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Published at 31st of January 2020 09:27:54 PM

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Taking the Spot

Translator: Flying Lines

“Finally I’ve completed the fifth level of blood practicing . I should continue and break through the sixth layer visceral meridians!” Without delay, Li Xing dives into steering his blood essence to the next level of meridians .  

The visceral medians are even more widespread and complex than the marrowy medians and they are comprised of the cardiac meridians, the hepatic meridians, the gastric meridians, the nephritic medians and others . All of the meridians form a complicated and interconnected network which usually costs even a gifted cultivator five to seven years to break through .


With a huge sound heard in his abdomen, Li Xing smoothly brings his blood essence to the visceral meridians, successful starting the next level of blood practicing .

The unhindered start is attributed to the significant improvement of his constitution after being severely wounded in the competition a few days ago .

“At this rate, I’ll need no more than one month to finish breaking through all the rest of the meridians!” Li Xing is filled with excitement .

At the moment, he hears Xiaoxiu’s voice, “Young Master, lunch is ready!”

It’s noon now and Li Xing is already starved . He walks out of the stone cottage with a smile and steps inside the bamboo house where he sees a table full of food, including soft and sweet-smelling rice, savory fish and tasty pastry .  

Xiaoxiu brings over a jar of wine and says laughingly, “We should celebrate Young Master on winning the spot!”

Li Hu’s mouth is already watering and he nods several times, “Right! Right! Let’s celebrate!” All the food on the table makes him more excited than any one . The boy feels so happy that he even wants to express his joy by somersaulting right in the room .

Li Xing feels warmth in his heart for having Xiaoxiu and Li Hu around as the two closest people to him in this life . He takes the wine cup from Xiaoxiu’s hand and says okay with a big smile before draining the cup with one gulp .

Xiaoxiu claps her hand, refills Li Xing’s cup and says, “I wish Young Master successful in Qiyun Sect!”

Li Xing empties his cup again, so does Li Hu .

One cup after another, the three keep drinking . Li Xing and Li Hu are both blood practicers whose blood essence circulates more quickly than ordinary people, enabling them to drink a lot without getting drunk, while Xiaoxiu feels tipsy soon and ends up collapsing on the table and keeps giggling under the influence of alcohol .  

Li Xing shakes his head, supports the girl up and takes her back to her room, leaving her to sleep it off .

Seeing Li Xing returning to the table, Li Hu says with a precautious look, “Young Master, I heard Qiyun Sect is huge and it’s the No . one sect in Ping State . There are a lot of talents there and many of them have breath power . ”

Li Xing pats the boy’s shoulder, saying, “I know . All you need to do is have faith in me . ”

Li Hu laughs again, “Other than Second Elder Master, I have the most faith in Young Master!”


“Good! Li Hu, you cannot slack off these days and must focus on practicing . If you want to stay by my side, you must become powerful and there is no other option . ”

Li Hu gives a hard nod, “Please rest assured, Young Master . I will be able to complete level one blood practicing in less than three days . ”

Li Xing has found the slow progress of Li Hu’s blood practicing strange considering the boy also received help from the Bead of Nine Yangs . He wonders why it only took him a few days to complete the first level of blood practicing, but Li Hu has spent over a month working on it .  

“Maybe it’s due to the difference in constitution?” Li Xing has tried to finding a convincing explanation .

Xiaoxiu doesn’t wake up till noon the next day, parched from a hangover . After getting out of bed, the girl blames Li Xing and Li Hu for getting her drunk, while the two find it amusing that it was actually the girl herself that insisted on drinking .

After recovering from her hangover, Xiaoxiu says to Li Xing smilingly, “Young Master, how about the two of us go shopping for some clothes?”

Li Xing takes a look at Xiaoxiu up and down . Barely thirteen years old, she hasn’t well-developed physically, but has already become a pretty girl . Has the young girl finally learned to preen herself?

With that thought in mind, Li Xing readily agrees to her idea and turns to Li Hu, “Stay at home . Xiaoxiu and I will be back soon . ”

Although Li Hu is unhappy with this arrangement, he is aware that it’s difficult to make Xiaoxiu change her mind, so he follows the order and stays in .

Outside Three Chivalries Garden, the streets are lined with various shops including quite a few clothing stores . Li Xing keeps thinking it is time that he bought some nice clothing for Xiaoxiu .

Back in the world Li Xing used to live, not one girl would refuse beautiful dresses and clothes . So no matter which world he lives in, he believes that girls always want to look pretty .

