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Chapter 343

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 343: Sole God – 4

Michael proceeded onward . Advancing through the world filled to the brim with curses and poison, he erased everything that ticked him off with his searing light . There was not a strand of light that originated from Elo Katra, but that did not matter . Michael was light itself, and he could generate light by absorbing magic power .
Putting mass into light, adjusting its speed, and even increasing their destructive power by focusing it at a point was all possible for him . Just why was he focusing on other magic or martial-arts related research until now? He could have just focused on one thing!

[Greed . ]
[Come . ]
[You are almost here . ]

The moment after Michael shouted while releasing light, the curtain in front of him was lifted and a giant castle appeared . It was the first time Michael had seen such a strange thing .

[I have always longed for you . I was waiting for you to be complete all this time . ]
[Foolish . You’re a mere greedy beast and you’re even arrogant . I can see where this is going . ]
[You can? Ahahahahahahahah!]

The world shook . It was probably the influence of Greed’s ruling power within his domain . Michael finally realized that this was the main world of the enemy, and he was going against the leader of this world by himself .

However, he did not retreat . He would kill Greed and subordinate Elo Katra into Heaven . Heaven will become his, and he shall put an end to Yu IlHan’s rampage and take Satan’s life with his very own hands . He would not let any other faction do as they wished .

Heaven needed to be the one and only faction . Since he was the sole God, all beings had to follow him . He had to stand at the very peak of existence .

[Show yourself, Greed . ]
[Come in yourself . Why? Are you scared?]

Michael laughed .

[Is that the trait of you Destruction Demon Army? Taunting others shamelessly? It seems like only your tongue has gotten training, insolent beast . Fear is something that the weak feel when going against the strong . Your actions of running away the moment you came to Heaven, even when you had come to Heaven as if you would swallow the entirety of Heaven itself, that was the action of a coward that is scared . ]
[Then enter . ]

The castle opened . An abyss . Even a 7th class being will be deflected without being able to do anything here due to the pure density of mana . However, Michael received it head on with his prideful countenance, and melted it away with his light .

[I shall face you head on . ]
[You do not need to . You can call me a robber . ]

Michael’s light melted the very darkness of the world . He burned every curse and poison, purified them, and made them his . And in the next moment .

[I shall take away everything from you forcefully . ]

Michael charged at the speed of light . The darkness that seem to devour him whole all disintegrated the moment it came into close proximity with him, all spatial distortion within the castle melted down .

Eventually, Michael met Greed face to face . A hideous monster whose entire body was bound to the wall . A lump of greed with unknown origin, a fusion of nearly every species .

He subconsciously became enraged . He didn’t like the fact that he had to use his power against this vile thing .

[It has been a long while since you tried to bite at Heaven . Time has passed and you have turned even more hideous . ]
[Ah, you mean that time…… it was such a pity . If the other factions didn’t help out Heaven at that time, I would have regained everything without a hitch . ]

Michael’s eyebrows twitched .

Yes . Heaven didn’t block the Destruction Demon Army with their own power . The Garden of Sunset and the Army of Brilliant Light helped them . To be exact, they had helped out all on their own accord .

Leaving aside Satan since he originated from Heaven, he didn’t know why the Garden of Sunset helped them out at that time . However, now he knew . The leader of the Garden of Sunset was Gabriel . Without even knowing that, he was played the fool until now……

[*Crunch* . ]

Michael channeled his rage for Gabriel into hostility for the enemy in front of him . Gabriel could be taken care of later . Right now, he had to kill this freak of nature .

[Fight me, Greed . It’s time to deliver divine punishment unto you . ]
[Why don’t you…… just try it!]

Along with Greed’s shout came tens of strands of metal chains from the castle ceiling . It was unknown what it was made of, but the blood that had turned black, and the blackish-purple poison made Michael feel unpleasant .
He immediately released light in order to block it, but leaders’ attacks weren’t ordinary . It didn’t disappear so easily . Greed mocked at Michael after looking at that .

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[Your light only amounted to so much? Didn’t you shout about how you were the ‘one and only’ or something?]

The light Michael emitted became stronger . High-energy light spread around to the surroundings and blocked the metallic chains that came from the ceiling, the floor and the windows .

[Child’s play…… kugh!?]

Along with the sounds of chains, Greed threw out his left hand! It wasn’t just the physical force that was overwhelming . The suction force within it was devouring all mana around it .
The light that Michael released was no exception . The ability to devour energy just by moving! This is what made Greed the leader of the Destruction Demon Army!

