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Published at 9th of January 2020 09:28:14 AM

Chapter 33

Zhu Jin sighs, while the man in the cyan robe comments nonchalantly, “Sometime, the power to kill can possess a person and devours his sanity, and when that happens, he will also be doomed to perish . ”

Zhu Jin is obviously quite respectful to the man, agreeing by nodding, “Once Dart Sect is uprooted, Huxiao Manor, Tianying Manor and Duanjian Union will definitely be alarmed and eventually have no choice but temporarily form a alliance against Three Chivalries Garden . ”

“And as along as Qingyi Union is able to prove its capabilities by then, all of them will come and join . Within three years, Three Chivalries Garden will disappear from Qingyun city,” adds the man in the cyan robe .

An expectant look is seen in Zhu Jin’s eyes, “I really hope your respectable union will grant me the refining elixir . ”

The man promises, “Rest assured . You will have the elixir . And when everything is done, you will be one of us . ”

As Li Xing departs, Dart Sect has officially been wiped off the face of the earth . At the same time, the grand competition of Three Chivalries Garden hasn’t been affected at all and is progressing as scheduled .

In the yard, Li Xing keeps practicing his fist skills, trying to master the fifth move of the ultimate fist combative skills, which is called the lightning blow . Namely, the first five moves of the ultimate fist combative skills are the lightning strike, the lightning drilling, the lighting crumbling, the light cracking, and the lighting blow, with each following move more powerful than the previous one . Practicing the lightning blow enables Li Xing to gather his blood force to one point and unleash a deadly blow on a rival .

By the time Li Xing masters the move, it’s almost time for the competition . After a quick meal, he sets out to the square followed by Li Hu and Xiaoxiu .

The square is already packed with people . Before long, the heads of the three families, Li Ying, Bai Pingdu and Chen Jinsong, arrive at the stage to supervise .

According to the rules, the fifteen contestants each will face off one-on-one with the other fourteen, which means that each has fourteen rounds of fight at most .

An elderly servant comes up to the stage . Despite his scrawny figure, no one dares to show disrespect toward him because this is a man with level nine blood power . He clears his throat and announces, “Round One, Chen Xia versus Li Xing!”

There is an immediate commotion in the crowd . Chen Xia has level five blood power . Facing a rival like this, Li Xing is going to suffer defeat for sure!

On the day of blood force measuring, Chen Xia was confirmed to have thirty thousand jin in blood force, while Li Xing only twelve thousand . With such a great disparity in strength, no one believes Li Xing will win .

Hearing the announcement, Li Jie, with his head held high in the crowd, sneers . Then behind him he hears Butler Li Yuan saying, “Young Master, after Chen Xia, there are Bai Ling and Bai Leng . Both have level five blood power . After three fights, he won’t be a match to you . So you can deal with him as you please . ”

Li Jie seems a bit anxious, saying with a frown, “What if he is beaten to death by Chen Xia and the other two? How am I going to kill him myself?”

Li Yuan obviously didn’t think of that and answers with a dry smile, “I don’t think he will be killed that early…”

After hearing he will be the first to fight, Li Xing shows no fear at all . However, Xiaoxiu and Li Hu both look very worried, afraid it will greatly consume Li Xing’s blood force in the face of a powerful adversary on the first fight .

Li Xing turns around and smiles at both, saying, “Don’t worry . I’m going to win . ” Then he strides up to the stage .

Everyone turns their eyes at Li Xing with different feelings . Never had they thought that a loser incapable of blood practicing could one day be qualified for such a grand competition and show up on the stage like this .

Calm and worry-free as usual, Li Xing is seen on the stage .

Across him stands another young man who is Chen Xia from the Chen family . He is Chen Jinsong’s nephew and Chen Liang’s son, and also a talent in blood practicing . At a young age of eighteen years old, he has already reached the fifth level of blood practicing .  

Some believe that Chen Xia will at least reach level ten blood power, just like his father Chen Liang .

Unlike Li Xing, Chen Xia has heard all kinds of compliments and praises since childhood with various labels attached to him, such as “genius”, “handsome” and “intelligent”, which has resulted in a big ego in him .

Standing there, Chen Xia suddenly feels it is beneath him to compete with a man like Li Xing . How could a genius of Three Chivalries Garden end up fighting a well-known loser?

Maybe it is right of him to think like this, because Li Xing’s title as a loser and Chen Xia’s title as a genius have both been well acknowledged .

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Unhappy with the arrangement, Chen Xia looks at Li Xing with disdain and gives a cold warning, “Li Xing, if you drop out now, you will still have a chance to live . ” Everyone is aware that this is a live-or-die situation where they need to fight to their utmost, because only in this way can the constants demonstrate their power to the best .

Li Xing can clearly tell from his memory that he has been spoken to numerous times by a lot of people with the same condescending tone . The old Li Xing would always shrink from confrontation and never dare to defend himself .

But the new Li Xing is a man from another world who has a completely different mind and a strong sense of self-esteem . Seeing Chen Xia’s contempt, he shots back with the exactly same tone, “Chen Xia, if you beat it now, you will still keep the puny life of yours . ”

Chen Xia didn’t expect Li Xing would return the fire and immediately bursts into fury, barely able to contain his rage after being humiliated by a man he despises .

