Evil God Average - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 – Relief

After experiencing that heartrending event of being run away from by both bandits and their victim, I stood stock still for a while, but I pulled byself together and decided to have a look at what was inside the bag that was flung at me earlier .
Just as I had guessed from that painful experience earlier, the inside of the bag was stuffed with gold coins .
I don’t know what the currency in this world is worth, but there are quite a lot inside, and I think it might be a fair amount .
…The pain was proportional though .

When I counted the contents more carefully, I found that there were 5 gold coins, 48 silver coins, and 114 copper coins .
To be hit in the face with such a heavy thing, you did well in getting out unscathed, me .
I’m not sure, but it’s probably that the carriage owner from before was just about to beg the bandits for his life with this money .
And then I appeared, and he threw it at me without checking what was inside…
Thinking about it again, I’m really getting a little irritated .
Though it wasn’t intention, I was his saviour, but he threw something at me and ran away, so my anger is justified .

And so, I’ve decided to keep this money as reparations .
It doesn’t seem like I’ll have a chance to give it back after all .
Having tidied this matter up in my mind, I put a few silver and copper coins into the pocket of my robe, and toss the rest into my item box leather bag and all .

Now then, what am I going to do from now on .
From what I saw of the reactions earlier, even if I arrive at a town, I think the possibility of them letting me in is low .
It’s still better if they just get scared and run; if things go badly, I might even get attacked .
But staying away from civilisation like this is impossible .
I don’t have any survival skills, and even if I did, it’s dubious as to whether they would work in this other world .
In the end, I have no choice but to get to a town somehow in order to survive .
Can’t I control these annoying skills somehow…?

Wait, hang on?
The bandits and the carriage owner looked scared after they met eyes with me .
In other words, can’t we say that the fear is limited to the effect of the mystic eyes, and the aura alone doesn’t have that much of an effect?
I accidentally thought of them as a set, but the weakened effect against humans was only written for the Evil God Aura, and it didn’t necessarily affect the Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority .
If the Evil God Aura doesn’t seem like it’ll be that much of a problem, and only the Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority are an issue, then there are still ways I can cope .
Since making eye contact is the activation condition, the effect won’t activate if I make it so that our eyes don’t meet .
Fortunately the robe has a hood, so if I pull it down enough that it hides my eyes, I’ll just be a person with a slightly eerie atmosphere… at least I hope that’s how it is .

I can’t deny that there’s a lot of wishful thinking mixed up into there, but given that I don’t have any other choices, I’ve decided to follow my original plan and look for a town .
First of all is the problem of which way I should head for now, but────

“…Let’s go this way . ”

I’ve decided to go not in the direction that the carriage escaped in earlier, but to go the opposite way .
I think there should be human settlements in the direction that the carriage came from as well as where it was going, but I don’t know which is closer .
The probability is an even 50:50 .
In that case, considering just in case that I meet with that carriage owner again, it seems like it would be nothing but trouble, so let’s go in the opposite direction .

And like that, I once again began to walk .


I don’t have a watch so I can’t tell the time accurately, but I think after walking for about two hours, the forest ended and I reached a wide grass plain .
If it was the me from before, then I would have been unable to move from the exhaustion long ago, but because of the reinforcement of my physical abilities I’m not even sweating .
The highway stretched out through the plain, and in the far distance I could see a town .
It was surrounded by a wall, and seemed to be quite a big town .
It’s just what I can see, but it seems that I’ll need to walk for another hour to get there .
After looking about the plain and confirming that there weren’t any dangerous looking animals, I headed to the town .

When I got close to the town, I could see that at the end of the highway was a small building set as the entrance, and in front of it stood a few people and their carriages .
I quietly added myself to the end of the line, and listened as best I could for information .
Since I know nothing about this world’s common sense, I don’t even know the procedures of how to get into town after all .
The merchants riding their carriages showed the gate guards a card, and their carriage underwent a check before passing through .
As for those walking on foot, some of them showed a card just like the merchants, and some of them paid money and received a wooden card .
Those cards are probably identification papers of some sort .
But though there seem to be those that don’t have them, in that case it seems that they pay a silver coin before being let through .
I’m worried as to whether this flawed system will be alright, but to me it’s convenient .
While squeezing a silver coin I had in my robe pocket, I waited for my turn to come .

“Next… Just one person?”

“Yes . ”

It was my turn now so I walked before the guard .
Inside, my heart was pounding, but I didn’t let it show .
Thankfully, because the hood was pulled down enough to cover my eyes, it seems that they didn’t get scared .

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“A woman huh . Do you have ID?”

“I don’t . ”

“Then pay a deposit, and we’ll issue you a temporary ID . The deposit is 1 silver coin . ”

Not a toll, but a deposit huh?
I wonder if they’ll give it back when I leave .
I took out a silver coin from my robe pocket, and handed it over .

“We have certainly received it . When you leave the city, return the temporary ID and we’ll return the deposit . Even if you get an official ID when you’re in time, don’t throw away your temporary one . ”

“Got it… How would I go about getting an official ID?”

“Did you just come from a country village or something? The fastest way should be to register at the Adventurers Guild and get an Adventurers Card . There’s also the church, and the Merchants Guild, but the former is no good unless you’re a resident or a believer . As for the latter, only merchants can enter so it probably doesn’t have anything to do you with, miss . ”

Well, no matter how you look at it, I doubt I look like a merchant .
Since our eyes aren’t meeting I don’t know what kind of expression he’s making, but this guard is quite kind .
The Adventurers Guild, the church, and the Merchants Guild; for now I know that the town has at least these establishments .

