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Published at 27th of March 2020 10:56:44 PM

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Recaptured Treasure

Translator: Flying Lines

Li Jie, who only has level five blood power, immediately passes out after being hit by Ximen Tai who is two levels above him .

And due to the great disparity in strength, all of Li Jie’s people end up being killed by the other brave warriors on the spot .

Ximen Tai takes one look at the dead bodies on the ground and orders decisively, “Clean this place and let’s get out of here!”

“Why so quickly?” Suddenly Li Xing emerges from the dark, followed by Chen Xue and Chen Shuang, and standing in front of them are Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin .

Ximen Tai is totally dumbfounded to see that Li Xing and the two girls are alive after sustaining life-threatening wounds .

“Aren’t you afraid of Three Chivalries Garden’s wrath for what you’ve done, Ximen Tai?” Chen Xue lashes out at the man .

Soon, Ximen Tai’s astonishment is replaced by calmness as he says sneeringly without shame, “If I was afraid, I wouldn’t have done this .  But I didn’t expect all of you would make it after getting so badly injured . ”

Li Xing obviously doesn’t want to waste time listening to the man, so he gives an order to the two men in front of him, “Kill him, please . ”

Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin immediately move, with one of them aiming at Ximen Tai and the other at the ten brave warriors .

Reaching level seven blood power means a person’s blood essence can circulate freely inside his body, enabling him a physical strength of as much as ten dou (one dou equals ten thousand jin, or five thousand kilograms)!

But a person who has reached level eight is able to gather all his blood essence into one spot, which means he is considerably more powerful than those who are one level below him .

The difference in strength is evident as the two sides are engaged in a fistfight . Within three moves, Zhang Jie manages to overpower Ximen Tai, as the latter keeps getting pushed back, deeply horrified and flustered . Finally, he sustains a heavy slap in the chest from Zhang Jie .

The strike from Zheng Jie, who has level eight blood power, carries seven dou in force and inflicts severe wounds on Ximen Tai . Following Li Xing’s order to kill, Zhang Jie goes on and strikes the man ten more times with his palm .

Ten palm strikes from someone with level eight blood power are enough to tear a piece of hard metal into piece, let alone a human body .

Ximen Tai is killed dead out and out with all his bones shattered, his flesh and sinews mashed up and his meridians imploded . Even Li Xing’s Bead of Nine Yangs won’t pull him back to life .

Meanwhile, Cheng Bin also manages to get rid of the ten brave warriors with ease .  

Chen Shuang walks over to Li Jie who is lying unconsciously and intends to give him a good kick, but is stopped by Li Xing .

Chen Shuang is confused, asking, “You want to save him?”

Li Xing shakes his head, saying, “Even it’s against my will, I guess I have to . Because if Li Jie ended up dead, what happened here today would eventually get out, but if he lives, I bet he will try everything in his power to stop that from happening . ”

While speaking, Li Xing steps over to the five metal chests and opens one of them .  Immediately, a purple mist bursts out and shoots high into the air . Li Xing quickly closes the chest and estimates, “There are altogether at least three thousand pieces of fantasy crystals in these five chests . ”

The value of one fantasy crystal equals that of one thousand blood crystals . In other words, the five chests contain the combined value of three million blood crystals! In comparison, Three Chivalries Garden only has an annual earning of two to three thousand blood crystals, which means that the three families will need one thousand years to amass three million blood crystals!

Such a colossal fortune even makes Chen Xue and Chen Shuang stagger, leaving them clueless as to what to do .

Li Xing speaks to the two sisters smilingly, “Chen Shuang, Chen Xue, I suggest we hide these fantasy crystals for the time being, because I think it’s not necessarily a good thing if this large amount of treasure ends up in Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Chen Xue hesitates for a moment before nodding in agreement, “You’re right . If these fantasy crystals are brought to Three Chivalries Garden, Qiyun Sect is bound to find out, and we would be force to hand them in . ”

Chen Shuang asks Li Xing, “Where should we hide them?”

Li Xing replies, “I’ll handle this . ” Then he pulls out an arrow and uses it to send out a message .

About five minutes later, a shadow is seen a certain distance away . After noticing it, Li Xing walks over there and talks secretively with it for a while . The shadow seems to freeze for a second before nodding its head hard at Li Xing .

Li Xing returns with a smile on his face, “The fantasy crystals are now in good hands . We should now head back to Three Chivalries Garden and on our way home, we must think of an excuse in case people ask what happened to us . ”

Suspicious about the arrangement, Chen Xue asks about the “shadow”, “So it left just like that?”

