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Published at 20th of March 2019 08:44:17 AM

Chapter 1758

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East Peak Mainland .

The Cloudy Wind Empire .

Even since Cang Ming had disappeared from the mainland, the whole East Peak Mainland enjoyed a sense of peace and quiet that they have never experienced before! As for the two legendary figures of the mainland, Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye, they had disappeared like legends .

No one knows where they had gone off to and no one had seen them since . However, even if they never appeared before the eyes of the world again, tales of their legendary exploits only continued to grow instead .

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At this moment, a young man was standing with his arms behind his back in the Cloudy Wind Empire's Imperial Palace . His silver-colored robes fluttered in the wind as his silver hair floated gently like silk . His black eyes stared into the distance as his emotions also drifted out of the palace walls .

"Is there still no news about where those two have gone off to?"

The young man stood with his back against the people behind him . His aloof black eyes were staring into the distance but one could clearly hear the underlying anger in his voice .

Lan Ge looked at the young man who had his back against him and laughed in exasperation, "Little Master, we've sent countless people from the Cloudy Wind Empire out but no one has been able to find them yet . Besides, they didn't go to the Dongfang family home so we really don't know where they've gone off to this time . "

The young man gently knitted his brows . This little action caused the palace maids to hold their breath, unable to look away .

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"It's fine if that fellow wants to leave but why must he drag my mother along? They're always nestling together and threw me into this place alone! They've seriously crossed the line!"

It was very obvious that the youth was angry at the couple who had cast him aside to go for a scenic vacation! They should have brought him along at the very least .

In the end, he was like a burden which was thrown aside just like that . . .

"Find them, use every man available to find them . I don't believe that this mainland is actually all that big! Where could they both have disappeared to? There are still no grounds for them to abandon me like this!"

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The young man lifted his cold, proud, and aloof features as he spoke with determination .

I will find them even if I have to travel to the ends of the earth! I will make them realize that I'm not so easily cast aside!

"Little Master . " Lan Ge laughed bitterly . He looked entirely exasperated as he continued, "If your parents really don't want anyone to find them, you'll never find them no matter how many people you send out! Therefore, I think you should stop looking for them . They will naturally return when they decide to do so . "

The handsome, silver-haired youth finally turned around slowly when he heard Lan Ge's words . His cold and proud eyes turned to look at him .

"Uncle Lan, you just need to send people out to find them, there's no need for you to be concerned with anything else . Furthermore, I'm going to head out of the palace . I reckon that I won't be back so soon so I would still need you, Uncle Lan, to manage the Cloudy Wind Empire's matters . "

"You want to leave the palace, Little Master?" Lan Ge looked at the young man's handsome face and asked, puzzled, "May I ask where you're headed to, Little Master?"

The young man fell silent for a moment before he replied, "I'm going to the West Spirit Mainland . Great Maternal Grandfather's birthday is coming up soon . It's impossible that those two will miss that so I will be there, waiting! At the same time, I will ask them why they had chosen to leave me here all alone!"

The young man's eyes filled with resentment as he said these words . He was obviously quite annoyed with his parents .

"Little Master, the two of them want some peace and quiet so . . . "

Lan Ge was still trying to explain the couple's motivations but the young man did not appreciate his kindness . He scoffed and said, "They've brought that little girl, Gu Wanbai, along with them but they didn't bring me! Therefore, I must find them and interrogate them to ask if they really intend on abandoning me . "

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