“Damn you!”

Boiling with anger, Chen Xia strikes before the start of the fight .

The Chen family’s tidal force is a rather high-end martial art . Level four tidal force carries strong power . Chen Xia throws forward his fist which aims right at Li Xing’s face with a loud hissing sound .

In that instant, Li Xing feels that same sensation as if his soul had suddenly jumped out of his body, quietly observing the fight nearby in a way his eyes could never do .

Also armed with level five blood power, Li Xing evidently reacts faster than Chen Xia does . He slightly pulls behind and quickly swings his right fist, applying the move of the lightning drilling .

From its name, one can know this fist move strikes like an iron drill driving into the body of an enemy with a revolving force .

It proves that the thunder force is more powerful than the tidal force . Li Xing can feel the force from his rival’s fist keeps rolling over like the tide, while Chen Xia feels as if an iron drill had perforated his body, and instantly there comes a sharp pain from his arm .   


After the first fist fight, Li Xing is forced to take one step backward while Chen Xia doesn’t move any further . But the look on the latter’s face is terrible . Although he doesn’t back away, Chen Xia is aware that he is put at a position of disadvantage

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The power of the tidal force is unleashed not at once, but in stages, while the thunder force Li Xing uses attacks in one strike with concentrated power . For two men with the same level of strength, the thunder force obviously has the upper hand during a fight .

“No way! His blood force is more powerful than mine? The blood force he practices also seems special and impressively aggressive and powerful . That must be among the top of the highest-level of martial arts!” Chen Xia’s face has already changed color, with that disdainful look completely smashed .

Through this seemingly reckless attack, Li Xing is able to tell Chen Xia’s level of strength . The two of them have roughly the same level of blood power, but his thunder force is more aggressive than Chen Xia’s move .

More surprised than Chen Xia are the people under the stage who used to laugh at Lin Xing with all kinds of snide comments . They are all stupefied, staring at Li Xing, flabbergasted .

Li Xing leaves everyone there in amazement with the first fight of his life .

The other day, some found it hard to believe the level of Li Xing’s blood force, thinking there might be something wrong with the ruler . But right at this moment, not one single person has reason to doubt his strength . Even though he is forced one step back by Chen Xia who has level five blood power, they can tell Li Xing is equally strong with the same level of blood power .

A man with level five blood power! There is a great chance that he can enter the sixth level and even the seventh and eighth level and rise to the top in Three Chivalries Garden .

Some in the crowd are jealous; some filled with mixed feelings and others are seized by a sense of vigilance, afraid that Li Xing may get back at them for belittling him before .

Silence falls in the square . Chen Jinsong and Bai Pingdou both look slightly surprised, while Li Ying remains calm as if he hasn’t seen anything unusual .

“Li Xing, I didn’t expect the table could actually turn for you . I underestimated you . But I will let you taste my wrath!” The bones all over Chen Xia’s body keeps making loud pops like the sound of beans in a frying pan .

Reaching level five blood power means all his dermal, muscular, sinewy and skeletal meridians have been broken through, which gives him enormous physical strength . Now his suddenly grows taller from five inches six to six and a half inches . The size of his palms also double, covered with black popping veins like two firm rocks .

This is a brave warrior exerting his blood force to the full extent . A brave warrior earns his title because of the roaring blood essence in his body that is capable of formidable destructive power .

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“Aha! Chen Xia is going for a real fight now!” The crowd cheers!

Xiaoxiu’s face turns pale . She clenches her fists, secretly praying, “Young Master will win! Young Master will win!” While Li Hu shows no emotion and keeps starting at the stage . Instead of wondering whether Li Xing will win, he focuses on thinking which move Young Master is going to use to defeat Chen Xia .

Xiaoxiu has no blood power, nor has she read The Book of Ultimate Blood . But Li Hu has and the boy is well aware of the terrifying power of the ultimate blood force, and also has confidence in Li Xing’s capabilities,

Confronted by the ferocious Chen Xia, Li Xing slightly sneers and maintains a composed manner, as if he wasn’t faced with a powerful enemy . He sticks out a finger and crooks it at his opponent, “Chen Xia, come on and show me what you are made of . ”

“Go to hell!”

Chen Xia gives a howl of rage like an ear-splitting thunder which is so deafening that makes many people standing near the stage slump to the ground in fright and leaves a buzzing sound in their ears .

Chen Xia strikes again, with his six and a half-inch-tall body plunging forward like a flash of lightning and heading right at Li Xing with a gust of wind .

Li Xing shuts his eyes a little . Since the first strike, he has been preparing for the next attack because he has not fully mastered the lightning blow, the fifth move of the ultimate fist combative skills, and needs time for the next strike .  


With a thunderous roar, Li Xing stomps his right feet which causes the entire stage and everyone around it to shake . Like a shell, his body charges straightly at Chen Xia .

Seeing Li Xing’s move, Chen Jinsong almost jumps from his chair, standing there with an incredible look, shouting, “The lighting blow!”

By gathering all the physical strength in his body to one spot, one is able to unleash a force ten times of his strength and eventually destroy the enemy! This is the lighting blow which allows one to exert his strength tenfold!

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