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Published at 31st of July 2018 08:29:16 AM

Chapter 839

"Sister Gu . "

The Little Princess tugged Gu Ruoyun's robes and asked, "For Xia Ming to make such a daring claim, he must have another trump card in his hand . What should we do now?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently, "So what? No matter how many trump cards he has, I'll smash all of them . Since I've dared to come here, we'll definitely be able to leave! I'd love to see who's going to stop me . "


A powerful aura burst from Gu Ruoyun's being . Her green robes fluttered despite the stillness in the air . Her clear, cold eyes remained calm, completely ignoring Xia Ming's threats .

"Gu Ruoyun, you are far too arrogant . I'm going to make you regret it now . " Xia Ming's expression has turned even uglier . He scoffed coldly before he turned to face the sky in the rear courtyard . He then joined his fists together and bowed respectfully, "My Lord, please show yourself and grant us aid!"

The Lord Vermillion Bird does not want the world to know of its existence so even in the Xia family, not many have seen it in person .

This was why Xia Ming had not exposed its revered name . He believes that the Lord Vermillion Bird would know that he was summoning it .


The entire courtyard was silent!

Xia Ming's expression slowly changed . He seems to notice the disdainful looks around him and called out once again, "My Lord, did you not want us to help you in your search for a few persons? Please come out now and help me kill these people!"

He voice could be heard across the entire sky but still, it garnered no response .

Mo Shangfei laughed icily and sneered mockingly, "Xia Ming, stop being so pretentious . Do you think that this is going scare us? What trump card do you have? It doesn't even exist!"

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"You shut your mouth!" Xia Ming's expression was ashen with rage . He then roared furiously, "All these years, you've dined and wined in the Xia family yet not only do you not comprehend reciprocation, you're helping outsiders to oppress the Xia family! You are an ingrate! I've raised you in vain!"

A cold glint flashed across the corner of Mo Shangfei's eyes as his scornful expression deepened, "Raised me in vain? Six years, I've been the Xia family bodyguard for six years yet I've never received a single gold coin! However, in remembrance of the Xia family's kindness in offering me shelter, I've become your bodyguard for six years without compensation . Now, you're actually saying that you've raised me in vain? I've repaid the Xia family's kindness in the course of these six years so from now on, we're even!"

"You . . . " Xia Ming glared coldly at Mo Shangfei, "Mo Shangfei, you little b*stard . One day, you'll suffer a horrible death . "


Just as he was speaking, a hand was flung fiercely towards him and the impact sent Xia Ming flying out of the way .

Gu Ruoyun lifted the corner of her lips as she gently massaged her hand and asked calmly, "Xia Ming, if you guys can't find the one who's supposed to help you, let us leave . Otherwise, I don't mind allowing the Xia family's blood to flow into a river today!"

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Xia Ming's eyes darkened but in the end, he took a deep breath and said, "Let them go . "

"Yes, Master!"

Hearing his command, the ring of guards separated, creating a path .

"Mo Shangfei, I want you to follow the Little Princess back to the Imperial Palace . " Gu Ruoyun glanced at Mo Shangfei and added, "Don't set foot in the Xia family home ever again . "

"Got it . "

Mo Shangfei nodded . He knows that if Gu Ruoyun had not arrived in time today, he would never have been able to leave this place .

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It was not a big issue to him if he was to end up trapped here but what had caused him to panic was that he would never be able to see the Little Princess again .

"Xia Ming, I'll be giving you a surprise in a few days . "

Without another word, Gu Ruoyun then turned around and left .

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