Li Xing answers, “They are all very reliable . ”

Chen Xue is left with nothing else to say, and the five of them decide to get out of the valley .

After Li Xing is gone, the money manager calls in five subordinates who then quickly and quietly vanish into the night with the chests . A moment later, the other two emissaries also arrive at the valley .

“The stuff Young Master entrusted me with is extremely valuable, so I need your help,” the money manager explains, and after learning about what was in the chests, the two emissaries are both taken by surprise, with the messenger asking, “Where did they come from?”

The money manager chuckles, saying, “Seems Young Master has more guts than his father does . ”

Before Li Xing gets back to Three Chivalries Garden, he first puts Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin in a hotel in Qingyin City, and then goes on his way along with Chen Xue and Chen Shuang . As soon as the three return, they go to Chen Jinsong immediately to report what happened during their trip .

Chen Xue tells her father that the three of them fall prey to a gang of bandits with powerful martial arts training but they managed to escape with their lives after putting up a tough fight . Although her story is different from Ximen Tai’s version, Chen Jinsong chooses to believe his daughter, so after a few comforting words, he let them go and rest .

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Later at night, Chen Jinsong calls an emergency meeting with Li Ying and Bai Pingdu .

Li Ying asks, “Who do you think did this, Chen?”

Chen Jinsong says, “I’m not sure, but obviously whoever did this was coming directly at Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Bai Pingdu nods, “Looks like someone hasn’t learned a lesson from what happened to Dart Sect . ”

Chen Jindong shakes his head and continues, “I’m afraid it might not be that simple this time and it may take us a while to look into it . ” After reaching an agreement, the three heads of family immediately set up a taskforce and order a thorough investigation into the incident .

After Chen Xue and Chen Shuang get back, they start recalling what happened to them over the past few days .

Chen Xue says, “We owe it to Li Xing for escaping from death . ”

Chen Xue looks at her sister and starts teasing her grinningly, “Sister, you got a crush on him?”

Chen Xue slightly scowls, “I’m just feeling grateful to him for saving my life . Stop with your nonsense . ”

Chen Shuang fakes being upset by letting out a sigh, “I see you are still not opening up to me . Never mind . I’ll stop . ” She pauses before adding, “I wonder if Zhao Yun will show up again . ”

Seeing a chance to tease her sister, Chen Xue says jokingly in return, “If he does show up, I say you tell him how you feel about that man and elope with him . ”

Startled to hear what her sister just said, Chen Shuang immediately tries to cover her mouth, “That’s truly nonsense! I also feel nothing but gratitude to him . ”

In the meantime, Li Xing has returned to Purple Bamboo Community . The near death experience during this trip makes him realize even more profoundly that his is still so inferior in strength that he could easily be overpowered by someone with level seven or eight blood power .

“I had better reach level seven as soon as possible so that I can reinforce the circulation of my blood essence,” Li Xing secretly makes up his mind .  

That night, Li Xing changes his clothes without calling Xiaoxiu for help and stays alone in the bamboo building to practice blood .

The next day, an informant from Three Chivalries Garden returns with a piece of news: Ma Boxiong has been seen in Qingyun City .

Right away, it sounds the alarm for Li Ying who immediately calls a meeting with the heads of Chen and Bai families, warning them, “As far as I know, Ma Boxiong possesses a piece of Buddhist ware called the Cicada Wing Sword . It has the impressive capability of reaching a man and decapitating him at a distance of five kilometers away . The informant has just come back with news that he is currently in Qingyun City . I have reason to believe that he is up to something . ”

Chen Jinsong contemplates with a frowned face before venturing a guess, “Is it possible that he had something to do with the gang who attacked my daughters?”

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Bai Pingdu follows, “There is a possibility . But I think what’s more likely is that Ma Boxiong has come here with a bigger motive . ” As they speak, another informant comes in with more information .

After bowing to the three heads of family, the informant said, “I just learned that Ma Boxiong is likely planning on laying his hands on the Wuling Ginseng of Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Hearing the words “Wuling Ginseng” makes Li Ying explodes with anger as he pounds the table and denounces, “The nerve of that Ma Boxiong! Does he think that he can push Three Chivalries Garden around?”

Wuling Ginseng is a valuable herb Li Ying acquired a year ago, and due to its preciousness, he has being keeping it safe all along . Never has he expected that Ma Boxiong could harbor such an evil plan .

But Li Ying soon calms down, asking, “Where did you get this information?”

