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Published at 20th of November 2019 07:39:57 PM

Chapter 11

Everything he went through in his previous life has made Li Xing realize that a person without talent will get nowhere no matter how hard he tries . “Could I still remain a nobody in this life?” Li Xing wonders . But a moment later, he says to himself, “There is still hope and I cannot give up!”

After finishing his bath, Li Xing puts on a robe that is no longer new but not quite old . He steps into the bamboo building and finds Xiaoxiu has already put meal on the table . Li Ziran and Li Hu are there, too . The four of them sit around and table and start their meal .

Li Ziran seems to have sobered up a little . With his eyelids still drooping, he does not bother to look at Li Xing even once, and just keeps picking up food and putting it in his bowl silently .

Li Xing also does not want to say a single word to that drunk and focuses on eating . Bowl after bowl, he keeps devouring his rice without even taking any dishes . After going five days without any food or water, Li Xing is already famished .

Xiaoxiu keeps telling him, “Young Master, slow down, or you will choke…”

Li Xing now realizes how big appetite a blood practicer has . After finishing seven bowls of rice, he is still hungry . Seeing there is no rice left in the pot, he asks Xiaoxiu, “Is there no rice?”

Xiaoxiu is a bit stunned, “Young Master, I didn’t expect you to eat this… this much today . I will cook more next time . ” 

With a simple laugh, Li Hu pushes his bowl to Li Xing, “Young Master Xing, take this . I’m not hungry . ”

Li Xing shakes his head, realizing there probably isn’t any rice left . Since the Li clan does not provide money or food anymore, they only have themselves to rely on .

“Even though I need to keep practicing, I still have to support this family . ” At that moment Li Xing realizes he needs to take care of the family .

Standing up, Li Xing says, “Xiaoxiu, I’m going out for a walk . ”

“Um . . . ” Both Xiaoxiu and Li Hu feel surprised . In the past Li Xing did not go out much because he was embarrassed to hear people call him a loser and his father a drunkard, and more embarrassed to hear they call him “Young Master” in their sneering tone .

How come all of a sudden he is willing to go outside today?

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Leaving the two confused . Li Xing pulls open the drapes, steps out of the bamboo building and strides through the Purple Bamboo Forest .

Qingyun Avenue, the most bustling place in Qingyun City .

Walking in the crowd, Li Xing finds himself surrounded by all kinds of stores on both sides of the street alive with business . It doesn’t take long before the scent of food and liquor reaches to him . On his left there stands Fortune Restaurant .

Despite of the lack of taste in its name, Fortune Restaurant is famous for its delicious food and is one of the top restaurants on Qingyun Avenue .

Li Xing walks up to the building, hesitates for a while and gets ready to step inside . It is at that moment that a busboy hurries forward with a smile on his face, “Childe, what can I do for you?”

Li Xing answers, “Nothing . I was wondering if I could find a job here . ”

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Since Li Xing hasn’t been to anywhere else except for the rice store and the flour store, the busboy does not know he comes from Three Cavalries Garden . Hearing what he said, the smile on the busboy’s face disappears, “Go away! Where did you measly man come from? We are not hiring here . ”

The old Li Xing might have left with frustration and anger after hearing the snooty rejection of a busboy . But today’s Li Xing has the memory from his previous life and is well aware of the ways of the world . Not to mention he has already made up his mind before he came to the restaurant .

So with a smile, Li Xing steps forward and takes a jade pendant off his waist . Knowing the pendant is not of so much value but could be of help now, he puts it in the hand of the busboy, “Could you please ask the owner for me?”

For a moment, the busboy doesn’t know how to react . This is the first time that someone has given a gift to a servant like him . He keeps fondling the jade pendant even though he couldn’t tell its value . All he knows is that it is nice and must worth something .

The unexpected fortune makes him smile again . Putting away the pendant in his chest pocket, he says, “All right . Wait here . I will go ask the owner . ”

The busboy turns around and hurries off, leaving Li Xing to wait outside .

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As he waits, three horses come running side by side in the street, each carrying a girl on its back . All richly dressed, the girls look elegant and noble with charming features .

As they approach, one of the girls recognizes Li Xing . She points at him and laughs, “Look, isn’t this the Li family’s…” She doesn’t finish and continues chuckling . Obviously she meant to say “loser”, but didn’t feel at ease to say it .

The girl is dressed in red all over, with a red cloak over her shoulders, which makes her look like a flame burning on the back of her horse .

The other two girls are dressed in white . Both cast a glance at Li Xing in contempt and turn to the other girl . “Why bother stop and look at a loser of the Li family? You have a crush on him, Chen Shuang?”

“You two have a crush on him!” the girl in red spouts, hastening her horse in a hurry . Laughing and giggling, the three rush out of sight .

Li Xing smiles bitterly in secret . Apparently it’s already a well-known fact that he is a “loser . ”

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