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Published at 23rd of January 2020 10:00:47 PM

Chapter 36

Li Xing then refrains from asking further .

Li Ziran puts the bead back into the pouch and hands it to Li Xing, saying, “Keep it safe and don’t let anyone else know the story about it, including Li Hu and Xiaoxiu .


Li Ziran continues pensively, “The fact that the bead can improve your aptitude makes it a priceless treasure, so you must keep it safe . Maybe some day, with its help, you will be able to reach a high level in martial arts even I can’t imagine to accomplish . ”

Taking his father’s instruction to heart, Li Xing asks why he went away from home, to which Li Ziran responds, “Xing’er, I used to be quite influential in Qingyun city back in those years, which was not only due to my level three breath power, but also a following of subordinates . ”

“So you went to look for them?” Li Xing asks .

“That’s right . Although it’s been over ten years, most of them have stayed in the city, living ordinary lives just like others . Without my order, they will remain unnoticed in the city forever . ”

Li Xing cannot help but feels impressed inside after learning that Li Ziran, in addition to his powerful strength, had had a group of followers out there .

Li Ziran gives a clap and with a puff of gentle wind there quietly slide in three shadows .

“Second Elder Master!” The three men bow in front of Li Ziran in unison .

Li Xiran slightly nods his head as a response . With a determined look in his eyes, he points at the three men and introduces to Li Xing, “They are three of my subordinates – the money manager, the slayer, and the messenger . ”

The three men then bow in front of Li Xing, at the same time saying respectfully, “Young Master!”

Li Xing also nods and then he hears Li Ziran saying, “They all have certain resources at their disposal . If you need help in the future, you can ask them . They all have level one breath power, so unless you come across someone who is immensely powerful, you can rely on them in your time of need . ”

Figuring out his father’s intention to leave again, Li Xing promptly asks, “Do you have something else to deal with?”

Li Ziran answers affirmatively, “Tomorrow I will be away from home again to do something I had failed to but must do . Xing’er, while I’m away, you must take good care of yourself and don’t tell everyone else that I’m gone”

Li Xing is clear what his father is trying to say, which is that he wants to use his authority to deter those ill-intentioned people for his son .

“After I leave, the three emissaries will listen to you . Remember, before you become a truly powerful person, you must avoid catching too much attention for yourself!”

Li Xing didn’t expect that Li Ziran would set off the next day . Till now, he still doesn’t have too much feeling toward the man, only the scraps of memories of the old Li Xing .

“Then I wish Father a successful trip!” Li Xing says .

Li Ziran nods with satisfaction, saying, “You are finally a grown-up! Now that you have the Book of the Ultimate Blood and the Book of the Ultimate Martial Art, you must keep working hard in practicing . These three emissaries were all trained by me and they will be loyal to you, as they are to me . ”

Gaining such strong assistance is a sudden and pleasant surprise for Li Xing who still tries to decline the gesture in a polite but ostensible way by saying, “I understand what Father plan to do must be a difficult undertaking . Why not bring them along as your helpers?”

Li Ziran smiles an unnatural smile, “No one will be able to assist me for what I’m going to do . On the other hand, considering they’ve always been locals of Qingyun city, they won’t be much of a help outside the city . Xing’er, before I leave, I must warn you that there is a disturbing force simmering in the city, and you must not get involved . ”

Li Xing is curious, “What do you mean?”

Then the messenger steps forward and explains respectfully, “Young Master, there has recently arisen an organization called Qingyi Union who has a number of members with breath power . Qingyi Union has been gradually expanding by resorting to secret assassinations and bribe . As far as I’m concerned, Qingyi Union harbors quite a big ambition and there is most likely a conflict between the union and Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Li Xing is startled by the news, thinking that when there is a conflict, he, as part of Three       Chivalries Garden, is bound to be affected .

Li Ziran, however, says with a smile, “Xing’er, you don’t have to worry . The fight — if there is one — won’t affect you . All you need to do is keep practicing and stay out of trouble . Even if you get into trouble, the three emissaries will help you . ”

“I understand . ”

“Xing’er, you must remember to keep them out of others’ sight and only seek their help if you really have to . And you must also remember to hide your own strength,” Li Ziran keeps telling his son what he needs to know, and Li Xing carefully takes every word to his heart .

“All right . Go rest . ” Li Ziran, who has always been a decisive man, asks Li Xing to leave without further words .     

