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Published at 4th of December 2019 04:51:02 PM

Chapter 16

The next day Li Xing leaves after breakfast . He tells Xiaoxiu and Li Hu that he will be working at the Fortune Restaurant to make some money .

However, he doesn’t know that two pairs of eyes fall on him as soon as he leaves the Purple Bamboo Community .

Those eyes belong to the two rascals who killed Zhang Zhong the faithful servant . Li Xing’s threat that day does not lie well with them, and kindled murderous intentions .

They are wicked men who kill people without batting an eye . They have taken Li Xing’s threat seriously . He might be a loser, but he is still the son of Li Ziran, the Young Master of Li family . Who can say for certain that this loser won’t have his day? If it happens, they’ll be in trouble .

So they decide that the best way to avoid that situation is to kill him now!

The Fortune Restaurant is not very far away from Three Chivalries Garden . Li Xing walks fast and quickly reaches his destination . The owner is very pleased with his work yesterday, so he agrees to let Li Xing stay and work for him .

Even though he has only opened up 1 out of 20 muscular meridians in his body, Li Xing already feels that his strength has more than doubled .

He lifts the axe with little effort, and it feels weightless . He sets the wood on the stump, swings and strikes . Crack! The wood splits in half .

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One, two… Li Xing has picked up some speed today . It will only take two hours at the most to finish chopping all these woods .

“Blood Power Level 2 really does increase my strength!” Li Xing tastes the fruits of blood practicing . As his strength grows, his hands don’t blister any more . Blood Power Level 1 has opened up his dermal meridians, so his blood essence protects his skins from any kind of abrasion .

As Li Xing concentrates on his work, two shadowy figures climb over the wall and land in the backyard –the rascals who’s been following Li Xing . They’ve observed him for quite some time .

Li Xing is all by himself in this big and quiet area . If they do it now, nobody will ever know what happened to this loser!

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With murderous looks on their faces, the rascals glance at each other and begin advancing towards Li Xing .

These men are both at Blood Power Level 3 . They move quickly and quietly as cats . In a single stride they’re already behind Li Xing . One of them lifts his hand, prepared to strike Li Xing’s head . One’s head is also called “Heaven Gate” . If he strikes it hard, Li Xing will be dead for sure .

At that moment, a white figure emerges behind them in a flash . The rascals suddenly feel an immense power tearing through their bodies . The shock eviscerates their organs and their meridians from within .

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Eyes wide open, the Blood Power Level 3 rascals fall to the ground . The look of horror hasn’t even settled in on their faces .

Everything happens so fast . They’re dead before they can scream .

The white figure lifts them by their belts and leaps over the wall .

The series of events finally alert Li Xing . At Blood Power Level 2, his senses are sharpened . He hears the odd noises of human body being destroyed and feels the air stirring behind him .

He turns but there is nothing left . With a confused expression he goes back to wood chopping .

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