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Published at 31st of January 2020 09:27:53 PM

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: A Blood Fight!

Translator: Flying Lines

The crowd immediately hushes when hearing Sun Lang’s name .

Sun Lang also has level sixth blood power and is one of the followers of Li Ying . Out of the fifteen contestants, he and Zhou Qing are the most powerful .

Just as the name fits, Sun Lang has the eyes of a wolf . Dressed in a black and relatively tight-fitting outfit, the man has a regular height, size and ordinary looks, except for his eyes which look just like those of a wolf capable of striking terror into a beholder’s heart .

“Is Li Xing able to win this round?” Somehow, many in the crowd start to worry about him .

Their feeling toward Li Xing has already changed from astonishment to dread and respect .

Li Xing has just got out of a fight with a man with level six blood power and has been seriously wounded on the left shoulder . Is he able to continue now that he cannot use his left hand?

But soon, the mood of all the worried onlookers visibly lightens .

Li Xing is still standing perfectly straight without even the slightest hint of fear and only seems to be more vigilant in the face of Sun Lang,

“My left arm is useless now! This Sun Lang has such strong hostility and he must be a fierce enemy to fight . There’s going to be great risk in this round!” Li Xing deliberates with caution .  

With a terrifying smile, Sun Lang starts taking the offensive, with his body growing to over two meters tall in a popping sound . It’s the ultimate blood warrior again, even powerful than Zhou Qing!

“I’ve watched all of your fights!” Sun Lang speaks in a ghastly voice . “Although you are very resistant and good at using the mutually harmful tactic, you don’t stand a chance in front of me, Sun Lang! I’m known for putting up a desperate fight!”

Li Xing returns without concern, “Is that so? I’m interested in finding out . ”

Sun Lang moves without hesitation, even faster than Zhou Qing did, as if he was a giant devil aiming for the top of Li Xing’s head while wielding his oversized, crushing palm .

Li Xing, who is already set for making his move, quickly launches forward and aims for Sun Lang’s chest .

Despite the immense strength and invulnerable body of the ultimate blood warrior, his hulking seize has significantly reduced his agility . Therefore, before Sun Lang’s fist arrives, Li Xing has already dashed forward and landed his fist hard on his opponent’s chest .


The force of the lightning blow makes Sun Lang reel a bit, who then pulls out another fist and aims it for Li Xing’s right shoulder . Li Xing quickly ducks away, sprints to the behind and unleashes the lightning blow for the second time .


After using the move for two times on end, Li Xing feels his strength starts to weaken . However, Sun Lang, instead of sustaining any severe wounds, only feels pain from the minor injuries on his body .


Sun Lang swings his right arm backward, holding his fingers tight and straight and hacking it at Li Xing as if it was a machete .

Sensing Sun Lang’s arm coming, Li Xing instantly pulls out his fist, unleashing the lightning cracking!

The force of the lightning cracking is powerful enough to smash its target to pieces!

Li Xing’s fist lands on the joints of Sun Lang’s right arm . The joints of one’s body are usually very venerable and can easily break apart after being hit by enough force . Even for a level sixth blood practicer, the joints are also his weak points .


Li Xing feels being knocked by an enormous force and is forced back a few steps while spitting out some blood at the same time . Since he has already been wounded, his injuries are worse after getting hit by Sun Lang .

With a painful shriek, Sun Lang finds his wrist fractures in a ninety-degree angle!

Loud gasps can be heard from under the stage one after another with everyone’s toes curling at the grisly sound of the man’s wrist breaking .  

“You are dead!” Trying to endure the great pain on his wrist, Sun Lang suddenly turns around his hulking body and presses towards Li Xing . The stage keeps shaking violently along with his thumping steps,

Li Xing, who is now on the edge of the stage, has no option but to strike head-on .


Sun Lang whips out his uninjured right hand hard at Li Xing .

Li Xing swiftly lifts his right arm and takes on his opponent’s hand with the left side of his chest .


The breaking sound of his ribs is so loud and clear that it makes Xiaoxiu almost burst into tears under the stage . Li Hu’s eyes also become red with blood and the boy can barely fight back the urge to come to the stage and help his younger master .

Li Xing is swept off the ground, but he manages to grip Sun Lang’s arm with all his strength and holds on his opponent’s huge body .  

Right at that moment, Li Xing launches again with his right fist unleashing the lightning drill at Sun Lang .

Sun Lang gives a roaring laughter and tries to fend off with his right arm .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Li Xing keeps punching him, but only finds that as if he is hitting on something extremely sturdy and fails to hurt Sun Lang any further .

After three punches, Li Xing halts his fist, and after a second thought, he launches the lightning drill and the lightning blow simultaneously again, combing the force of the


Sun Lang’s right arm immediately breaks apart . With an agonizing screech, he flaps his left arm, trying to rid himself of Li Xing’s grip .

Li Xing smiles coldly, “Didn’t you say you’re known for fighting desperately? Let’s see if you can really live up to that reputation!”

Pow! Pow!

Another two double strikes follow, hitting the joints of Sun Lang’s right arm under the grip of Li Xing .  


Sun Lang also keeps punching Li Xing with his wounded right arm, with each punch packing tens of thousands jin in force .

Li Xing continues spitting out blood and he almost passes out from the extensive internal injuries . But he doesn’t stop attacking and keeps punching his opponent with his fist nonstop .

Having taken three heavy blows, Sun Lang starts getting terrified because he has seen the crazy look in Li Xing’s eyes . He’s always considered himself as a desperate and cruel person, but today he finally understands that the man in front of him is even crazier and more horrifying!

Stricken by fear, Sun Lang’s moves slow down, taking the defensive instead of offensive .

“Are you backing down? Take this punch!”