Li Xing returns to his room and spends the entire night practicing . When he is back to the bamboo building, Li Ziran is already gone, leaving nothing behind .

Li Xing lets out a sigh, realizing that it may be a very long time before the man returns, or that he may not come back altogether .

“What exactly is he up to?”

Li Xing shakes his head and decides to stop guessing . After all, today he still needs to go to the competition to fight for his spot .

Early in the morning, Xiaoxiu, the thrifty girl, uncharacteristically prepares a hearty breakfast with crispy grilled gigots, savory braised pigeon meat and sweet lotus nut soup . With a good appetite, Li Xing keeps tucking away until his stomach is completely stuffed .

Although knowing the meal is specially prepared for Li Xing, Li Hu feels glad to have such a big treat and also keeps eating ravenously until the dishes are empty .

After the big breakfast, the three set off and arrive at the square like they did yesterday .

Before they even reach near the stage, they see the onlookers automatically separating into two groups to form a path between . Li Xing, with his usual calm look, steadily walks pass the crowd and stops at a spot among them, waiting for the competition to start .

“Is Li Ziran going to come today?” Someone is heard asking in a hushed voice .

“Who knows? But obviously Li Xing’s definitely going to score a spot after he defeated five people with level five blood power . I don’t think anyone will be able to match him today . ”  

“That’s too early to say . There are still Li Jue and Li Jie . Both are big shots from the Li family . ”

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Li Xing keeps his eyes closed all the while steering his blood essence . Since getting wounded by three powerful men with level five blood power yesterday and being healed by the Bead of Nine Yangs afterwards, his constitution has greatly improved once again, making it quite easy for him to break through his marrowy meridians .

Provided that everything proceeds smoothly, he will need ten days at most to break through all the marrowy meridians and complete the fifth level of blood practicing .

The host is seen on the stage, so are the three heads of family .

“This round, Li Xing versus Li Jue!”

“Aha! The first fight is between Li Xing and Li Jue . It’s going to be a show!” The crowd starts to get excited .

The Li, Bai and Chen families each have one or two talented disciples, including Chen Xia from the Chen family, Bai Ling and Bai Leng from the Bai family, and Li Jue from the Li family .

Li Jue also has level five blood power, and he is seventeen years old, the same age as Li Xing .

Li Jue is chubby, happy-go-lucky boy who always has a smile on his face . After getting on the stage, he cracks a chuckle at Li Xing, saying, “After you, younger brother!”

Li Jue is the son of Li Xianren, Li Xing’s third uncle . In his father Li Ziran’s generation, Li Ying is the oldest and Li Ziran is the second, followed by Li Xianren and Li Changyuan .  

Since Li Jue is a bit older than Li Xing, he decided to politely call him “younger brother” .

However, Li Xing is aware that Li Jue is far from being a nice and friendly person for he is known as the “smiley villain” in Three Chivalries Garden, which means that beneath that smile he is a rather calculated person who is capable of vicious acts .

Li Xing’s memory tells him that he used to be pushed around by this man .

“Stop with the nonsense and make your move,” Li Xing, who doesn’t want to hear another word from him, gives a cold response .  

Li Jue stops smiling and cups his hand in the front, “I appreciate the gesture!”


Li Jue swings his fist and a red light is seen flashing between his fingers, showing the enormous force . Everyone in the Li family, except for Li Ziran, practices the rolling stone force which is known for its superior power .

Like the roaring gusts and cracking lightning, Li Jue’s fist seems to pack unthinkable power .

Li Xing, however, doesn’t care what move he uses or what kind of deadly force his fist carries, he immediately swings his fist the next second .

“He is doing it again!” Some in the crowd is shouting in disbelief .

Apparently, Li Xing is restoring to the mutually harmful tactic again, just like he did on Chen Xia, Bai Ling and Bai Leng yesterday .

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Before getting on the stage, Li Jue had been worried that Li Xing would do that again while trying to think of a way to cope with this tactic of his . If he backed down, he would be put at a disadvantage; but if he fought with him head-on, he wonders whether he could overpower a man who is obviously not afraid of death .

It turns out that Li Jue doesn’t dodge, his fist landing right on Li Xing’s chest and he himself being hit in the chest as well .



Narrowing his eyes, Li Xing feels his fist striking something hard like steel .

“He is wearing a body armor!” Li Xing instantly realizes that Li Jue is protected by some fine-quality gear .

