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Published at 27th of March 2020 10:56:44 PM

Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Cicada Wing Sword

Translator: Flying Lines

A moment later, Li Jie walks inside the living room, beaming from ear to ear . Unexpectedly, the first thing he does is making a respect salute to Li Xing and the two girls, saying, “Good to see all three of you here . ” Seeing the three unresponsive, he puts an even bigger smile, continuing, “As a saying goes, ‘Whoever lucky enough to survive a misfortune will surely be blessed with good fortune . ’ The worst possible ending for a person is death . So I came here today to congratulate you . ”

Li Xing is about to hear what Li Jie is implying with those words, thinking, “I can’t believe this idiot dares to threaten us!” But he tries to keep his countenance, replying with a warning, “Li Jie, there is another say that goes, ‘What is done by night appears by day’ . ”

The smile on Li Jie’s face immediately vanishes, as the men returns with more threats, “Li Xing, even if words got out, I would be left unscathed, but I guarantee you would suffer unimaginable consequences!”

Intending to play along, Li Xing pretends to be intimidated by the man, asking, “What do you want us to do?”

Holding his head high, Li Jie says, “Easy! Just pretend nothing has happened . ”

Before Chen Shuang could rip into Li Jie, Li Xing agrees by saying, “All right . We won’t breathe a word about what happened . ”

Seeing his intimidation has worked and that Li Xing starts showing weakness, Li Jie breathes a sigh of relief . Although he is yet to find out how much Li Xing and the girls know about the truth, he thought it would be safe if he could first keep them from talking about what he did .

“Glad we are on the same page . It’s best for everyone this way . ” With a sneer, he swaggers out in triumph .

“Idiot!” Chen Shuang cannot help but hurls a curse at the man .

Li Jie shakes his head, saying, “Idiot doesn’t even begin to describe him . ”

After sharing a meal with Chen Xue and Chen Shuang, Li Jie says goodbye to them and heads back to Purple Bamboo Community . He is glad that it has been a successful visit in that he has managed to build good relations with the Chen sisters, which means that he is no longer friendless in Three Chivalries Garden .

After getting back, Li Xing asks Xiaoxiu and Li Hu to hold a vigil for Zhang Zhong in someplace else in order to prevent them from getting hurt by whatever that is about to happen . The reason Li Xing makes this arrangement is that he can tell Ma Boxiong is about to launch his attack in a matter of days .  

Meanwhile, the messenger has kept his eye on Ma Boxiong’s every move and it was also the messenger that has had the news about the man’s whereabouts delivered to Three Chivalries Garden . Every part of the process is proceeding according to the messenger’s plan .

As night falls, Li Xing is seated, with his legs crossed in the front, on the ground in the living room of the bamboo building, and standing guard right next to him is the messenger, who informs him, “Young Master, Li Ying will definitely be alerted the second Ma Boxiong sets foot in Three Chivalries Garden . There is also a possibility that Ma Boxiong will use his Buddhist ware, the Cicada Wing Sword, in his attack, which I think will be beyond my ability to control . I hope you will watch out for your own sake and be safe, Young Master . ”

Lying on the ground in front of Li Xing is a body armor presented by the messenger for protection .

Unsure about how powerful Ma’s Buddhist ware can be, Li Xing decides to take extra precaution by putting on the armor first .

But it seems Li Xing has been bracing for the situation a bit early since it turns out that Ma Boxiong has just walked into the scheme hatched by Qian Jun .

Elsewhere, Zhou Zhenzhen kneels on the floor, crying and begging for mercy from a grim-faced Ma Boxiong who obviously has learned about his mistress’s infidelity . Pointing at Zhou, he blusters at the woman, “You shameless whore! How dare you betray me with another man? Who was he?”

With faked sympathy, Qian Jun, who is standing behind Ma Boxiong, whispers in his ear, “That man’s name is Li Xing from Three Chivalries Garden, who I heard is a prodigy for blood practicing . Does that name sound familiar to you, Mr . Ma?”

“Li Xing?! Three Chivalries Garden?!” The look on Ma Boxiong’s face is getting even uglier, “He thought he could lay his hands on my woman just because he is from Three Chivalries Garden?” Out of his mind with rage, he pounds on the table, immediately releasing an overwhelmingly powerful force which sweeps Zhou Zhenzhen off the floor into the air .

A breath power master is capable of unleashing his inner breath essence from his body and employing it to inflict unconceivable harm or destruction .

Paralyzed by fear, Zhou Zhenzhen finds herself unable to utter one word and keeps looking at Qian Jun hopelessly .

