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Chapter 1756


Is that really Yun'er?

Dongfang Yu's mouth fell open . There were a million things that she wanted to say but she did not know how to express herself . . .

"Father, Mother, we're home . "

The green-robed woman landed sheepishly in front of them . Her lucid and elegant features carried a gentle smile as she spoke tenderly .

Dongfang Yu finally returned to her senses and hurried forward . She forcefully pulled Gu Ruoyun into her arms and held the woman's body in a tight embrace . Her voice trembled slightly as she said, "Yun'er, you're back . It's good that you're home, it's good that you're home . . . "

Though Grand Lord Hong Lian did not say very much, his eyes were filled with tenderness . He then stepped forward and pulled the two women he loved most in the world into his arms .

"Come, let's go home! Yun'er, Xiao Xun'er has been waiting for you over the past few days . We did not dare to tell him about the situation outside and we've only managed to coax him to sleep with great difficulty . You should go and have a look at him . "

"Alright . "

Gu Ruoyun's smile deepened when she thought about that fair, jade-like face .

. . .

Xiao Xun'er was curled up into a ball under the sheets in the bedchamber . His fair, jade-like face was still stained with sparkling and translucent tears .

Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye silently walked in . They saw the tearful little boy who was lying on the bed and looked at each other as their eyes filled with heartache .

They have truly caused him to endure such bitterness over these past few days . . .

Gu Ruoyun softly and quietly moved towards the bedside and gently stroked the little one's hair with her finger . She then lowered her head and carefully planted a kiss on Xiao Xun'er's cheek . Her eyes were filled with a tender light .

Her kiss seemed to have woken Xiao Xun'er and the little fellow opened his sleepy and unfocused eyes .

Xiao Xun'er was dazed when he saw the two who were standing next to the bed . He murmured in disbelief, "What's Father and Mother doing here? Is Xun'er still dreaming?"

Once Xiao Xun'er had finished speaking, he shut his eyes once again so he could continue his interrupted dream before waking again .

However, that kiss caused him to feel very warm inside so he could not help but open his eyes . He blinked his large eyes, puzzled, before he tried to call out, "Father, Mother?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as her eyes gazed upon Xiao Xun'er who was lying on the bed and replied, "Xun'er, we're home . . . "

Xun'er, we're home!

Xiao Xun'er's body stiffened instantly . He suddenly sobbed very loudly and threw himself into Gu Ruoyun's arms .

"Mother, where did you and Father go? Xun'er thought that you had eloped and abandoned me . Maternal Grandmother and Grandfather wouldn't let me out of the palace to look for you but Xun'er had really missed you very much . "

Gu Ruoyun lowered her head and gently stroked Xiao Xun'er's head . Her lips curled into a smile, "Xun'er, it's time to wake up . Mother, Father, your grandparents, godfather, and your uncle are now preparing to journey to the West Spirit Mainland . Your great grandfather is living in the West Spirit Mainland . If you're late, I reckon we might leave you behind . "

Xiao Xun'er bounced right up when he heard this . "Father, Mother, Xun'er will go and change right now . You only need to wait for half an hour, no, just a few minutes will do!"

Leave me behind? That's impossible!

I don't want to ever leave them again!

"Xiao Ye, let's wait for him outside . " Gu Ruoyun smiled .

Looks like Father and Mother have not told this little guy about our battle with Cang Ming . Otherwise, I fear that this little one would have already flipped out and caused a ruckus .

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