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Published at 6th of March 2020 03:07:05 PM

Chapter 49

Upon seeing such a pretty girl as Chen Xue in their midst, the miners instantly light up with some of them grinning at her in an obscene way .  “Beauty, come over and have a good time with me!” a tall, strong man shouts outs, laughing loudly .  

“You’re asking for trouble!” A guard near the entrance to the pit immediately whips the iron chain on his hand at the filthy-mouthed miner .  


The chain comes down hard with a loud noise but flies far away before toughing the man who manages to fend off the blow with his blood force .

“This man has at least level seven blood power . It’s incredible the miners here could be some powerful!” Li Xing is taken aback by what just happened .  

Ximen Tai quickly reacts by whipping out a dagger from his waist pocket . Seeing the weapon whose superior quality is shown in the glittering blade, the miner starts inching towards Ximen Tai with a vigilant and threatening look .

Ximen Tai is intent to defend the girl’s honor, saying, “How you damned bastard dare to disrespect Miss Chen Xue!” He charges sideways at the man, aiming the dagger at his body .  

The miner swiftly turns on his side, raising his hands up and stopping the dagger with the chain wrapped around his wrists .  


The miner is fast as he is agile, which enables him to ward off a lethal stab from the Ximen Tai .

Sparks are seen flying in all directions as the dagger and the chains clash, and the blade is so sharp that it ends up cutting the chain in half . The miner, with his hands free, gives a chortle and quickly jumps at Ximen Tai with half a broken chain dangling in each of his hands .  

All of a sudden, the man grows to over two meters tall, unleashing the force of the ultimate blood warrior – a full display of his level seven blood power! With the swing of his arms, strong gusts and lightning follow explosively, blowing the rocks off the ground .

As the man closes in on them, the mine supervisor, who is already frightened out of his wits, yells at Ximen Tai, “Go back!”

However, Ximen Tai, who also has level seven blood power, isn’t deterred by the enemy at all . Instead, he grins and swings his dagger at the man for the second time .

At the same time, Li Xing quickly comes in front of Chen Xue and swats away the stray rocks heading for her while keeping a close eye on the two fighting men, both of whom are much more powerful than Li Xing .

Normally speaking, when a man’s blood essence is in complete circulation, he is able to reach ten dou in blood force which means one hundred thousand jin in physical strength!

And a brave warrior with level seven blood power not only has tremendous strength but also lasting combat capabilities since he can regroup physically three times or even fives times quicker than those with lower level blood power .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two men are completely engaged in a full-blown, violent fight . Ximen Tai, however, seems to be at a disadvantage with his dagger, since the broken chains make a better weapon for the miner, just like two formidable iron whips .

Ximen Tai is surprised to find that the miner’s power is even above him .

At the same time, two other miners suddenly jump at Li Xing and Chen Xue from nowhere with horribly strong force . Despite being shackled, the two men are still able to move quickly and forcefully, because they are sure they can simply use their body weight to crush someone with level five blood power to death .

At that moment, Li Xing can clearly see in the two men’s eyes that they are determined to kill .  


Li Xing immediately feels grave threat since he can tell the two men coming at them also have level seven blood power! With no time to think, he raises his right palm and unleashes the lightning crumbling force at Chen Xue to push her as far away as possible and in the meantime, avoiding hurting her .

Just when Chen Xue starts realizing what is going on and is stricken with fear, Li Xing’s palm has already landed on her chest . Then with a rush of pain, she is blown away to the far back by a strong force .

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Just as Chen Xue come to a stop somewhere more than a dozen meters away, the two miners starts launching their moves at Li Xing .  Unfortunately, Li Xing only has level six blood power, and soon he feels overwhelmed by the two men who are both much more powerful than him .

But at the crucial moment of life and death, he has no other option but to keep fighting!

The Book of Ultimate Martial Arts includes the lightning strike, the lightning drilling, the lightning crumbling, and the lightning blow, and after that, there is the lightning smashing!

To acquire the lightning smashing force, one must first complete the sixth level of blood practicing . This move is even powerful than the first five ones .

Li Xing hasn’t mastered the move yet, only a few tricks . But now, it seems there is no better way to fend off the two men than the lightning smashing force .

Boom! Li Xing tries to steer his blood essence which keeps rumbling inside him and pushing its way to all the meridians that are yet to be broken through, causing great harm to his body .

