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Chapter 1186
Chapter 1186: Ruins, Inheritance (3)

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However, before he could reach the treasure, a sword was suddenly thrust forward and pierced through his chest .

His body shook as he turned around in disbelief and looked at the person who had stabbed him . "You, you actually . . . " he asked in a trembling voice .

"There's not much treasure here . The less of us there are, the more chances we will have to get something so you can go to hell!"

The attacker then pulled his sword out emotionlessly . Even the way he had spoken was extremely cruel and he showed absolutely no mercy at all .

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Fresh blood gushed out from the cultivator's body like spring water . He then slowly crumpled to the ground, landing in front of everyone with a thud .

Everyone immediately drew their weapon and struck the person standing next to them .

They must slaughter their own kind for the sake of obtaining the treasure!

"Sir, should we join the fray as well?" Feng Yi stared at Feng Yuqing in confusion as he asked .

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Before Feng Yuqing could reply, a cold and indifferent voice chimed in, "If you trust my word, leave these things alone . Nothing good can come from taking these treasures!"

Feng Yuqing fell momentarily silent before he slowly nodded . "We'll listen to Lady Gu . "

Knowing this woman's character, she would never open her mouth to spout delirious ravings . Since she has asked them to give up on obtaining these treasures, there must be a good reason why they should leave these treasures alone . Otherwise, they might end up throwing their lives away senselessly! Most importantly, with so many powerful cultivators fighting for the treasure, they really could not expect anything good to happen .

What was it all for?

Actually, Elder Mei was more worried about the black-robed man joining the fight . It was a good thing that he did not react at all and had remained standing behind Gu Ruoyun like a statue . Elder Mei does not know why but when she saw this, a hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes .

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Why do I feel as if this man is like a bodyguard and is protecting that woman's safety?

She quickly sneered at herself for having that thought .

How could that be possible? How could a woman who needs to gain the Second Master of Wind Valley's favor possibly have such a powerful bodyguard? Perhaps the black-robed man was just minding his own business behind her . He certainly can't be acquainted with her at all!

In the room, countless cultivators have fallen into a pool of blood as a result of the massacre . At this time, they never thought that they would end up being murdered by their friends after surviving the stone man's attack .

And it was all for the sake of the treasure in those chests .

"It's almost done . " Elder Mei wiped the blood from her face and said, "Now there should be enough people to divide the treasure amongst us . We only need to discuss who will take what! Even though many have lost their lives here, we still don't know what's going to happen next . "

"However . . . " She paused before she turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the others . She then smiled as she said, "Those of you who did not take part in the battle can't claim any of the treasure . "

"To me, this treasure is not quite as important as you, Elder Mei . I'd rather you give yourself to me, Elder Mei, instead of having this treasure . "

Feng Yuqing peeked at Elder Mei with narrowed eyes, looking like a hedonistic son through and through .

Elder Mei felt disgusted but she did not show it on her face . Instead, she chuckled before saying, "Don't worry, once we leave these ruins, I won't treat you unfairly . "

However, that would require them to actually leave the ruins in one piece .

"My Lord . " After Elder Mei had spoken, she lifted her head towards the black-robed man in black who was standing behind Gu Ruoyun and addressed him . She flashed a pretty and charming smile as she spoke with an attractive expression on her face, "I wonder if any of these treasures have caught your eye? I'll leave one especially for you . "