“Well then, this is your temporary ID . Make sure not to lose it . ”

“Yes . ”

Putting the wooden card away in my robe pocket, I went through the gate .

The town was mostly round in shape, and the road stretched from the gate I entered, through to the central plaza, then all the way to the gate at the opposite side .
I don’t know what map direction it is, but from the words of the people walking around me, the gate I entered through was the eastern gate, and there were apparently also western and southern gates .
The northern side doesn’t have a gate, but the estate of this town’s────which seems to be named Riemer────governing lord .
The road I’m walking down now, and the one that perpendicularly intersects it at the central plaza seem to be this town’s main roads .
There are stalls and shops lined up along the main roads, and most residences are a little further in from the main roads than the shops are .

While walking I had a peek at the stalls and shops, and checked the value of the currency .
The items in the street stalls didn’t have price tags, and it seems that you need to ask the owner for the price .
On the other hand, the prices in the stores are displayed on wooden tags .

Two of this fruit that’s about the size of my fist is one copper coin .
One piece of bread ranges from one to two copper coins .
The dress-type clothing that’s worn by the people walking around in town is 15 copper coins .

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A longsword about a metre long is 1 silver and 50 copper .
Wooden shields are 50 copper, while bronze shields are about 1 silver, marked down to 90 copper .

It seems that 100 copper coins has the same value as 1 silver coin .
Right now I haven’t seen a place that uses gold coins yet, so I don’t know how much it’s worth .
The things at the front of the shops are probably cheap goods, and the more expensive goods that would use a gold coin are probably further in the store .
Just looking at the foods sold, 1 copper coin seems to be worth about 100 Yen, but because the prices are varied, it would probably be better just to avoid thinking about how to simply convert it .

Concluding my price investigation, I entered a clothing shop to buy the things that I needed to buy before anything else .

High waisted panties were 6 coppers each .
Babydoll-like underwear were 10 coppers each .
Low-heeled boots were 9 coppers a pair .

I bought three of each underwear type, and a pair of boots, so in total it was 57 coppers altogether, and when I paid with a silver coin, I got 43 coppers in return .
I couldn’t find a bra .
In order to defend my honour I should say this to let you know, but what I couldn’t find wasn’t just my size, but bras altogether .
Let’s pretend that I didn’t see those bustier-type underwear hanging in the store .
Since I couldn’t put on the underwear in a place like this, I patiently bore with this breezy sensation for a while longer, and put on only the boots .
Between “not wearing them” and “getting found out that I wasn’t wearing them”, which is better I wonder… It’s a hard question, but I’ll go with not being found out .

By the time I left the clothing store, the sun had set a lot, and the beautiful evening sun lit up the town .
The stores in the area were beginning to close up sa well, and people were leaving for the road home .
It seems that this is a town that has an early night .
Thinking about it, there are no street lights, so once the sun sets the town will become dark .
The only places that do business at night are probably only taverns and slightly indecent shops .
I’d better quietly find myself a place to sleep or else .
Having decided that, I began walking down the main road as I searched for an inn .

While I was relying on the pictures on the signboards to search, I found a few inns .
Most of them seemed to have taverns on the first floor and guest rooms on the second, and most of them had a signboard with a bed and a signboard with a mug lined up alongside each other .
Amongst those I… didn’t choose one, and instead decided to try and find an inn without a tavern .
It’s just that taverns and the like just kind of smell of trouble, after all .

“Oh, a guest? Welcome, this is an inn . ”

An obasan around 40 years old spoke to me after I opened the dor .
Speaking of which, I haven’t really noticed it up until now, but for some reason it seems that we can understand each other .

“How much is one night?”

“One night is 1 silver, breakfast is 5 coppers, dinner is 10 coppers, and a tub of hot water is 5 coppers . ”

Hot water?
Ahh, in place of a bath?
I wonder if getting in the water isn’t mainstream .
It’s a bit of a shock .

“Five nights, with the food and water too please . ”

Saying that, I handed over 6 silver coins .

“Got it, your room is on the second floor, the final door on the right . This is the key . Do you want to eat straight away?”

“Yes, if that’s possible . ”

“Right away . I’ll prepare it now so wait in whichever seat you’d like . ”

After I received the key with a wooden plate attached, I sat in a sat to the side of the dining room and waited for the food to come .


After I finished eating, I received the tub of hot water, and climbing the stairs, I entered the room they gave me .
By the way, dinner was bread, stew with plenty of vegetables, and fruit for dessert .
It was simple, but delicious .
Opening the door with the key I received, I found that it was a room about 6 tatami, with a bed and a table set .
After entering and locking the door, I placed the hot water tub on the floor, and flopped onto the bed face up .
The ceiling with its wood grain entered my vision, and this unfamiliar sight really drove home that I was in another world .
Because of how desolate I was feeling, tears involuntarily blurred my vision… is not what happened, but it’s a fact that my heart is filled to the brim with anxiety .
It seemed that I would fall into an endless loop of depression, so I got up because I felt like I would fall asleep if I continued lying there, and after checking once more that the door was locked, I took off the robe and dress I was wearing, and placed them on the bed .
I soaked the cloth that I received alongside the tub of water, and then wrang it out, and wiped myself clean starting with my hair, then my upper body, and finally my lower body .
Once I was more or less refreshed, I put on the underwear that I just bought, and put on the dress that I had tossed onto the bed .
I’m about to go to sleep, so it should be fine even if I don’t put the robe on . The blanket is thin and it’s a little cold, so I draped the robe on top though .

It’s an hour where the sun has only just set, but perhaps because lots of things happened and I was tired, my eyelids felt heavy . There’s nothing to do anyway, so I should just hurry up and sleep already . Thinking this, I crawled into bed .