let us leave at once . ”
“… Yeah . ”

 Lines that gets on my nerves will be shutout!
I’m not letting you finish your words, kay .

“So, where are we going?”
“Um… Is there anywhere you’d like to go?”

 I didn’t think he’d ask me in return .
 Maybe he wasn’t searching for a place to go when he looked through the magazine this afternoon?

“Does senpai not have any?”

 From his panicky expression, it appears he doesn’t have a place in mind .
 I feel exasperated; why was he even looking through the magazine then? Still… if this is the case, there’s hope .

“Please bring me to a place you like, senpai . ”
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 Chances are, in order to conform to the capturable characters, Kagurazaka Aoi masked himself in a facade .
 My preference was a『reliable and mature man』 .
 That was why he pretended to be like that in front of me .
 And I, too, thought he was such a person .

 What came to mind when I witnessed him reading the magazine during the day―― .
 It might be that I haven’t been ‘looking’ at Kagurazaka Aoi .
 Therefore… just for a bit, I thought of wanting to know the true Kagurazaka Aoi .

“Please bring me somewhere senpai feels is『truly fun』and somewhere you『honestly like』 .
“… If so, Kii will definitely not have fun, you know?”
“I do not mind . ”

 ’Somewhere I won’t have fun’, I’ve no idea where that is, but I wonder what kind of place is it?
 He appears hesitant, but when I nod as he asserts again that『It won’t be fun, you know?』, he starts walking with heavy footsteps .
 I smack away his hand that tries to hold mine, and follow behind him .

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“This is… an internet cafe?”
“Technically, it’s the most stylish one I know but… I’m sorry . ”

 The place we arrive at is an internet cafe within the arcade in front of the train station .
 Certainly, the interior is more stylish than the impression an ‘internet cafe’ gives .
 It’s simple, Westernised and its color scheme has a calming tone .
 So there’s a place like this, huh . It’s kind of exciting .

“Fufu . I have wanted to visit at least once!”

 I’ve wanted to visit at least once, but my friends probably don’t .
 While courage is needed, you also need to hold a great amount of interest to come here alone . This is such a place .
 Thus being brought here makes me unexpectedly happy .
 The receptionist big sis’ a beauty and with that black ribbon necktie attached to her white shirt, she seems more like a waitress in an expensive restaurant rather than a receptionist of an internet cafe .
 She smiles happily at the sight of the scum but her enthusiasm seems to decreasing after noticing me . Did the scum sink his poison fangs in you too?

“Amazing, isn’t it! To think the drinks are free-flow! They also have soft serve ice cream and regular ice cream!”

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 The service is also better than expected!
 Although there aren’t many customers, I do see women around, so it’s surprisingly not too uncomfortable .
 Oh man, my enthusiasm is rising!

“Do you come here often?”
“Once in a while… nah, I come quite often . ”
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 Didn’t he almost lie for a second just now?
 Why, even though I can’t care less how often he lies .

“What do you do here?”
“I play online games, read manga and watch DVDs . What shall we do?”
“Do not mind me and do what you want, senpai . ”

 I’ve no idea what to do, plus the objective today isn’t for me to enjoy myself .

“… Let’s watch a DVD . Is there anything you want to watch?”

 I wanted to let him choose the DVD, but it landed in my field of vision .
 The zombie action horror movie I’d been curious about .
 Before I knew it, my hand held the DVD and swiftly presented it to the scum .

 The scum’s face stiffens for a moment when he receives it and looks at the packaging . Is he bad with things like this?
 I was fine with changing it if he doesn’t want that but he already started heading towards the room with the number we were assigned to . Thus I follow him .
 He didn’t say a thing but is this okay?

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“AH… HHH…!”

 … Turns out it wasn’t okay .
 His face is stiff and his body withdrawn .
 Who’s this good-for-nothing letting out a pathetic voice?

“Senpai, are you bad with things like this?”

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 On screen playing the DVD now, the protagonist is rapidly defeating zombies .

“I-I’m not scared! You know how it’s surprising to have a bat[2] appear all of a sudden? I just wasn’t able to stand that . ”
“Oh . ”

 I halfheartedly respond to his excuse that I’ve no interest in .
 I want to focus on the showing .
 So please don’t distract me with your irritating voice .

 The room we are watching the DVD in is narrow and private .
 I suppose the width is about one tatami?
 The amenities are pretty much just a television, a sofa and a small table against the wall that drinks can be placed on .
 It’s dark as the lights are off and the only light source is the screen .
 The two of us are sitting on the sofa, side by side .


 … It really is squeezy; our shoulders make contact no matter what .
 At first, I was conscious about how close we were and it was unpleasant .
 I stopped caring as the movie progressed though .


  The moment the protagonist feels relieved after defeating all the zombies, a surprise attack comes from behind .
 He’s in deep crisis with a zombie clinging to his back, about to bite him any time .
 At the aforementioned scene, the shoulders of the guy beside me jump in shock .

“Lame . ”
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 Hehe .
 I reflexively laugh . The pretty face, illuminated only by the light from the screen, seems to turn away sullenly .  My laughter wells up even more .
 It’s the first time I see him make a face like that, huh… It may be kind of cute .

 When I return my line of sight to the front, the protagonist had somehow torn the zombie off his back . After which he showers it with bullets and kicks off its head .
 How inefficient, especially when bullets are limited .

“He should have kicked from the start if he was going to do so . Don’t you think the bullets he shot were a waste?”

 There’s no reply even though I talk to him .
 When I look beside me once again, his eyes are closed .
 Well now, is he using the strategy of ‘not seeing’?

“If you’re so scared, shall we stop watching?”
“I-I’m watching!”
“You are not watching, though . ”
“… I’m watching . ”

 I draw nearer in order to make sure, and certainly, they are faintly open .
 That, you can barely watch like that, right .
 You don’t have to force yourself so hard to watch .

 Right then, my urge to do mischief grows and I grin in the dark .
 The target doesn’t realise I’m looking at him . He’s timidly staring at the screen while doing his best to not see a thing .

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 I firmly grab his shoulder and at the same time, let out a loud sound by his ears .
 After which, he gets so shocked that it surprised me; he fell from the sofa .

“Fufu . ”

 Stupefied, he looks at me with wide eyes .
 After falling from the sofa, his clothes are out of sorts and his expression has broken down . He looks silly .
 As I stare at the pretty face that remains stiff even now, I didn’t manage to stop myself and break out in laughter .

“… Kii . I thought I was going to die . ”
“Senpai can just turn into a zombie if you die . You can join them, you know . ”
“… Goodness, I’m really no match for Kii . ”

 Hanging his head, he returns to the sofa as I point at the screen and laugh .
 His nervousness may have dissolved after receiving a shock; he has this strangely lax expression .
 What makes him so happy?

“I won’t be scared if Kii is willing to hold my hand, though . ”
“Be scared for the rest of your life then . ”

 He’s even getting so spirited .
 Let’s leave him alone and watch the movie .