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Chapter 1293
Chapter 1293: Early-Stage Exceptional State (20)

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A black-robed woman was seated at a table in a simple and unadorned drawing room . Her eyes continuously darted towards the door and there was a sense of anticipation on her face . However, a clear sense of disappointment flashed in her eyes when she noticed Gu Ruoyun walking into the room .

That's not him!

However, the more that fellow refuses to see me, the more curious I am about his identity!

"Chu Luo of the Ghost Order?"

Gu Ruoyun slowly entered the room as her clear and cold gaze turned towards the black-robed woman . She then calmly curled her lips . "I wonder what business do you have with the Devil Sect?"

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There was an ugly look on Chu Luo's face now . "I'm here to see your Master, not you . I am the Order Master of the Ghost Order . I'm on the same rank as your Master yet they had sent a servant girl to greet me . "

It was said that the Master of this palace does not have a wife . Therefore, the woman before her must clearly be a servant .

The hateful thing was, it would be fine if that fellow had refused to see her yet he had actually sent a servant girl . This was clearly an insult!

"Apologies but . . . " Gu Ruoyun smirked . "I'm the Master of this palace . "


Chu Luo's finger tensed up and she shattered the teacup in her hand . Her pretty eyes were wide with shock as she stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief .

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"What did you say? You're the Master of this palace? That's impossible, I heard that the Master of this palace is a silver-haired man in red who is absolutely powerful . You are merely at the early stage of the exceptional state . "

Gu Ruoyun looked at the teacup that Chu Luo had shattered and calmly replied, "The tea cups in my palace are very expensive . You've broken it so you shall have to compensate me with ten thousand gold pieces . "


Chuo Luo nearly jumped . Shamed into anger, she cried out, "Are you trying to rob me?"

Ten thousand gold pieces .

This woman could even think of such a thing .

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She owns a teacup which actually costs ten thousand gold pieces!

"Since you don't want to compensate me with money, Zi Yun, send our guest away!"

"Wait . " Chu Luo was anxious now . She has yet to grasp the situation so how could she leave so soon?

She gritted her teeth at the thought and said, "It's just ten thousand gold pieces, isn't it? I'll give it to you . However, I don't have that much money on me at the moment . I'll have someone send it over to you later . "

"No gold pieces? No problem . You can use an item of the same price in exchange . " Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze towards Chu Luo and said with a fixed smile . "How about you give me that Blood Lotus in your arm, it's less valuable than ten thousand gold pieces . "

Chu Luo nearly spat out a mouthful of blood .

In this woman's eyes, was this Blood Lotus only worth less than ten thousand gold pieces?

One should know that she had spent a million gold pieces to buy this from a peddler!

And now this woman wants to exchange it for a shattered teacup?

"Miss, this is daylight robbery!" Chu Luo gritted her teeth hatefully . "No matter how expensive your teacup is, it's not as valuable as my Blood Lotus! I can give you ten thousand gold pieces but you can forget about this Blood Lotus . "

"Really?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brow . "Zi Yun, send our guest away . From now on, members of the Ghost Order are not welcome here!"

"You . . . " Chu Luo trembled in anger .

However, she could not contain her curiosity and pulled the Blood Lotus out from her bosom before throwing it at Gu Ruoyun .

"I'll give it to you! It's only an item worth a million gold pieces! The Ghost Order has the money and I can just buy another one next time! However, I hope you don't end up being choked to death by this Blood Lotus! It's not good to take another's possession!"