[But…… . ]

Michael punched out a fist enveloped in light . His fist was like a toothpick compared to Greed’s, but it actually managed to absorb energy from it and push it back instead!

[You aren’t the only one that can steal, you foolish beast!]

The reason the Four Great Archangels (plus Satan) could push God out was not because of Satan’s defection, not because of Gabriel, not because of Raphael’s healing, and not because of Uriel’s restriction power .

It was the power of stealing that Michael had been born with, like the prophecies of Gabriel; one that he refrained from using because it did not suit his position, but was stronger than any other .

[I know…… I know very well!]
[Then you should know that your specialty is useless against me!]
[Not at all! I! Shall! Devour! Everything! Both the alive and the dead, and even the records of this world!]

Fist clashed with fist as the duo exchanged countless blows . It was also a competition of power as well . The metallic chains that sprouted from various parts of the castle continually aimed for Michael, and he erased them without difficulty with his five pairs of wings .

[Your power is weak, Michael! You became weaker! Did that power work against Yu IlHan!]
[Weak? Me? How dare you say that when you can barely match me after devouring everything with that insatiable greed of yours!]

Michael snorted, but couldn’t help but be shocked internally . How did this guy know that his power was weakened?

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‘When we chased out God, I lost a portion of my power in compensation for the treachery . Though, I could finally recover thanks to acquiring God’s power…… but yes, my ability has definitely weakened . ’

Even with the power of stealing, it was impossible to completely steal God’s power . However, the fragments of God’s power he acquired in exchange was stronger so he wasn’t aware of that until now . Since God’s power was what triggered him to be able to become a transcender, he didn’t worry that much .

[However this is more than enough to face the likes of you!]
[I shall, devour everything of yours!]

The castle exploded . Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and tens of millions of chains assaulted Michael . The ancient metal that composed the castle crumbled and morphed into countless spears that attacked Michael, and even the wall that bound Greed until now had collapsed and he had become free .

The gigantic freak big enough to fill the entire world, assaulted Michael from the top .

[Since it is the Harmageddon, I do not need to hold myself back anymore!]
[Insolent beast!]

Less than a heartbeat later, light was released and covered the expansive region . A brilliance that made Greed unable to open his eyes properly! Metallic chains melted, the spears melted, and all the fragmented remains of the castle melted down .

Thanks to the strong shockwave from the two’s magic power, the surrounding environment was utterly devastated . Every time parts of Elo Katra lost its shape, a part of Greed’s gigantic body melted down as well, but there was seemingly no end to his gargantuan body .

The two did not even look directly at each other, they only clashed with their full power in order to take the other’s life .

[You and I are similar, no?]

Greed suddenly said . Michael snorted and denied that .

[Comparing a firefly to the sun?]
[You have mentioned a good analogy . Yes, our current relationship is truly like that of the sun and a firefly . The firefly emits light with its rear thinking that it’s the very brightest, but how ephemeral is the light? The tiny bit of light that can be devoured by the sun only lasts for a few days, the life of that tiny insect cannot even handle its emission of light and is fated to die . ]
[Thanks for the explanation, firefly . ]

Michael abruptly widened his eyes .

The past him may have shrunk back in the face of strong magic power . However, not now .

The main world of the enemy? How was that important? He was here, and he was shining brightly . Where Michael was, was his own domain . Light existed everywhere, and light was his to command, all creation was his!

[I shall have you know, that I am that sun!]

Michael became light . He who had surpassed records used all of his magic power and was transforming it into light!

The speed at which Greed’s body melted down became faster . Despite that, Greed could not hide his joy . Since Michael was rejecting his original power for the sake of pursuing stronger light, Greed’s own power of devouring was successfully pushing his power back even further .

And when that power reached the peak……!

[Melt into nothingness, Greed! Foolish firefly!]

When Greed shouted that, the light that filled the entire world instantly disappeared . Michael panicked and tried to release light once again, but he found it to be impossible .

No, it was possible to release light, but it was disappearing the moment that it was emitted, almost as though he was being sucked into a black hole .

[You have committed a grave mistake . You should not have desired what you could not acquire . You should have focused on what you already own . ]

It took another moment for him to realize his light had been devoured .

Devoured? His light? By Greed? This was so confusing for him that he couldn’t even speak properly . How was that possible? How?

At that time, he recognized the existence of another man who remained within the original confines of the castle even after Greed’s body melted away .

Possessing Michael’s own light around him, but still vehemently trying to devour everything that Michael possessed .

[……Father . ]

Muttered Michael in disbelief .

Greed, that is, the former God of Heaven, opened his mouth in an evil fashion and replied .

[Yes, my son . It is me . ]