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Published at 2nd of January 2020 07:51:11 AM

Chapter 31

Outside Qingyun City, there sit a lot of towns, and roads extend in all directions, connecting the city and the towns . Chen Shuang and her companions go through the north gate of Qingyun City, dashing towards north .

The road is broad and flat . They ride at full speed . It takes only one and half hours before they arrive at the foot of a mountain . The main road bypasses the mountain and stretches forward .

The mountain looks precipitous and steep, on which there are lots of grotesque stones and wild shrubs, sending a chill down their spines .

All six horses gradually come to a stop . Chen Shuang stares at the mountain, “This is the Luliang Mountain . ”

Li Xing rides the horse to one side of Chen Shuang and thinks, “Li Xue is right . Three Chivalries Garden is known for its mighty power . What kinds of person dare to rob its jewelry?” Thinking of this, he becomes alert and asks, “‘My lady, are Three Chivalries Garden’s goods often being robbed?’

Chen Shuang raises her eyebrows, cruelty appearing on her face, “If we are often robbed, how can Three Chivalries Garden survive? The goods were robbed only twice in the last ten years . This is the second time . ”

Li Xing continues to ask, “How about last time?”

As a footman, Li Xing shouldn’t have asked too much, and Miss Chen may not be so patient and answer all his questions . But strangely, Chen doesn’t show any impatience, “Last time the robbers were some inexperienced brigands, and they didn’t know the power of Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Chen Shuang seems to understand Li Xing’s intention . She smiles, “This robbery is probably the same as the last one . They didn’t know much about Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Li Xing disagrees with her in heart, but he doesn’t fear about the brigands either . Having an immortal body, he is not afraid to fight with others at all .

Chen Shuang gets off her horse and points to the mountain, “Let’s go to Luliang Mountain . If we meet brigands, kill them immediately!” Issuing the order, she looks determined and resolute, like a woman warrior .

Li Xing and other four people go in front of Chen Shuang, climbing along the steep mountain . As warriors practicing blood, their feet are extraordinary strong . Though the cliffs are tough, they feel at ease and walk very fast .

Even when they meet some huge rocks, they will just jump over like swift apes .

Luliang Mountain is not that high . After a while,  a dozen of desolate stone houses come into sight, but there is no one around .

Li Xing is the most powerful among the six . He is on full alert, listening to the sound around carefully . Suddenly, he hears a weak breath coming from front-left, so he yells, “Be careful!”

The rest five people lower down immediately and hide behind the stone respectively once they hear Li Xing’s yelling .

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Arrows fly over one by one, piercing into the hard stones harshly, the stone shakes and makes loud noises .

“Ambush!” Chen Shuang is shocked and furious . There suddenly appears a black pellet in her hand, something like a small marble . She throws it, and ‘whoosh’— that pellet flies toward the direction where the arrows come from .


A huge sound comes from the front, then dust and stones explode everywhere, followed by several people’s screams .

That pellet is Three Chivalries Garden’s secret weapon which can blow a large area to ruins .

‘Go ahead!’ Chen Shuang commands .

Li Xing immediately gets her point—she wants to kill the enemies when they are in chaos . He is the first one to rush over . With five-level blood, his strength can reach 10,000 kg and he can move as fast as lightening .

There is a cloud of dust in front, so Li Xing cannot see anything, but he can judge enemies’ direction through their voice .

On flash, Li Xing comes close to an enemy and landed one fist on him . This fist is the first move of Ultimate Fist —lightning strike .

Lightning strike, fast and fierce, exactly hit the enemy’s back .


The one who was hit is a middle-aged man in black . He belches his broken viscus and dies in a flash .

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Li Xing’s attack infuriates people around . At least three of them come to fight with him . Li Xing’s dermal meridians have been broken through, so his skin is at the most sensitive condition . He can easily feel strong airflow coming over .

Through the change of airflow, he surprisingly discovers that he can see three people coming from three directions with three different movements .

Li Xing is curious . He remembers on the Book of Ultimate Blood there aren’t any words saying people practicing level-five blood will have this kind of strange feeling . But now he has no time to think . Li Xing lowers down and moves forward, launching ‘lightning crumbling’ .

With the most powerful lightning crumbling, one can hit the enormous stone into small pieces, not to mention human body .

Among the three people, the most powerful one is just reaching blood practice level two, how they can compete with Li Xing? Li Xing’s fist exactly falls on one man .

That man flies up like a meat loaf and then falls heavily on the ground . The fatal lightening crumbling blows his internal organs, bones and meridians into pieces .