And Li Xing has been very grateful to Xiaoxiu for taking care of him all this time and knowing that the girl lost her father at a young age, he always tends to agree with her on everything .

On the street, Xiaoxiu keeps looking from left to right and soon stops in front of a clothing store, looking inside on her tiptoe .

Seeing this, Li Xing smiles and pulls her inside, saying, “Just choose whichever pieces you like, and we will have them packaged . ”

This is a very high-end store which is usually frequented by rich people and its racks are stocked with fine silk and satin, all in classic and noble style which are normally out of the reach of ordinary customers .

The owner is quite sharp in the eye and sees Li Xing’s extraordinary bearing with one glance, so he immediately alerts a sales boy to attend to him . The sales boy hurries forward and starts introducing fabric to Li Xing and Xiaoxiu .  

Instead of selling ready-to-wear garments, the store allows customers to select the fabric and makes the clothes according to their requirements, and the customers can choose their favorite style from the off-the-rack clothes displayed on the wall .  

Xiaoxiu keeps looking at the dazzling array of garments with a longing look and finds it difficult to choose a favorite . The girl, who has always been careful with money, seemed a bit deterred by the high prices .

Li Xing obviously has figured out what the girl is thinking, so he follows her eyes and instantly knows what she likes, and then points at the clothes saying, “This one…”

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“That one, too…”

After picking out seven to eight pieces, the frugal girl starts getting restless and tries to stop Li Xing, “Young Master, I don’t need that many . ”

Li Xing gives a chuckle, saying, “Money is no problem . What’s important is you like them . ”

As he speaks, two girls walk into the store, one dressed in white and the other in red . Both are rather good-looking and attractive .

Li Xing immediately recognizes that they are Chen Shuang and Chen Xue, but he decides to act like he doesn’t know them and continues choosing clothes for Xiaoxiu .

Chen Xue is heard sighing the moment she passes the door, “What are you thinking? We have more nice fabric and good tailors in our home than we need . Why do you have to come to a clothing store?”

A red hue is seen on Chen Shuang’s cheeks, “This is what I want to do! I don’t mind if big sister is unwilling to accompany me!” Feigning anger, the girl quickly steps into the store .    

Chen Xue smiles and has no choice but to follow her younger sister inside .

Right after getting in, the two also recognize Li Xing who has lately enjoyed a sudden rise of fame and become the center of attention in Three Chivalries Garden by winning a spot as an off-site disciple of Qiyun Sect .

For one second, Chen Xue doesn’t know how to react at the sight of Li Xing, while Chen Shuang secretly chuckles and whispers into her sister’s ear, “Sister, I don’t think it will be that bad if he becomes my brother-in-law . After all, he has level five blood power and is quite handsome . ”

Chen Xue frowns, “Nonsense!”

Chen Shuang sticks her tongue out playfully at her sister . Then she walks up to Li Xing naturally and gives him a pat on the shoulder, “Li Xing!”

Although he already saw the two coming inside just now, Li Xing fakes being startled and turns around with a smile, “Second Miss Chen, is there anything I can help?”

Chen Shuang pouts a little, “I can’t say hello to you if there isn’t?” The girl is socially outgoing in nature, so even though she hasn’t had much of a conversation with Li Xing before, she is now speaking to him like an acquaintance .  

Li Xing smiles a little, “Of course you can . ” Then he turns his eyes to Chen Xue and nods to her smilingly .

Chen Xue nods back, but in a rather cold way, and turns her face to another side .

Li Xing doesn’t want to say anything more with Chen Shuang, so he calls over the sales boy and have him to take Xiaoxiu’s measurements .

Chen Shuang, however, keeps fixing her eyes on Li Xing with an eerie look .

Li Xing feels a bit uneasy for being stared at, thinking, “Has she recognized me?” After all, for quite a while, he has stayed by Chen Shuang’s side in disguise as Zhao Yun .

All of a sudden, Chen Shuang speaks again, “Your look like someone else!”

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Li Xing calmly responds, “Really? Who?”

“A friend of mine,” Chen Shuang doesn’t tell him the truth while sizing Li Xing up before asking with a smile, “Could you do me a small favor?”

Li Xing intends to find out before saying yes, “What kind of favor?”

Chen Shuang smiles, “An easy one . Try on a few garments for me . ”

Chen Xue comes over and says with a frowned face, “Xiaoxue, what are you doing?”

Chen Shuang waves her hand, “Don’t worry, big sister . ” Then she asks Li Xing again, “Will you?”