Li Jue’s punch was very powerful, causing Li Xing to spit out a mouthful of blood and stumble three steps backward, while Li Jue keeps looking at him with an ice-old smile . The body armor he wears is able to withstand a punch of twenty thousand jin in blood force, which kept him uninjured from Li Xing’s fist

“Li Xing, if you can’t hold on any more, I suggest you admit defeat,” Li Jue is heard saying .

Unexpectedly, Li Xing wipes away the blood from the corner of his mouth and says calmly, “Li Jue, do you really think your body armor is able to keep you safe?”

“What?! Li Jue is wearing a body armor?!”

“There were no rules prohibiting wearing body armor . But this Li Jue is truly devious . ”

“Pipe down or else the ‘smiley villain’ will hear…”

Li Xing laughs, “If you are really asking for death, I’m happy to be obliged!” He then soars into the air and swings his fist at Li Xing again .

Li Xing quickly navigates his blood essence, poised for unleashing the lightning blow .

Normally, one can only use the lighting blow after he completes the level five blood practicing . Last time Li Xing ended up suffering serious injuries from using it, but now he looks set to make the same attack yet again .

Li Jue howls, “You think you could hurt me with the lighting blow? Ha!”


As Li Jue’s fist rapidly approaches, a thick, heavy column of air swirls right in Li Xing’s direction .  

Boom! Li Xing stomps on the ground with both feet and launch himself into the air as a rocket directly toward Li Jue . The two of them, one attacking from below and the other from above, finally collide head-on with each other .

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Li Xing’s fist meets with Li Jue’s, both carrying huge power .

This is an outright test of physical strength . The one with the stronger blood force is bound to overpower the other .

Li Jue has had total confidence in his rolling stone force . However, that changes the second his fist hits Li Xing’s fist,


The descending Li Jue is suddenly blown over ten meters high into the air, and at the same time, a cracking sound is clearly heard from his broken right arm . With a loud screech, he falls down from the air .

In the meantime, Li Xing is left covered in blood all over his body because his capillaries have burst open again from overexertion and the bones in his right arm also crack during the attack .


Li Xing lands on the ground steadily with both feet .

Li Jue also touches down, his forehead covered in cold sweat and his eyes looking at Li Xing with a poisonous look . After hesitating for a moment, he stomps with resentment and walks down from the stage . It finally occurs to him that even though he is protected by body armor, he can’t risk fighting with such a death-defying and powerful man like Li Xing .

“Ah! Li Xing wins again!”

Although both Xiaoxiu and Li Hu have become more collected since yesterday, they cannot help but keep cheering for Li Xing under the stage .

Two men in the crowd keep looking at each other in seemingly speechless despair and both can find shock and unwillingness in each other’s eyes . The two men are Li Zheng and Li Fei, the sons of Li Changyuan, Li Xing’s fourth uncle .

Both Li Zheng and Li Fei only have level three blood power, far inferior than Li Xing . Not long ago, it was these two that beat Li Xing half to death . But today things have changed and Li Xing has become the powerful one . The two have been gripped all day by the fear that Li Xing would get back at them .

“What are we going to do? Li Xing is so powerful now! What’s even worse, Li Ziran has also become sober . If they come for us, we are as good as dead!”

The day before, both witnessed the elderly servant with level nine blood power dig his eyes out because of Li Ziran’s one simple sentence . This kind of deterrence has scared the wits out of Li Zheng and Li Fei and made their blood run cold .

“Let’s see what happens next . If Li Xing really comes for us, I don’t think our father and uncle will just stand by and do nothing!” Obviously, Li Fei tries to dispel his fear with those words, seemingly forgetting the fact that Li Ziran had the elderly servant punished right in front of Li Ying while the chieftain didn’t say a word .

Li Jie also looks terrible . He was aware that Li Jue was wearing a body armor, but he didn’t expect the man would still end up defeated!

Standing behind him is butler Li Yuan, who says in a low voice, “Young Master, Li Xing is injured and the next round is between you and him . I suggest you stop thinking about winning and just avoid getting wounded . ”

The words “stop thinking about winning” sound extremely harsh to Li Jie who barks furiously, “You just wait and see I kill him! How can he possibly defeat me with an injured arm?”

Li Yuan forces a smile, “Young Master, Li Xing obviously has a way of recovering quickly . You had better be careful . ”

Then there comes the announcement from the stage, “The next round, Li Xing versus Li Jie!”

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