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Chapter 498

Chapter 498: The Massacre (1)

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"I choose the Spirit Sect . "

The young girl's calm voice rang out as clearly as a bell throughout the plaza, every syllable fell distinctly into every ear .  

In contrast with Bai Xiangtian's blackened face, a trace of disappointment also flashed across Elder Jiu's face .  A girl with such immense talent, he thought .  Wouldn't it be great if she had joined the Courts of Hell?


A black-faced Bai Xiangtian scoffed coldly . He swept his gaze across Gu Ruoyun's face and exclaimed coldly, "So, you refuse to join the Immortal Realm? You'll regret this!"

This girl is not only valiant and talented but vicious and merciless as well . If someone like her refuses to join the Immortal Realm then I . . . have no choice but to make her disappear, to stamp out a potential disaster in the future!

Bai Xiangtian slowly turned his attention to Zuo Shangchen at the thought of this and spoke coldly, "Young Master of the Dark Yin Palace, I've long heard news of your great talent . I hope you won't make the same foolish decision as her . "

Zuo Shangchen stretched out lazily on his sedan and replied with smiling eyes, "My apologies, wherever Xiao Yun'er goes, I follow . I'm choosing the same Authority as well . "

His face, as beautiful as a peach blossom, was filled with an enchanting smile . His peach-blossom-pink robes fluttered against the gentle breeze like petals in the wind .  

Bai Xiangtian's expression turned cold . Just as he was about to speak up, the Honorable Sir Tianqi cut him off .  

"Bai Xiangtian, these are the personal decisions of the young ones . Do you still intend on forcing them?"


Bai Xiangtian scoffed coldly again, hiding the murderous intent in his eyes .  

Once Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen made their decisions, the rest began choosing the Authority they wished to join . Wei Yiyi naturally chose to follow Gu Ruoyun and Rongyue chose the Immortal Realm, predictably .  

Her choice somewhat calmed Bai Xiangtian .  

Once everyone has chosen their desired jurisdiction on the spot, the crowd slowly began to disperse . In contrast with the number of new disciples that the Immortal Realm and the Spirit Sect had received, the new recruits in the Courts of Hell were far and few in between . . .  

. . .

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Nightfall .

In the guest house, a semi-conscious Linlang gently opened her eyes . She tried to move but ended up aggravating her wounds . She gasped from the pain .  

"Linlang, you're awake?"

Dongfang Changjin spotted Linlang's movements from the corner of her eye . She hurriedly approached her and coaxed gently, "Your wounds are not fully healed . It's best that you rest now . "

"Master," Linlang raised her sparkling eyes, staring seriously up at Changjin, "I did not let you down . I defeated Gu Ling . But in the end, I still . . . "

"Linlang . "

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Suddenly, an airy voice was heard, coming from a close proximity . The young girl's raven hair was like a rippling waterfall and her green robes gave off a clear, cool glow under the moonlight, "Why didn't you use the weapon that I've given you?"

"I . . . " Linlang lightly bit her lip and replied, "I wanted to defeat Gu Ling with my own strength . I did not want to use a spiritual weapon in this sort of situation . "

Gu Ruoyun fell silent and did not pursue the matter . But when Linlang assumed that she had gotten angry with her, Gu Ruoyun hurriedly continued, "Don't worry, I will make the Gu family escort your parents back to you in a palanquin with eight carriers . "

"Lady Gu . . . "

Linlang's heart softened as tears began welling up in her eyes .  How many years has it been since I last saw my parents? How many years have I had to live my life, longing for them . . .  

"Lady Gu, thank you . Truly, thank you . If it were not for you, this day would never have come . . . "

"If you really want to thank me, then protect the Dongfang family with everything you have from now on . This is the best reciprocation for me . Alright, we should make our way back to the Dongfang family home tomorrow . You'd better get some rest . "