Li Xing has had a good impression of the two sisters, so he smiles back, “Sure . ”

Chen Shuang then calls the sales boy over and orders him to take down several pieces of clothing for Li Xing to try on .

Meanwhile a few steps away, Xiaoxiu is having his measurements taken and the sight of Li Xing and Chen Shuang together makes the young girl curious, “Young Master doesn’t know them well at all . Why are they chatting with each other?” She asks the sales boy to stop measuring and walks up to them .

During the fitting, it suddenly dawns on Li Xing, “Was she meant to say that I look like ‘Zhao Yun’? Is she asking me to try out the clothes for him?” The thought of that makes him feel amusing .  

Li Xing is not slow to figure out the reason why a girl from a high position would deign herself by coming to a store and purchasing for clothing for a servant .   

“Is it possible that she likes ‘Zhao Yun’?” Li Xing finds it convincing that a man like ’Zhao Yun’ could sweep most woman off their feet, considering he is a heavily-built with good looks and also has the additional charming qualities of being adept at both martial arts and literature .

What’s more, “Zhao Yun” once even risked his own life to save Chen Shuang’s .

Li Xing is more and more convinced by the idea and cannot help but cracks a flattered smile .

Seeing his expression, Chen Shuang asks with wide-opened eyes, “What are you laughing about?”

Li Xing gives a casual reply, “Just wondering why Second Miss Chen wants to buy man’s clothes . ”

“I’m buying for myself!” Chen Shuang rolls her eyes and keeping picking out clothes for him to try on .

Xiaoxiu also joins in .

“This one looks nice . Why not make one for yourself, Young Master?” says the girl smilingly .

Considering that money is no longer a problem for Purple Bamboo Community, Li Xing agrees by nodding, “All right . I will have this one . ”

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Unexpectedly, Chen Shuang suddenly gets upset, “You can’t have this one!”

Li Xing asks curiously, “Why not?”

Chen Shuang opens her mouth but cannot think of a reason, so she just plays rude by saying, “You just can’t have that!”

Li Xing seems to understand and giggles without arguing further, “Fine . I won’t take it, but choose another one . ”

The fitting takes a long while and Chen Shuang finally picks out five garments that she is most satisfied with .  

Chen Shuang feels quite pleased for Li Xing’s help and offers laughingly, “If you like, you are welcome to come to my home as a guest someday . ” 

Li Xing smiles back at the girl’s invitation and goes back to Xiaoxiu to help her pick .

For all this time, Chen Xue has been watching Li Xing nearby and after seeing he and Xiaoxiu look quite close, she slightly frowns, thinking, “Every male disciple in Three Chivalries Garden has a pretty girl servant by his side . Looks like Li Xing is no exception . ”

Being upset and rattled by the thought, Chen Xue says to Chen Shuang in a chilly voice, “I’m off!” Then she steps out the store, leaving a confused Chen Shuang behind .  

Chen Shuang, a girl with a casual disposition, soon bids goodbye to Li Xing and is gone as well .

After picking out a few garments to their liking, Li Xing and Xiaoxiu also slowly get out of the store .  

The moment the two step out, six large horses come galloping by, one of which is carrying Third Childe Zhao . The man is no stranger to Li Xing, although he doesn’t know Li Xing yet .

Seeing the incoming horses, Li Xing pulls Xiaoxiu to the side of the street and waits for them to pass .

Unexpectedly, Third Childe Zhao tightens his reins, pulling the horse to a stop . He approaches to Xiaoxiu and sticks his hand out, trying to taking advantage of the girl by touching her chin from the back of this horse .

Li Xing is outraged by Third Childe Zhao’s provocative and philandering act . Bristling with anger, he pulls out his fist at the man before the latter’s hand is able to reach Xiaoxiu .

The horrifying nearly forty thousand jin in blood force from a man on level six blood practicing hits directly at Third Childe Zhao .  

Unfortunately for the man, it never crossed his mind even for one second that a young man inconspicuous like Li Xing would be powerful enough to launch his fist at a speed and ferocity that he couldn’t even begin to imagine, nor did his entourage .  

Third Childe Zhao has only completed level four blood practicing and is a far inferior enemy to Li Xing .


Li Xing’s fist lands straight on Third Childe Zhao’s costal area on the right side of his body, smashing nearly all his ribs and causing severe wounds to his internal organs in one punch and sending him fly far away backwards from the back of his horse like a dead man .

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