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Published at 31st of July 2018 08:33:11 AM

Chapter 923

"I couldn't do anything else about it either . " Gu Ruoyun looked absolutely exasperated, "They kept provoking me and I had initially ignored them but, in the end, they wanted my life so I had fought back! Besides, don't I look alright? Even without Chi, Zixie is around so I'm not in any danger . "

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For the sake of Bai Zhongtian's heart, Gu Ruoyun did not tell him that even if she was to fight Elder Huang on her own, she might not lose to him anyway .

Bai Zhongtian's voice then became sluggish .

How could I have forgotten, this little girl has the Ancient Divine Pagoda and is Zixie's Master! With the Ancient Divine Phoenix Zixie by her side, an insignificant human like Elder Huang could never be able to hurt her .

Except . . .

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"Little girl, now that you've attacked Elder Huang, he must be harboring a bone-deep hatred towards you! Why had you not severed the roots as well back then? You've already crossed the First City, there's nothing wrong with crossing them even more . "

Bai Zhongtian rolled his eyes and glanced at Gu Ruoyun as he asked .

"He still has his uses . " Gu Ruoyun laughed softly, "I have crippled Huang Feifei's powers . In general, there's nothing she can withstand . As for that Elder Huang, I've spared him for now so, naturally, he would be of some use to me . "

"Hmph!" Bai Zhongtian scoffed icily as a fiery rage burned from within his elderly features, "I don't care what uses you think he has, that old fart, Elder Huang, had the audacity to make a move against my precious disciple! If I don't cripple him, I'll wipe out his surname!"

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This time, he no longer waited for Gu Ruoyun to speak and disappeared from the bedchamber with a loud whoosh . An angry roar then echoed through the sky above the Medicine Sect, shaking the entire place .

"Huang Chuan, you get your *ss out here and face your death!"

In the elder's chambers, Elder Huang trembled when he heard the loud roar . The pen in his hand dropped and rolled right off to the ground as his elderly features completely drained of color .

Previously, when Bai Zhongtian had been yelling at Gu Ruoyun, the entire Medicine Sect had heard it all very clearly . Therefore, Elder Huang had thought that Bai Zhongtian was unhappy with everything Gu Ruoyun had done and would punish her severely .

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Who would have thought that the old man would charge towards him after that?

Bai Zhongtian was indeed angry at Gu Ruoyun's attitude but he never felt that his disciple had done anything wrong! To him, Gu Ruoyun would never do anything wrong . Even if she had been in the wrong, it must have been a miscommunication . Who would dare oppose this?

The real reason why he was so angry was that Gu Ruoyun had not waited for him before making her move . If Gu Ruoyun did not have such powerful spiritual beasts on hand, then she would have suffered some pretty heavy wounds and maybe even end up losing her life .

Of course, Bai Zhongtian did not consider the fact that since Gu Ruoyun had dared to launch her attack, that proved that she had a hundred percent guarantee of success!

An old man was dressed in disheveled white robes was now standing in the Medicine Sect's courtyard . He glared angrily at the courtyard's gate and his elderly features were full of rage as he roared furiously once again, "Huang Chuan, if you don't f*cking get your *ss out here, I'll run your territory to the ground!"

As he spoke, a figure hurriedly stumbled out . When he saw that figure, Bai Zhongtian's expression became even uglier as the fiery rage within his soul burned brighter and brighter . He gritted his teeth and said, "How great you are, Huang Chuan, you must be sick of living since you had the audacity to harm my disciple . If I don't cripple you today, I'll wipe out your surname!"

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