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Published at 27th of November 2019 07:30:29 PM

Chapter 12

Usually, it is not shameful if someone cannot practice blood . However, Li Xing is the son of Li Ziran, the prodigy of Three Chivalries Garden, a breath power master . The son of a prodigy who can’t even practice blood will, unavoidably, become a loser in everybody’s mind .

Of the three girls, the girl in red is called Chen Shuang . She comes from the Chen family of Three Chivalries Garden, and is the younger sister of Chen Xue .

The other two girls are named Bai Qiong and Bai Jing from the Bai family of Three Chivalries Garden . The Chen, Bai and Li family are closely related and runs the Garden together .

These girls are the same age as Li Xing . Their beauty captivated young men from all three families and made them unbearably arrogant . They can’t bother to notice Li Xing, the loser with no hope .

As Li Xing muses, the busboy has returned and pulls Li Xing over . “I have talked to the owner,” he says, “and we are indeed looking for a helper . Your duties include wood chopping, water carrying and other chores . Can you do that?”

Li Xing pauses and asks, “What does the job pay?”

“500 coppers a month . It’s the best we can do . ” The busboy grins, “I only make 700 . ”

Five hundred is enough to buy about 250 kilos of rice –Li Xing made up his mind right then . “Alright, I’ll take it . Thanks man!” The busboy takes Li Xing to the richly-statured owner who is busy calculating on his abacus . Without lifting his eyes the owner waves them off, “Take care of him . ”

The busboy nods and bows, and takes Li Xing to the backyard with a smug look on his face . Heaps of wood has filled up in the 30-40 square meter space . An old stump sits in the middle of the yard, its top flattened for wood splitting .

The busboy points at the wood piles . “Our business is booming!” he said, “1500 kilos of firewood every day, piece of cake . After you’re finished with that, fill up the vats as well, all 30 of them . Can you do that?”

He sounds condescending but Li Xing doesn’t mind . “Yes,” he smiled and said . “I can do that . ”

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“Good! You’ll be paid every 10 days . ” The busboy leaves with few instructions –some new customers require his attention .

Li Xing has worked many different jobs in his previous life . Chopping wood is not skilled labor . He thinks to himself, “1500 kilos of firewood will probably take 3 or 4 hours . Good thing I’m at Blood Power Level One, shouldn’t be too hard . ”

He sets a piece of wood on the stump, lifts the axe and swings .


The wood splits readily . Li Xing continues to chop and hack . He feels great after ten, not bad after thirty, but at a hundred his arms start to feel very sore and he is barely able to lift the axe .

His hands, then white and smooth, starts to blister . A single touch sends piercing pain straight to his heart .

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“I can’t protect my hands because my blood essence can’t reach my palms . ” Li Xing drops the axe and sits down on the stump .

He reaches for the pouch where the nameless bead rests . The bead was left to him by his mother . On that day he discovered the healing powers of the bead, and now he is going to confirm this discovery .

He holds the pouch with both hands and closes his eyes, feeling for any signs of healing .

One minute passes . Two minutes . Then around three or four minutes, a soothing energy flows from the pouch into his palm . Wherever this mysterious energy touches, the blisters on his palm start to disappear at an observable speed .

Within 10 minutes, Li Xing’s hands are restored, smooth without a single spot . He blurts out in joy, “This bead is precious!”

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With this newfound knowledge, Li Xing wondered, for a moment, if he can make ends meet with this bead instead of painful labor . However, he quickly shuts down this idea .

“No! If people know about this prize, they’ll try to take it and my life along with it as well! No, I cannot tell anyone about it . ” On this thought, he carefully puts the pouch back under his clothes .

Perhaps the bead has granted him stamina as well . With renewed arm strength, Li Xing resumes his work .

Two hundred . Three hundred . After four hundred pieces of wood, Li Xing reckons his chopping duties are finished, so he moves over to the vats . He has to carry two bulky barrel each weighing over 100 pounds when filled .

Thirty vats require 400 barrels of water at the least, which means Li Xing has to make 200 runs . His hands are blistered again after the heavy work .

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