Qian Jun, however, can’t care less and continues to fan the flame, “Mr . Ma, I say there is no use in keeping a woman like her alive . Don’t you agree?” Then he claps his hands and there immediately walk in two women who are more charming and beautiful than Zhou Zhenzhen .

The sight of the pretty women instantly quenches the wrath of Ma Boxiong who lets out a roaring laugh, which is followed by the sound of broken bones of Zhou Zhenzhen’s body that falls back to the floor lifeless, with all her internal organs reduced into mash .

It turns out that not long ago, Qian Shi, Qian Jun’s brother, bought Zhou Zhenzhen off and persuaded her to put on a show in front of Ma Boxiong . The woman, after being caught red-handed with another man by Qian Shi, had no choice but agree for the sake of her life . However, to Qian Jun, it’s much better that Zhou Zhenzhen’s mouth is shut for good now that she was useless to him anyway .

The two aforementioned women walk up to Ma Boxiong, snuggling him on either side, as the man asks, “Qian, I actually heard about someone who was said to be a blood practicing talent in Three Chivalries Garden . He’s also called Li Xing . ”

Qian Jun confirms with a fawning face, “We are talking about the same guy . As a matter of fact, I sent over a servant to keep an eye on Zhou Zhenzhen, but he ended up seeing her and Li Xing together…That servant of mine decided to be discreet and returned to me with his discovery . That’s why I had to report it to you because I believe Mr . Ma, as a respectable country warrior above all of us, would never tolerate a wanton woman . ”

Narrowing his yes, Ma Boxiong speaks in a menacing tone, “Then it must be true now that she herself admitted this affair . How dare that Li Xing touch my woman?”

Realizing that his scheme has worked, Qian Jun goes on feeding the man with his premeditated plan, “Mr . Ma, if I may offer a suggestion . It’s not worth it to steps on the toes of Three Chivalries Garden just for a woman . In case you plan on taking revenge, I think it’s best to keep it under wraps . This way, Li Xing will get killed without anyone knowing and no one will ever tie his death to you . ”

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Ma Boxiong is also aware that although he has level two breath power, Three Chivalries Garden also has highly powerful martial arts masters at its disposal and it wields considerable clout in Qingyun City as well . After contemplating carefully, the man says, “I agree with you, Qian . What I want is Li Xing’s head . There is no need to escalate the situation . ”

Qian Jun says laughingly, “That’d be easy . Why don’t you let me do it?” Knowing Ma Boxiong’s character, Qian Jun was just making that empty offer on purpose because he is sure that Ma will definitely kill Li Xing himself instead of asking anyone else to do it .

As expected, Ma Boxiong dismisses Qian Jun’s idea with a wave of his hand before saying, “I’ll kill him myself . No need for you to get involved . ”

Qian Jun nods yes .

Elsewhere, Li Xing has spent the night practicing blood, without seeing a trace of Ma Boxiong .

On the next night, he keeps practicing while waiting .

Outside Three Chivalries Garden, there in the darkness suddenly appears a shadow which is none other than Ma Boxiong who, from Qian Jun, has learned about the location of Purple Bamboo Community which lies in a corner behind a high wall on the far side of the complex .

The next moment, Ma Boxiong’s feet are off the ground and he gradually ascends in the air as if being lifted by an invisible and powerful force . After reaching the top of the wall, he opens his palm, revealing a blade the size of a locust tree leaf which keeps vibrating with a hissing sound .

This small blade is the Cicada Wing Sword which is thusly named for its thinness as a cicada’s wing and it tiny size of a fingernail .

With a determined and penetrating look, Ma Boxiong starts navigating his breath essence and issuing an order, “Attack!”


Flashing in the dark night, the sword speeds its way across the forest into the bamboo building, leaving a trail of broken branches and leaves in a three-meter radius and a feel of death permeating in the air .  

As the sword approaches, Li Xing instantly senses that it’s coming in his direction .

He immediately opens his eyes and sees a white light heading for his neck . Fortunately, he is wearing a head-to-toe armor and protected by a helmet which is made of darksteel (a rare and extremely hard metal) as thick as two centimeters, making it a highly effective pretection .

Ding! Ding! Ding!

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The sword keeps attacking and soon cutting off part of the hard armor on Li Xing’s body . And it continues attacking, clearly dead set on killing Li Xing on the spot .

If he ended up getting decapitated by the sword, even the Bead of Nine Yangs wouldn’t be able to save him .

Gripped by the fear of imminent death, Li Xing tries to come up with in idea to save his own life .