As the two men launch their attack from both sides again, Li Xing, despite the huge internal pain, swings his fist which packs such strong force that it causes a sizzling whirlwind and almost turns every puff of air around him into invisible sharp, deadly swords .

The crushing force of Li Xing’s move deeply astonishes the two attackers who can distinctively feel that death is coming .  But it’s too late to pull back now; they have to fight him head on now .



Four fists tear directly into Li Xing .

However, in face of the two men with level seven blood power joining forces, Li Xing is considerably less powerful in strength . So even the lightning smashing fails to help him force his enemies back . Instead, he suffers significant impact and is knocked dozens of meters backward before dropping to the ground barely breathing .

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Everything happened in such a short instant that almost with a blink of the eye, it came to an end right after Li Xing pushed Chen Xue away .  

Chen Xue is stricken dumb with what happened and keeps staring at Li Xing who is lying on the ground motionless, completely at a loss what to do .

Although the two men manage to defeat Li Xing, they also end up sustaining serious injuries in their meridians by the lightning smashing force .

At the moment, a dozen or so guards rush to the scene . They were alerted by the sound of fighting and came to help right away .

Seeing the arrival of reinforcement, the three miners including the one fighting Ximen Tai immediately draw back and disappear into a nearby pit one after another .

Chen Xue hasn’t recovered from the shock and feels a bit soft on the knees . She walks slowly to Li Xing, puts her finger under his nose, and is relieved to find he is still alive .

“Can you hear me?” Chen Xue can hear her own voice shaking .

Although what happened today is bit different from what happened the other day when Li Xing, who was “Zhao Yun” at the time, saved Chen Shuang, it has had the same strong impact on the two sisters .

Li Xing has actually remained conscious, but he cannot speak due to the huge pain from his damaged meridians .  Had it been someone else, he would have been killed miserably on the spot by the two miners with level seven blood power . Fortunately, Li Xing has managed to escape death yet again by using the lightning smashing force .  

Nevertheless, he is massively wounded, with both of his arms fractured and all his meridians broken, practically putting him on the doorstep of death . Luckily as always, the Bead of Nine Yangs is working again, sending its energy into his body and rapidly healing his wounds .

Ximen Tai, however, seems uninjured at all as he walks over with easy steps . He casts a glance at the half-dead Li Xing and says with a disdainful look, “Why would someone as weak as him even come along in the first place?”

Chen Xue doesn’t pay any attention to Ximen Tai’s sarcastic words aimed at Li Xing . She quickly pulls out a round pill and puts it in Li Xing’s mouth . Soon a warm breath flows its way to every part of Li Xing’s body .  The pill is called the “healing elixir” and is refined by specialists in Tianyuan Isle .  

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Almost at the same time, Chen Shuang, who is checking the account book, suddenly hears a strange sound coming from outside .  She rushes out, only to be ambushed by someone . Before she is able to find out who it is, the person’s palm already came down at her .  

Chen Shuang is both surprised and panicked because she only has level three blood power, while the enemy is obviously more powerful .  In the nick of time, Chen Shuang throws something from her hand, which whooshes its way at the attacker with a bright light .

The light comes from the “slaying arrow” which is used as a concealed weapon and is capable of breaking down the defense of someone with level eight blood power . Chen Shuang has always kept the weapon on her .  In order to have something for self-defense, she had spent a lot asking a weapon specialist build the arrow .

The arrow drives into the attacker’s body with a swishing sound before he could see what was coming but he continues closing in on Chen Shuang .  Despite being hit in the heart with the weapon, he manages to gather his strength for an attack .

The look in the man’s eyes is like that of a brutal animal .


Chen Shuang is hit in the arm by the attacker and spits out a mouthful of blood as she is sent flying backwards .

The man also has level seven blood power, so even though his force was undermined after being hit by the arrow, he managed to launch a fatal assault at Chen Shuang, causing the girl to pass out and bleeding from her mouth and nose .

The man also drops dead immediately after he struck Chen Shuang, killed by the extremely deadly toxin on the head of the arrow .   

As Chen Xue is feeding Li Xing the pill, Ximen Tai, who is standing behind them, suddenly raises his palm and punches Chen Xue on her back, while the look on his face completely changed and turned fiendish .


The strike causes Chen Xue’s internal organs to shatter, leaving the girl to collapses on top of Li Xing . In that moment, Li Xing feels a soft body falling on his .

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