This is the difference between level five and level two, the former can easily kill the latter .

Li Xing kills two people one by one . The other five people including Chen Shunag then come over and help him kill enemies .

There are more than thirty people ambushing here . The strongest ones are level three, and the weakest level one . These people’s attack is nowhere near Li Xing and the other five’s .

The level-five Li Xing takes the lead killing people wherever he goes like a flash . The ground is packed with corpses in a moment .

Li Xing is shocked by his killing power during fighting . Killing several people in one time doesn’t make him tired . Probably due to reincarnation, his state of mind has been completely changed; he becomes a cold blood warrior .

They have killed almost ten people in a wink, the rest enemies feel terrified in this situation . After a shout of retreat, the rest begin to flee .

“Catch them alive!” Chen Shuang shouts, and then goes after one .

Li Xing is keenly alert and sensitive; he thinks it’s dangerous for Chen Shuang to chase the brigand on her own . The brigand moves fast like flying and sidesteps their attacking twice .

And Chen Shuang is running after that guy right now .

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Li Xing shifts to the front of Chen Shuang, when the brigand shoots three darts .

The darts move so fast that no one can see them . Li Xing doesn’t get the chance to dodge, then he feels pain in his chest at once .

Those three willow-shaped darts straightly stab into his chest .

Li Xing stops and fells down with huge pain .

All of those are seen and heeded by Chen Shuang . She can’t tell if Li Xing happens to stand in front of her or he protects her on purpose . Shocked and grateful, she yells “damn you!” Another pellet is shot out .

No one can move as fast as the pellet . Almost to be bombed, he swings his arm shooting another dart towards the pellet .

The pellet will explode once be hit . That willow-shaped dart exactly bumps with the pellet, a huge explosion is caused again .

That man stands very close to the explosion, so he is blown away by huge shock wave . Two of small stones hit his back and then he loses consciousness .

Chen Shuang and others have already got prepared and lain down, so no one gets hurt .

Chen Shuang doesn’t care about the unconscious enemy; instead, she examines Li Xing’s body and finds one dart stabbing into his heart and other two also strikes his vital parts . This is the first time that someone may die for her, so Chen Shuang gets a subtle feeling she never experienced before .

“Zhao Yun, you are you alright?” Chen Shuang clearly knows he may not survive . Even if the man completes fifth level of blood practice, he can’t escape death .

But what’s on Li Xing’s mind is “What a coincidence, only idiots want to be a shield!” On second thought, some classic TV lines bump into his head, then he shows pain on his face and weakly says,

“I’m relieved to see you are safe…” His head slanted, he pretended to fall into a coma .

No matter who you are, if you die for one person, the latter will definitely be moved . This is especially true for women . The gratefulness in her heart is immeasurable .

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Li Xing surprisingly feels one tear falling on his face, “Am I being too dramatic? It actually makes sense that TV play is so sensational . ”

Another four footmen comes back with at least two unconscious brigands in their arms respectively . They respectfully look at Li Xing . This poor lad sacrificed his life to protect their master; they know they are not that brave .

Maybe they won’t do the same thing, but they respect someone like Li Xing . Everyone admires the man who puts morality first instead of his own life . Even villains prefer to company with gentlemen .

Eyes full of tears, Chen Shuang stares at ‘Zhao Yun’ for a little while, and whispers, “I assure you I will revenge for you!”

Chen Shuang raises her head and orders harshly, “Bring the alive, let’s go!”

She holds up Li Xing’s body . She doesn’t want to leave his corpse on the mountain . He deserves to be decently buried in Three Chivalries Garden .

All the alive are arrested and brought down the mountain . There are nine captives, including the unconscious one bombed by the pellet . They are all tied up by cocoon fiber and dragged back to Three Chivalries Garden by horses unconsciously .

When they left the ‘battlefield’, two people show up . Both wear silvery facial masks in blue robe .

One of the men in blue robe coldly says, “Things go well . Next, let’s wait and see their performance . ”

The other one responds, “Three Chivalries Garden superciliously dominates Qingyun City . We are meant to succeed . ”

“It also depends on Dart Hills’ response . How does it go?”

“Trust me, my lord . It has already been arranged inside Dart Sect . They will definitely provoke conflict . Once the conflict is aroused, the Garden is bound to wipe out the Dart Sect . ”


Li Xing can barely feel the pain . He has been through so many pains that three darts stabbing into his body is nothing to him . On the contrary, being held close by a woman, arms rubbing her soft breast, nose smelling the light scent of her body, all of these make Li Xing flush .

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