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Chapter 849

"Hmph!" Bai Zhongtian scoffed and stared disdainfully at the two people on the seats of honor . He then spoke to them in a sarcastic manner, "The Xia family's education system is pretty good, even a little lady only a few years of age would act like such a despot and try to snatch someone away in front of me! Do you have any idea who he is? Do you think that you'd be able to pray the price for him if you knew his true identity?"

"I don't care, I want that little boy," Xia Chuling pouted and puffed her cheeks, clearly incapable of understanding the situation before her, "Father said that he would be mine sooner or later! Besides, Big Brother Lu Chen also said that he's only worth over ten gold pieces . Our Xia family can afford that . "

Bai Zhongtian nearly laughed with madness .   Over ten gold pieces?

She wants to purchase the Ancient Divine Phoenix, Zixie, for over ten gold pieces? Is she certain that she isn't teasing him?

"Ling'er!" Xia Ming expression changed greatly as he berated her in a stern voice, "Who taught you to say these things? I've never made such a statement! I'm going to change your Master within the next few days, it seems that he has been teaching you some nonsensical things! You've not inherited any of our Xia family's noble character and unquestionable integrity!"

Xia Chuling was completely dazed . She stared at Xia Ming with tears in her eyes and the pitiful look on her face was an extremely heart-wrenching sight as if she had just suffered an enormous wrong .

She could not understand it, her father was clearly the one who had said those things to her so why has he pushed the blame onto her Master?

However, Xia Chuling only needed to take one look at the ugly expression on Xia Ming's face before she quickly ran to hide in her wet nurse's embrace, not daring to say another word .

Bai Zhongtian felt the urge to laugh again .

Having a noble character and unquestionable integrity were characteristics used to described other people but this was the first time he has ever heard anyone using those terms to describe themselves .

"Bai Zhongtian, despite the fact that you've murdered Yun'er, you've come to attend Xue'er's wedding ceremony so I won't be calculative with you today! I'll settle the debt with you once this wedding ceremony is over! Others may fear you, Bai Zhongtian, but I, Xia Ming, do not! As long as I can avenge Yun'er, I would not hesitate even if I have to give up my own life!"

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Xia Ming purposely spewed these words for the benefit of Supreme Jin's ears .

He does not understand why Supreme Jin did not move once the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian had arrived . Could it be that he no longer wishes to avenge Xia Ruoyun? Besides, Supreme Jin's gaze has never left Gu Ruoyun since the beginning . . .

"You . . . " Supreme Jin fell momentarily silent and his stern gaze was fixed upon Gu Ruoyun as he asked, "What kind of relationship do you have with the Holy Doctor?"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged as she curled her lips and replied, "He's my master . "


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The initially silent guests who were seated in the hall could no longer contain themselves after hearing these words .   This woman is the Holy Doctor's disciple?

Supreme Jin's eyes sank momentarily before he spoke in a deep voice, "You should leave . Don't interfere in the matter between the Xia family and the Holy Doctor . This does not concern you so leave now, I don't want to hurt you . "

The reason why he does not wish to hurt her was not only because she was the Grand Lord Hong Lian's adopted daughter .

It was even more so because she had an aura which was similar to Xia Ruoyun's .

Simply because of this, he could not bear to hurt this woman .

Xia Chuxue clenched her fists tightly and her vicious gaze was like a sharp sword which had been tempered in poison as she glared fixatedly at Gu Ruoyun . However, all eyes were on Gu Ruoyun and the rest of her party at this moment so no one had noticed the vicious look in her Xia Chuxue's eyes .

"Is it possible that you, Supreme Jin, are unaware that not only am I the Holy Doctor's disciple," Gu Ruoyun smiled as she raised her gaze towards Supreme Jin's handsomely chiseled features, "Even Xia Ruoyun had been his disciple as well?"