Li Xing launches his double strike the fourth time, this time getting around of Sun Lang’s arm and hitting right on his Adam’s apple .  


Sun Lang falls down backward with his eyes wide open, his giant body crashing onto the ground in a loud thump .

Sun Lang is down!

There is silence under the stage . Li Ying, Bai Pingdu and Chen Jinsong all slowly stand to their feet, with different looks on their faces .

Sun Lang whose Adam’s apple has been smashed by Li Xing keeps convulsing violently and is carried off the stage in a rush for treatment .

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Li Xing is also significantly wounded with internal and external injuries and blood covering every inch of his body . The pain is so overwhelming that he almost collapses . However, he manages to gather his strength and keeps standing on his feet!

Even the host is so astonished that he forgets to announce the next round for a moment until Li Ying shoots a cold glance in his direction . He pulls himself together and shouts out, “The next round…”

A long time passes before it is Li Xing’s turn . After his last fight, he walked down from the stage amid the mixed looks of the onlookers and returned to his original spot for a rest like he did yesterday .

Time keeps ticking away and it’s finally Li Xing’ turn for the stage .

“The next round, Li Xing versus Li Yuan!”

“I give up!” Li Yuan is heard announcing .

“The next round, Chen Gui versus Li Xing!”

“I give up!” Chen Gui is also heard saying .

No one could tell for sure whether it’s Li Xing’s powerful strength or his unparallel tenacity or simply the lack of heart to fight a man like him that has led all the remaining contestants to forego their chance on the stage and willingly admit defeat . But it’s worth knowing that rarely a severely wounded person has had so many people admit defeat in front of him .

The look on Li Ying’s face becomes more awful, after the man is shown that Sun Lang and Zhou Qing - both his followers - have lost!

But he is powerless in the face of the iron-clad truth, not the mention the fact that he is unwilling to get into trouble with his younger half-brother (He and Li Ziran were born to different mothers) who has level three spirit power and has no choice but to swallow the humiliation with restraint .

At last, the competition draws to a conclusion, with Li Xing winning all fourteen rounds and snatching the first place!

All of those vanquished by Li Xing, including Sun Lang and Zhou Qing, both of whom have level six blood power, Bai Ling, Bai Leng, Li Jie, Li Jue and Chen Xia, all of whom have level five blood power, have suffered serious injuries .

In reality, Li Xing seems to have sustained even more serious wounds than any of his opponents, but he has maintained his standing posture until the last minute .

“Now are the winners . The first place goes to Li Xing!” The host announces loudly .

A series of comments follows at once from the crowd .

“Li Xing! He’s so incredible! Is he really the man we used to know?”

“It never rains but it pours! He is indeed the descendent of Li Ziran!”

“I wonder what level would Li Xing be able to reach after he becomes a disciple of Qiyun Sect . ”

“Who know? Maybe he wont’ reach a high level in martial arts, but he will definitely be remembered as a mad person!”

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Xiaoxiu is already in tears of joy, “This is amazing! Young Master finally won!” The girl keeps gazing at Li Xing adoringly with even greater excitement and happiness than the man himself .

Li Hu is also taken by exultation and keeps doing somersaults like a joyful monkey .

Li Xing only slightly smiles, saying “Let’s go back . ”

Followed by everyone’s gaze, Li Xing walks away and returns to Purple Bamboo Community . The moment he steps inside the stone cottage, he closes the door behind him and quietly sits down .

His wounds are so substantial that it takes ten hours for him to recover and for the sharp pain to subside .

“Now that I’ve won the spot for Qiyun Sect, I must keep focus on improving myself in the future!” Li Xing secretly makes up his mind .  

Li Ying stands in the middle of the lobby, grim-faced, while standing behind him is Li Yuan who looks awful and dares not to speak a word .  

“Li Yuan, did you see the man had taught his son really well? I could see the strong determination and decisiveness from Li Xing’s eyes! How can we still say he’s the weak man he used to be?” Li Ying says .

Li Yuan also has no choice but to admit, “Or there is a possibility that Li Xing had kept his strength unknown all this time . ”

Li Ying agrees by nodding, “That’s highly plausible . Li Ziran had been a drunkard for a long time, so in order to protect himself, his son had presented the impression of weakness in front of everybody . If that’s the case, he is a deeply calculating person!” 

Li Yuan’s face darkens, “Elder Master, what if we…”

Li Ying gives a snort of disapproval, “Are you out of your mind? If Li Ziran finds out, he will destroy Three Chivalries Garden!”

Li Yuan shudders and stops talking .

After thinking for a moment, Li Yuan continues, “We may as well stick to our original plan . Wait and see what happens next . I need to know what Li Ziran is up to . As for Li Xing, treat him the way he deserves as a young mater of the Li family!”

“Yes!” Li Yuan obeys .

At the moment, Li Xing is still trying to recuperate .

Now that Li Ziran has gone away, Li Xing doesn’t have anyone to depend on . Fortunately, the man has left three of his powerful followers at Li Xing’s disposal . But Li Xing has been warned that he can only seek their help in time of utmost emergency .

With the absence of his father, Li Xing knows he must become stronger until someday everyone in Three Chivalries Garden can no longer think less of him even without the presence of Li Ziran .

Despite the severity of his wounds, the Bead of Nine Yangs manages to heal all of them and significantly improves Li Xing’s aptitude once again, allowing him to easily break through the rest of his marrowy meridians . Before he realizes, it’s already been twelve days .

As he practices, Li Xing suddenly hears a loud boom inside his body and all his marrowy meridians are broken through, realizing the unobstructed passage of the blood essence . Li Xing has finally reached the peak of level five blood practicing with much more strength in every gesture and move .

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