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Published at 13th of February 2020 04:49:58 PM

Chapter 43


Someone shouts out an acclaim from the crowd, which is soon followed by resounding applause and cheering .

The melody is so exquisite and delightful that it makes Murong Jiaojiao forego her grudge against Li Xing and laud him with contentment, “Such brilliant lines are rare to see in a lifetime! Mr . Li, is there any possibility that you could present us another poem today?”

Li Xing, who never wants an extra status as a scholar, decides not to show off his so-called learning in front of everyone .  The next moment, an idea springs to mind and he points at Chen Shuang, saying, “Your Grace, frankly speaking, Second Miss Chen is a far better poet than I am . ”

Murong Jiaojiao is surprised and looks at Chen Shuang as she stands up quickly, “I didn’t expect there is another great poet present!”

This makes Chen Shuang blush immediately, who shoots Li Xing an irritable glare and starts to panic, because she’s actually never been a poet, let alone a great one .

Li Xing reminds the girl, “Miss Chen Shuang, I remember you wrote two poems at Qingyun Hotel the other day . Do you mind sharing them with us?” By saying that, he knows that he’s managed to get everyone’s attention off him .  

As he expects, everyone turns their eyes on Chen Shuang .

Chen Shuang also recalls that day, thinking, “He’s right! The two poems Zhao Yun wrote on that day were also great!” 

Chen Xue is at a loss, wondering, “Since when did Chen Shuang know how to write poems?”

Trying to look calm, Chen Shuang starts reciting the lines from one of the poems she was told by “Zhao Yun” in a sweet voice, “Amid the flowers, from a pot of wine…”

After reading the poem which was actually written by Li Bai, the crowd is again stunned before bursting into loud cheering for the second time .

Murong Jiaojiao is also left amazed, considering, “Unexpectedly, there are two great poets in Qingyun City!”

Witnessing Li Xing being thrust into the limelight, Xu Guang, who planned on causing him harm a while ago, as well as Li Zheng and Li Fei, both of whom still hold ill will against him, are consumed with jealousy and are so vexed at not being able to kill him right on the spot .

Sometimes, it is worse than death to watch someone a person hates to take the spotlight and glory .

“Damn it! How on earth was this wretched Li Xing able to write such a good poem? He must have bought it somewhere!” Xu Guang tries to convince himself with resentment . Jealousy keeps eating away at him and drives him to lose his mind .  He suddenly stands up from his seat and walks toward Li Xing with his wine cup in hand .

Xu Guang is convinced that Li Xing has already suffered internal injuries, so he decides to take the chance to humiliate him . He is also confident that a man with level five blood power like him will easily make a fool of Li Xing .

With an unnatural smile, Xu Guang approaches, holding his wine cup, pretending to give a toast . However, unlike everyone else who never notices anything wrong, Li Xing quickly senses the hostility from Xu Guang .

Having already known that it was this man who attempted to cause him harm just now, the fact that he is coming over for the second time almost enrages Li Xing . But he still keeps a level head and greets the man with a smiley face, “Mr . Xu!”

“I was so impressed by Mr . Li’s brilliant poem that I have to come over to show my respect . Will you honor me with this toast?” Xu Guang hands the cup to Li Xing while secretly gathering his blood force .  Li Xing, on the other hand, has already been healed and is above Xu Guang in blood power given that he’s reached level six . In response, he navigates his blood force as well, preparing to release the lightning crumbling force .

Xu Guang, who is no match to Li Xing, instantly feels an overwhelming force coming at him, forcing him to spring backwards and somersault three times like a ridiculous monkey before falling on his buttocks .

The crowd immediately becomes silent as everyone tries to figure out what has happened, then quietness is soon replaced by a riot of laughter .  

Xu Guang ends up falling sprawling on the ground and struggling for quite a while to stand up, but fails . Seeing his master livid and embarrassed, that servant rushes over and helps him up, while glowering at Li Xing with hatred .

Li Xing laughs and ridicules Xu Guang, “I didn’t expect Mr . Xu is so good at doing somersaults . That’s really impressive . ”

His words make the crowd exploding with laughter again, including Murong Jiaojiao who is also delighted by the ludicrous scene .

Feeling utterly disgraced, Xu Guang turns around and flees rapidly and silently, even without saying goodbye to Zhu Jin .

Li Zheng and Li Fei look at one another, knowing that their scheme worked . After what happened today, Li Xing has made an enemy of Xu Guang who is known for being an vindictive person and never leaving a grievance unsettled .

Following the minor incident, the scholars’ banquet resumes, but after Li Xing and Chen Shuang each read a poem, no one else is seen coming forward with poetry of their own .  

Murong Jiaojiao seems to have realized that Li Xing dislikes the attention, so she stops asking him to present another poem and instead, just toasts him repeatedly .

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After hearing Chen Shuang’s poem, Chen Xue is both surprised and confused, so the moment her sister sits back down, she asks her in a low voice, “Chen Shuang, did you actually write that poem yourself?”

Chen Shuang blushes again . Knowing that she cannot keep it a secret to her sister, she decides to tell the truth, “Of course not . It’s written by Zhao Yun . ” 

Chen Xue nods, “That Zhao Yun is indeed no ordinary person, which I didn’t expect . Last time you went to buy man’s clothes . Is that for him?” Her intuition tells her that was the truth .

Realizing she’s been seen through, Chen Shuang turns coy, “He saved my life once . Am I not allowed to do something to pay him back?”

Chen Xue lets out a sigh, saying, “It’s right to show gratitude . But Chen Shuang, you have to remember that either you or I have a say on our marriage . You need to control your heart . ”

Chen Xue’s words make Chen Shuang feel frustrated and crestfallen .