“How come a piece of Buddhist ware is so deadly powerful?” Appalled by the lethal weapon, he makes an attempt to remove his helmet and grab it . But the sword, which is being controlled by Ma Boxiong from afar, swiftly moves to the left side of his body and starts cutting the armor covering his heart .  

At the same time, it rankles Ma Boxiong that Li Xing is smart enough to be prepared in advance with heavy blacksteel armor . Although he can kill a person with his Cicada Wing Sword in a blink of the eye, the blacksteel is too hard to cut through in a short period of time .  

“Damn it!” Ma Boxiong keeps steering his breath essence to quicken his weapon .

Suddenly, the blade pierces Li Xing’s armor and plunges into his heart .

In that instant, Li Xing starts regretting for not listening to the messenger and evacuating this place to protect himself .

“Well, it’s all fate,” Li Xing sighs .

Having resigned to destiny, he is surprised to hear a jingle instead of feeling any pain from his chest .

“What’s going on?” Li Xing cannot believe he is still alive, wondering whether Ma Boxiong has changed his mind on killing him .

In fact, Ma Boxiong suddenly finds out that the connection between him and the sword has disappeared, which has caused him to lost control of his weapon . For a long time, he has valued the Cicada Wing Sword as a priceless treasure and it is this powerful weapon that has helped him get whatever he wanted in Feilong City .

“This is bad! I lost my sword!” Ma Boxiong starts to panic, and without hesitation, he quickly flies toward the bamboo building .

But the second he gets off from the wall, a loud voice is heard from somewhere far away, “May I ask who is visiting? Do you mind joining me for a chat inside?” With that voice, a shadow is seen flying over . It’s Li Ying .

“Damn it! Li Ying is here!” At that moment, it suddenly dawns on Ma Boxiong what’s happened to his sword, “Seems Li Ying has come prepared . He must have stolen my Cicada Swing Sword!”

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Thinking of this, Ma Boxiong is bursting with anger and starts ranting, “Li Ying, give it to me now!”

Li Ying is also boiling with rage, believing that the man is here for his Wuling Ginseng, so he laughs provocatively, “I have it, but I seriously doubt you are capable of taking it away from me!”

To Ma Boxiong’s ear, Li Ying has just “confirmed” that he has intercepted his precious sword, so again he roars with fury, “If you don’t hand it over, I will destroy you!” The man is determined to get his weapon back given that the Cicada Wing Sword is something Ma Boxiong holds even dearer than his life and the fact that he had risked everything to get it .

In a violent rage, Ma Boxiong unleashes the highest level of his breath power, with a dazzlingly fiery orange light shooting out of his body before manifesting itself in the shape of a wild wolf .

Seeing Ma Boxiong is about to put up a desperate fight, Li Ying cannot help but feel befuddled as to why someone came to rob the rightful owner of the valuable ginseng is even angrier than him . Without time to think further, he also moves, with his breath power materializing in the shape of a giant serpent above his head .


Bays the wolf which charges forward at its target while the serpent also hisses and pounces with its attack .   

When a person reaches a high level in martial arts, like the level of breath power, he is capable of materialization, which means that he is able to push out his breath essence and gather it to form a certain shape, such as wolf, tiger, leopard, serpent, mountain, sword and saber, and usually the manifestation of his breath power will make him more powerful in fighting .

To have that kind of strength, one must first reach at least level two breath power .

The wolf and the serpent collide with each other, causing a thunderous rumbling in the air . And right after that, the two separate .

Li Ying and Ma Boxiong are then engaged in a full-blown fight with each other . with both moving so fast that only their shadows can be seen exchanging attacks, leading to continuous deafening sound and fierce winds that keep roiling the purple bamboo forest .

While a moment back, Li Xing instantly breaks into a cold sweat as the sword cuts through his armor . Strangely, the sword stops halfway . Li Xing quickly removes his armor and finds out that the sharp weapon did penetrate it . There, on his left chest, he sees the sword floating right above his pouch .  

The pouch is emitting a white light that has enveloped the sword .

Li Xing can’t believe what is happening in front of his eyes, wondering whether it’s the Bead of Nine Yangs that has stopped the attack of the sword . He pulls out a dagger and gently touches the floating sword, and all of a sudden, the white light around it disappears and the sword drops to the ground like a piece of leaf falling from its branch .  

Li Xing keeps observing the sword and after making sure that it’s harmless, he picks it up from the ground using the edge of the dagger and brings it closer to his eyes . After a close look, he finds the sword is indeed thin as a cicada’s wing and small as a fingernail with a feel of cold lethality .  

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