The informant says, “I heard from Zhou Zhenzhen . She is Ma Boxiong’s mistress . According to what she said, Ma Boxiong had promised to give her a ginseng as a gift saying that it would make her more beautiful . That’s why I assumed that he’s talking about the Wuling Ginseng . ”

Li Ying nods his head and says, “You may leave now . ”

The man is soon out of Three Chivalries Garden and sends out a cryptic message . About ten minutes later, the messenger receives the message and tells those around him, “Li Ying has fallen into our trap .  The next thing to do is ensure Young Master’s safety . Hit the road now!”

When Xiaoxiu wakes up in the morning, Li Xing is already sitting in the living room . Surprised to see him there, the girl asks, “When did you get back, Young Master?”

Li Xing answers with a smile, “Last night . ”

Li Hu also walks in and after the three finish their breakfast together, Li Xing sets out to visit Chen Shuang to ask for more information .

When he arrives, he sees Chen Xue is also there . Chen Shuang invites him to sit down .

“How has everything been going?” asks Li Xing who is clearly meaning what’s going on with Li Jie .

Chen Shuang chuckles and says, “Li Jie told everyone that there was a robbery at the mine yesterday and that all five of him underlings were killed and himself badly injured . ”

Li Xing also lets out a laugh, knowing that Li Jie will most likely never be able to find out what actually happened that night .

Chen Shuang goes on with another piece of information, “I heard Ma Boxiong from Feilong City seems to be planning on attacking Three Chivalries Garden . Also, a few other sects in Qingyun City are plotting against us”

After hearing the news, Li Xing starts thinking carefully, trying to anticipate what is about to go wrong .

In the meantime, at an ordinary residential house in Qingyun City, a man dressed in a cyan robe with his face covered with a silver mask stands in the living room, and in front of him kneels another masked man who is also clad in a cyan robe .

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“Master, things didn’t proceed as planned . Ximen Tai had originally succeeded but ended up getting robbed by a group of unidentified men . But the good news is that Ximen Ji’s plan to incite a confrontation between Three Chivalries Garden and other major sects is working . ”

In an emotionless tone, the man with the silver mask says, “Find out who carried out the robbery . If they’re random robbers, there is no need to pay too much attention to it, but if the robbery was a deliberate and target move, get rid of everyone involved!”

“Yes!” says the other man .

Elsewhere, Li Xing, for the first time, is engaged in small talks with the Chen sisters . Since he is from a different world, his unique way of thinking and open-mindedness often either baffle or amaze the girls .

The conversation goes on to music of stringed instruments, and Li Xing shares his understanding about it with the sisters .

In his eyes, the stringed instruments in this world are largely the same as what he’s seen in the world he came from, with only minor differences .

“Since you understand music, do you mind playing a song for us?” Chen Shuang asks in delight .

Li Xing starts to get embarrassed because he, as a matter of fact, doesn’t know much about playing a stringed instrument and only knows enough information to strike up a conversation . But he decides to give it a try as he says with a humble smile, “I’m much poorer in playing these instruments than both of you .  How about I offer a piece of music and you play it?”

Intrigued, Chen Shuang asks, “Did you compose it?”

Li Xing, with a smile, raises his right hand and spreads out the fingers, with a strand of blood essence seen ejecting from each of them . As he recalls from memory, Li Xing starts to move his fingers and sound magically appears from thin air . For one second it is soft and gentle, and the next second, it goes deep and powerful .

In his previous life, Li Xing used to listen to some of the classics, such as High Mountain and Flowing River, Butterfly Lovers, and House of Flying Daggers . But the one he remembers most vividly is Butterfly Lovers . As he navigates his blood essence, he fingers start playing the air as they do on the strings of an instrument and the melody of the classic music begins to flow in the air .

Both Chen Xue and Chen Shuang are transported by the melodious tune as they try to memorize the notes . Completely lost in the beauty of the music, Chen Xue keeps looking at Li Xing with momentary infatuation .

The music draws to an end as Li Xing pushes back his blood essence, with his forehead slightly sweating .  Maneuvering his blood essence to make musical notes has been a painstaking process for him .

“How do you think of this piece?” Li Xing asks smilingly .

“It’s really beautiful!” Chen Shuang is obviously moved, adding, “I didn’t expect you could compose such extraordinary music . ” 

Li Xing says, “I didn’t do it . I heard it from somewhere else . ”

At the moment, a girl servant is heard reporting outside, “Misses, Li Jie is asking to see you . ”

After exchanging a look with the two sisters, Li Xing says, “I believe what brought him here is that he’s afraid you will tell the truth . ” 

Chen Shuang follows with a sneer, “I was just wondering how he was going to face us after everything that has happened . ”

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