Even though the sisters were born into the luxury and extravagance of Three Chivalries Garden, they still don’t have freedom in many aspects of their lives .

The banquet is drawing to a close, with the guests leaving one after another . As Li Xing is also about to take off, he is stopped by Qian Bixie who says smilingly, “Mr . Li, Murong Jiaojiao wants to see you in private . You’re lucky to have the change to meet a beautiful girl . ” 

Li Xing didn’t expect this, but he decides to stay behind thinking that it wouldn’t matter anyway . In his mind, Murong Jiaojiao is just doing this out of her love for poetry .

The hall is soon empty with all the others gone, including Qian Bixie, expect for Murong Jiaojiao who keeps smiling and looking at Li Xing attentively from over a dozen meters away .  

Calm as usual, Li Xing cups his hands respectfully, asking, “Is there anything I can do for you, Your Grace?”

Murong Jiaojiao stands up from her seat and in that instant, Li Xing is astonished to sense the terrifyingly crushing power emitting from her, a sensation he has felt from the one and only person in his life - Li Ziran .

“She has breath power!” The realization leaves Li Xing completely astounded . How a young woman like her could have already achieved breath power?

Murong Jiaojiao is at most eighteen years old, merely a little older than Li Xing . It’s absolutely impossible that a teenage girl would have reached such a high level without being exceptionally gifted .

Murong Jiaojiao walks near Li Xing with cold vigilance in her eyes, “Li Xing, do you really think I’m an affected person who likes to make fuss out of nothing?”

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Li Xing is again seized by astonishment, realizing that he did make that comment about her . But how did she find out?

“Well, you don’t want to admit it?” Threat starts exuding from Murong Jiaojiao .

Without a hint of fear on his face, Li Xing fakes an awkward laughter while racking his brains to come up with an appropriate response .

“This woman even knows a small joke I told inadvertently . What spying capability the Murong family has!” 

“Haha, it’s just an innocent joke of mine . Please don’t take it seriously, Princess . ”

“A joke?” Murong Jiaojiao keeps staring at Li Xing, trying to find out if he’s lying .

Li Xing responds with a straight face, “Honestly speaking, I’m not that interested in poetry writing . ”

Nodding her head, Murong Jiaojiao says in a cold voice, “I can tell you are very confident about yourself . What gives you this confidence? The level six blood power or your aptitude?” 

Li Xing is now totally impressed by the extraordinary perceptiveness of this girl!

He smiles, “Your Grace, I’m flattered . I’m just an ordinary person, far inferior to you . ” 

Murong Jiaojiao shakes her head, “I disagree . A person’s bearing is closely related to his social status and strength, which is why it’s surprising a person like you has this kind of distinctive manner . ” 

Li Xing knows the reason is that he doesn’t belong to this world, but he can never explain it . So he smiles unnaturally, “Maybe it’s because I’m nothing but a short-sighted person who lacks understanding about the real world . ” 

Murong Jiaojiao keeps walking and finally stops right in front of Li Xing, saying, “I think you and I are the same . I’m known to others as a poet, but that’s not true . Poetry is just my way to improve breath power . ”

Li Xing finds it hard to comprehend, “Poetry can do that?”

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Murong Jiaojiao says, “You’ll find out once you reach my level . ”

Li Xing laughs again, “Princess, you think too much of me .  How can a person like me is the same with you? I’m just a dull-witted man who has only started blood practicing recently . I suppose you must be a natural prodigy for blood practicing . ”

At the moment, the enemy vibe around Murong Jiaojiao disappears and is replaced by friendliness, as smile returns to the girl face, “Thank you, Mr . Li, for staying and chatting with me . ” With that sentence, a servant walks from behind her and Li Zing is escorted out of the hall .  

After Li Xing is gone, a woman with gray hair but rosy girlish cheeks appears . She says with a frowned face, “Miss, it seems he isn’t the person you’re looking for . ”

Murong Jiaojiao sighs, “No, he isn’t . ” After a pause, she continues, “But he is really special . ”

The gray-headed women laughs, “I don’t see anything special about that young fella . ”

Murong Jiaojiao says, “I haven’t been able to improve ever since I reached level three breath power . Master says only after I have an epiphany can I reach the fourth level . I’ve been thinking over and over and decided to find a breakthrough through poetry . The first time I heard his poetry, I thought he is a powerful recluse, but it turns out he only has level six blood power . ”

“But there is indeed something very special about him . I believe he has something others don’t . I’ve never seen someone so confident like him . ” Murong Jiaojiao is still puzzled, continuing, “But as far as I know, he’s not that exceptional . ”

The woman with gray hair laughs, “Maybe what he said is true . He is just a dull-witted and oblivious man . ” 

Murong Jiaoajiao also laughs, “A truly dull-witted and oblivious man will not say such things about himself . There is something… idiosyncratic about him . ” Then she speaks to the woman, “Aunt Feng, I will be staying in Qingyun City for a while . ”

After Li Xing walks out of the city ruler’s mansion, he hurries back home on horseback .

Third Childe Zhao, who has borne a deep grudge since getting beaten up by Li Xing this morning, is throwing a temper tantrum at home .

“Get out!” He barks and kicks a girl servant to the ground . The kick is so hard that it kills the girl who has no martial art training on the spot . A moment later, several strong male servants come in and carry the dead body away .

A personal servant of Third Childe Zhao walks over and whispers, “Master, I have an idea!”

Third Childe Zhao’s look changes immediately as he straightens his body, “Shoot!”

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